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Kinect Voice Controls To Improve Over Time Says Microsoft Spokesperson

The Kinect is a great little device that utilizes a lot of voice controls. Of course, there’s always room for improvement. Read below to see GamerFitNation’s brief interview with a Microsoft spokesperson to see what Xbox users can expect in the near future. (Kinect, Xbox One)

The_Infected  +   644d ago
State the obvious why don't you.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   643d ago
You're insinuating there's something wrong with the voice commands. When there isn't.

Unless you did the Kinect set up wrong.

But you wouldn't know you don't have the console. You just automatically assume there's problems with the voice control. If you read the article they're piratically saying they could add more voice functionality. The interviewer gave an example like opening up a disk trey with your voice.

Please don't speak about things you know nothing about nor care about.
PeaSFor  +   643d ago
oh dont be such an apologist, the voice command is very hit or miss.

When compared to the accuracy of siri, the xbox one voice recognition is totall garbage, you shouldnt have to repeat that much for such simple commands...and the pause you have to take is way too long between command keywords.

Kinect v2.0 should be almost flawless at it job with all the energy MS is spending to sell it, but it have yet to proove the critics wrong.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   643d ago
@Peas An apologist? Ooook I have no clue where you got that from but ok.

The voice controls can use some work. There are some things that I do have to repeat yes that's for sure. But on a side of that it works NEAR flawlessly FOR ME. Maybe I set it it up right I dunno. It vary's from person to person. Depending on how you configure it.

I was just saying to @Infected he didn't even read the article and just assumed that the Kincts voice commands has problems Go figure. Plus hes a fanboy he shouldn't even be in here in the first place.

Speaking of fanboys I know that's PS fans running around here disagreeing. Yeah, nice try.
PeaSFor  +   643d ago
you will get disagrees on the most blatantly obvious things and get agrees with some of the most ridiculous bullshit, you shouldnt even care about the vote system, ive been called a nintendo fanboy for saying i want to see a new metroid, been called a sony fanboy because i said i enjoy PS+, been called a MS fanboy because i said the xblive made online multi^player a standard on console and also been called a pc elitist because i was talking about my 3000$ gaming rig......

so yeah, deal with it, thats internet in a nutshell.

tough shit, brah.
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abzdine  +   643d ago
why did they say that it worled perfectly before the console came out?
really how can stupid fanboys keep trusting them? i can tell you now, voice control is gonna improve, the same way broken kinect tech isn't gonna improve over time, but if you guys prefer to believe it and have fake hope you go for it.
mhunterjr  +   643d ago

Not sure if you are trolling, or just misinformed but I regularly use siri and Kinect 2.0, and Kinect is several times more reliable.

Perhaps you haven't properly calibrated your system, but there is no required pause between command words. You can speak them conversationally.
nukeitall  +   643d ago
Kinect One voice recognition is the best I have used so far. It recognizes almost everything flawlessly, after proper calibration.

Initially, I had some issues with the recognition, but I had it calibrated without turning the volume on the TV up, like they stated you do. Once I did that, I can speak in normal voice while gaming and it usually catches it.

The biggest issue is in some instances Kinect doesn't hear me at all, but when it does, it is near flawless.


Does everything you see advertised work flawlessly?

By the way, for me it works *almost* flawlessly.

That alone is amazing to me, and the breadth of the commands available is fantastic.

Xbox On... and my entire entertainment system comes to life. It makes using a controller or remote seem like old technology, and you are stepping into the future!
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ChrisW  +   643d ago
Come on people!

Of course it isn't going to work exactly right if you say, "Eksbucks Awen" when you want to turn it on.
NeoTribe  +   643d ago
Sorry bro but i play x1 at my buddies alot and we have pretty much given up on the voice commands. Its not 100 percent accurate. Hitting a button will always be faster. Fact.
Dewitt  +   643d ago
@Peasfor I almost took your comment serious then you compare it to the joke that is Siri. If XB1 integrates natural speech through the Bing architecture then we will be close to 100% accuracy, just do to the technology of the new kinect.

@mhunterjr he doesn't have an XB1 he just wants to troll and pretend like he has a clue what the system does with no first hand exp.
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PeaSFor  +   643d ago

off course siri is a joke.....
off course kinect is really accurate

lolCHILLbro  +   643d ago
Xbox On and Xbox Sign Out i have the most trouble with, even then they work 3 out of 4 times and i love the voice commands and hand gestures, it feels like im in the machine itself like the matrix or something when i use it lol
AngelicIceDiamond  +   644d ago
The voice controls work fine for me.
legionsoup  +   643d ago
They are iffy. The hardest one for me is turning the Xbox on. After that, I can get most of the things to work in 1 or 2 tries. Either way, a controller is almost always the better option.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   643d ago
Have you tried setting up your Kinect's voice commands properly?

I had some iffy moments as well but I re-calibrated Kinect and it works much better now.
Sethry101  +   643d ago
If I'm going to pay $500 for a Machine I expect it to do what it advertises, perfectly.

I'm not paying for 80% or even 95% accuracy. If MS want my money they need to make what I'm paying for work perfectly. That's why even though I owned a 360, I never bought the Kinect.
vikingland1  +   643d ago

I have had the same experience with Kinect as you just described and I agree with everything you stated. I must add that when Kinect works correctly it is amazing. They need to make it work every time.
NoLongerHereCBA  +   643d ago
I love how you give your opinion based on the topic itself and don't talk about anything else or discredit anything, yet still get more disagrees then agrees.

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XiSasukeUchiha  +   643d ago
Finally some confirmation to help voice commands.
eferreira  +   643d ago
They don't work all the time with me, I had a friend over showing him the commands and he just said why not just use the controller? Ended up being quicker with the pad
lonewolfjedi  +   643d ago
because with the power of the cloud over time it will be like having 10 kinects in your living room
BanginBiscuitz  +   643d ago
Im definitely around 90%, it pretty much always hears me. If you speak clear it is exactly what Microsoft said the fastest possible way to navigate to what you want. From anywhere it is Xbox go to ... Xbox send message... it is fantastic. Upgrades are always welcome but it is already great!
Gabenbrah  +   643d ago
I love the voice commands, they work about 90 - 95% of the time, you just need to learn the right way of saying it. If they can improve it's recognition and be able to go into games by saying Forza 5, instead of Forza Motorsport 5, I'd be very happy.
XboxDone  +   643d ago
Paying $500 to yell at a piece of plastic is so next-gen. M$ with dat innovation.
Fireseed  +   643d ago
I have very few problems with mine and swapping around is extremely enjoyable. I'm disappointed with some of the game implementation of it but so far so good with the interface interaction.
KakashiHotake  +   643d ago
The thing I don't get about the voice commands is why do you need a camera to do it? Siri and Google Voice work just fine infact much better than the Kinect's and doesn't need to include a cam. Even PS4 doesn't need a cam for voice commands. I know the cam is needed for the gestures but that's the least marketed feature. Whenever Kinect is mentioned all people talk about is voice commands. I've yet to hear anyone praise the gesture features not even Microsoft.
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christocolus  +   643d ago
Sure hope so. Its really amazing what theyve done already. Cant wait to see what talented devs will do with it in the future.
LonnYTonnY  +   643d ago
my neighbors are so annoying, they always yell with these stupid a$s commands over and over! SMH..
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   643d ago
The only voice command I have a problem with is the "Xbox on" command. Everything else works fine.
SITH  +   643d ago
If you have a TV on, plus another one you are using for your xbox one, kinect will be a hit or miss on your voice commands and even hear the TV and initiate a command. When people calibrate their kinect, it is done with the belief by the calibration software, that the only ambient noise is your tv you are using for gaming. I have two TVs in my computer room. One to watch tv, and the other solely for my xbox one and PC.

To over come this ambient noise issue, I play my xbox one with my Astro headset. And kinect works better when you talk at it for two reasons. One the mic array can hear you. Two the camera(s) can see your mouth moving to verify you are talking in conjunction with your voice, and that you are giving a command. Yes, kinect can see if you interacting with it and become more attentive to that interaction. Try talking to kinect while looking away from the camera and see for yourself.

My biggest complaint is I rather have a record that button instead of saying it during a heated game, or stopping my play to go to the game DVR and manually record what I wanted. Again, something that could be fixed with a software update.
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NeloAnjelo  +   643d ago
Talk about Speaking too soon...

You hear that Kinect... Hello?
drsfinest72  +   643d ago
My voice commands are working flawlessly. Maybe some of you guys having trouble need to reconfigure your Kinect.
Budobear  +   643d ago
I never thought I'd be worried about voice controll.....but after trying it with my PS4 I can see the benefit. If it works better or has more options with Kinect surely thats a good thing?
Xyconaut  +   643d ago
I can confirm it will definitely get better with time,just you wait for the new kinect 2.1 model,it'll ONLY cost 300 dollars and require its own Xbox gold account but you'll finally have everything they promised to have working 700 dollars ago! personally? I'm waiting for the 3.0 cloud kinect edition, rumored day 1 achievement will come with it,along with your very own m$ cloud avatar companion! things are looking extremely CLOUDy in the gaming world and for once thats a good thing! we are living in the year of the cloud! -swooshes away on cloudy goodness- **some features like swooshing away on cloudy goodness requires 3 xbox gold cards shoved up your AO
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