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Microsoft, Don’t Bother with Japan – The Xbox 360 is About to get Outsold by the Wii U

Playeressence - Microsoft has announced that they are “committed” to releasing the Xbox One in Japan, in 2014. While Microsoft might be committed to doing this, the Japanese consumers are not committed to buying Microsoft’s consoles.

The Xbox 360 has been available in Japan since December 9th, 2005. Sales of the system have been abysmal, and that’s being nice. More than eight years on the Japanese market, and Microsoft has only been able to sell 1.6 million units since launch. For comparisons sake, the Wii U has sold a little less than 1.5 million units in its first year in Japan. The Wii U will probably pass up the Xbox 360 by early January, if it already hasn’t done so. Nobody is buying the Xbox 360 in Japan, why will they buy a more expensive system, with less content made for them? (Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

yewles1  +   263d ago
Too late...
Spurg  +   263d ago
I'm sure Ms has plans on how to enter Japan. Only fanboys will say it hopeless.
Sammy777  +   263d ago
be realistic. For MS console war might well be over. However, they should focus more on US and get as many sales as possible when the ps4 is out of stock. Both europe and asia and gone case for MS and nothing can be done in those territories. An overpriced inferior console . Not many would buy it. PS4 would crush Xbox One in global sales. MS can still make progress in US though

Ms - please bother as much as you can with US while the ps4 is supply constrained. Don't let SONY get you out of console biz
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mhunterjr  +   263d ago
Over for MS? they went from having 10% marketshare with the original xbox to 30% with the the 360. And that was without any support in Japan. analysts predict that the xb1 will move more units than its predecessor. Just because the Ps4 is doing very well, doesn't mean the Xb1 is in danger of failing.

As for Japan. MS can probably forget it...
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DanielGearSolid  +   263d ago

360 had plenty of support early on. Especially when it came to JRPGs... Since it didn't make them fast money they pretty much dumped Japan... I don't think Japan gamers wanna get burned like that again
combatcash  +   263d ago

They developed quite a few Jrpg's I was hoping to see a sequel to Lost Odyssey it never happened they gave up to soon.
Sammy777  +   263d ago
they captured marketshare since ps3 launched at 600 dollars and after 1 year. This time Ms has no advantage and there is no way they would go anywhere close to 80 million since they would be losing marketshare in both asia and Europe. Stop living in wonderland . Even in US , Xb1 would likely lose to ps4 but not by a big margin.

@combatcash..i don't think you have played kz. kzsf looks way better than anything on xb1.It is definitely the most impressive next gen launch game

even the online portion on an average 1080p tv looks way better than anything on xb1. i have forza, ac4, ryse, bf4 ,cod and kzsf. kzsf looks way ahead of the competition.bf4 in my opinion doesn't even look as good as ryse let alone kzsf
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combatcash  +   263d ago

I only played the online portion due to the free trial that went on this weekend.

In your opinion killzone is the most impressive next gen title. In my opinion Battlefield trumps it in terms of graphics,physics and scale. Killzone did not impress me I'm not saying it looks bad but I think Battlefield Looks the best.

NBA 2k14 on ps4 is amazing solid from a gameplay and visual standpoint.


I'm not comparing it to any xbox game and I'm not sure what system you own battlefield on, but if it's xbox one it is well know that the quality isn't as good as the ps4 version.

Battlefield is on another level graphically, destructible environments,vehicles realistic explosions. Killzone has been gimped since KZ2 to be more like cod.

Killzone is a lovely game but it's not the most impressive game well at least not compared to bf4.
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mikeslemonade  +   263d ago
I too played the online version and BF4 online. BF4 graphics doesn't trump KZ. Not even close. In terms of scale and gameplay yes but not graphics. Even COD multiplayer looks better than BF4 slightly. It's because BF4 an open world game.

The console war is over to those who can understand how trends work. It was won by Sony in E3 2013 with the final nail in the coffin, the price. Microsoft should try Japan for the sake of it. Ignoring a territory is dumb. That's like Microsoft ignoring Australia or something.
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johndoe11211  +   263d ago

I realize that that is your opinion and that you really can't tell someone that their opinion is wrong, because well, that's exactly what it is, an opinion. But I have to tell you, either you are a blatant sony hater or something is seriously wrong with your eyes.

In no way, form or fashion is battlefield a better looking game than killzone. I don't think you can even find 100 people who have played both games that would agree with that statement.

The two most impressive games so far this gen are killzone and ryse. Which one is better is always a debate but most people I have seen tend to agree that killzone is more impressive except for the character animations.

Nowhere will you ever see anyone arguing for battlefield to be in that debate. I don't know if you're being serious or just a hater, either way, you have a problem that needs fixing.
Godmars290  +   263d ago
"Only fanboys will say it hopeless."

And only two overall failed attempts to sell the Xbox brand will prove them right.

If you actually look at how its being advertised, generally presented and supported, the US is already MS's main focus.
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Sammy777  +   263d ago
@Godmars . Actually they are doing quite well in US for December if those sales musings at gaf are to be believed. Channel stuffing stores while ps4 is out of stock is a good ploy in US for the time being. A few posters are now saying that the sales are dropping off so we will find out when January NPD comes out. MS have themselves to blame for this. They could have easily come out with a powerful console at a cheaper price. I mean the disparity between a 900p Ryse and 1080p is huge. I have both consoles and KZSF looks cleaner and sharper at 1080p

Ms should totally forget about rest of the world and concentrate on US with their games and tv offers. The outcome of the console war won't change but Ms position in Us could be a little better
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combatcash  +   263d ago
Got my hands on killzone and it is definitely not impressive from a visual perspective. It's just a cleaner version of the previous looks like they used the old engine.
Godmars290  +   263d ago
What does any of that have to do with Japan or is any different from what I said. At lest 2/3's of MS attention is on the US while the rest is divided on the rest of the world. Maybe 4/5's.

That is the very definitive example for the phrase; "So What." The same can be said about Halo or COD. the game also isn't going to be much of a factor in Japan, just like MS have announced nothing in the form of renewed strategy in Japan as they say they're going to try "one more time" in the wake of failing in the market twice all ready.

*I* don't give a damn about K:SF for the nothing that's worth. I'm looking more forward to the WiiU than the PS4 because of the Xenoblade sequel while the only reason the XB1 is on my radar is how sad the brand's fanbase is in not simply saying that they like what it has to offer at this point and leaving it at that. Because in terms of policy MS have shown the console cannot be presented as "The Best" choice in gaming in any real argument involving logic.

That you cannot so much as afford a nod to Killzone or likely anything to do with the PS4 just makes trying to talk to you pointless.
combatcash  +   263d ago

You and I weren't discussing killzone or battlefield not sure what caused you to go off. I play battlefield 4 on ps4 so there's my nod to the ps4. I don't give "nods" to games just because its popular opinion on (N4G). It's a well known fact that stating that a sony first party exclusive is a graphics king, on N4G will get you bubbles and likes.

IMO the xbox is an inferior gaming machine unless you really like the exclusives. It is a superior media machine in comparison to the ps4 at least from the features I have seen (don't own it)

Japan should be their least of their worries, they are losing the battle in the US but I'm sure a nice price cut can alleviate any struggles to sell in the future. if they don't wait too long.

The 360 did well with limited support in Japan I'm sure they'll be fine without it.
Godmars290  +   263d ago
No, in your last comment in this comment section, with me not having read any of your others, you only talked about Killzone and how you found it disappointing or lack luster. Which again has nothing to do with what will happen to the XB1 once it hits the JP market. With all actual indication based on past history of the Xbox brand there being "not much".
AceBlazer13  +   263d ago
Fanboys and history.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   263d ago
@Spurg I'm far from a fanboy but realistically it is pointless or on the verge "why even try mentality".

Imo MS just needs that one major Japanese hit exclusive title in order to do, may be not well but ok. Or at least do better than 360.

I dunno, MS has released great Japanese titles in the past on 360. Sounds like to me MS just needs to stay committed and keep releasing new ips and advertising the console.

But we all know MS won't do that.
stuna1  +   263d ago
Didn't they have plans last generation and the generation before that!? Microsoft has tainted the Japanese market with poor hardware and software support! So it's only logical that there are going to be some misgivings there and them selling the Xbox1 there will probably be as challenging as previous generations.
phil_75  +   263d ago
Its hopeless!
edgeofsins  +   263d ago
They tried to release JRPG's exclusive to the system and Japan still didn't care. Especially when the company trying so hard for their attention ended up with their giant console failure rate to make them deterred from the company even more.
gigoran  +   263d ago
I am saying ite hopeless and I'm not saying so as a fanboy. I'm saying so as someone who has lived and gamed in Japan for over a decade. I watched all Microsoft consoles fail in Japan. They didn't have shelves to store the Xbox games, the had bargain bins. New releases going to discount within weeks. And xboxes are a long running joke between gamers in Japan. If someone says they have one everyone breaks out laughing at them asking why they did something so stupid. The xbone is going to fail in Japan because the Japanese have never never never supported Microsoft consoles. Never. When you have lived there and seen this then you can argue the fact. Till then, I have and I state this as fact.
Ol_G  +   263d ago
Yeah their plan last time involved blue dragon and lost odyssey see how that worked out
NatureOfLogic  +   263d ago
I think MS is only releasing Xbox One in Japan for third party support, but then again it didn't really help Xbox 360 a lot.
KillerByte23  +   263d ago
Still if the console fails in Japan, the console is region free so we can still experience the Japanese exclusives that Microsoft releases anywhere in the world
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OtakuDJK1NG  +   263d ago
like it would get anymore
KratosSaveUs  +   263d ago
Nintendo and Playstation got Japan on lock.
dmonee  +   263d ago
The Japanese gamers recognize that MS are a bunch of money grubbing frauds. They don't want MS shoving a horrible camera based accessory down their throats that is 5 years behind most Japanese technology. They love their own! Nintendos and Playstations are all they want. The Japanese will hopefully expose the Xbox1 for the junk that it is.
josephayal  +   263d ago
I Think this console will sell like hot cakes in Japan
parentsbasement  +   263d ago
Again, N4G....the place where global business geniuses hang......
DragonKnight  +   263d ago
You don't have to be a genius to read numbers and see a waste of time.
Belking   263d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(5)
cyhm3112  +   263d ago
Americans have big egos, they want to beat asians so bad they won't give up the Japanese market. The same thing can be seen for US's military presence in Asia, but it is going to be changed. They are not smart enough to beat asians.
Reeze  +   263d ago
...What? This is simply a business decision by Microsoft.

No, I don't agree with them. Yes, I think they should focus elsewhere...

But how in the world did this turn into a military argument?
YodaCracker  +   263d ago
Amen to that! Microsoft should not waste resources on a hopeless cause. Japan is largely irrelevant to any home console's success sales-wise. The PS3 never even broke 10 million sales in Japan, according to VGChartz. It's all about North America and Europe for the XB1 and PS4. Now handhelds in Japan? That's an entirely different story.
Tito08  +   263d ago
It's a guarantee PS3 is already at 10+ million, just a few units behind the Wii by now, so please don't say never when you're looking at VGChartz to win your argument.
corvusmd  +   263d ago
This article is utterly retarded...what it boils down to is that they are saying...."hey MS don't try to make a profit in Japan cause someone may make more money than you" so by this same stupid logic, they should say, "Hey Sony stay out of the US cause MS makes more money than Sony does"
RicardJulianti  +   263d ago
It's more of, "Hey MS.....Japan isn't worth your time and will ONLY result in financial losses. You have next to no market share or even mind share in Japan. A console that has sold poorly outside of the holiday season is about to surpass the lifetime (8 years) sales of your last venture...in just over 1 year."

Simply because MS has the money to throw around, doesn't mean they should. If they don't throw a ton of resources into marketing in Japan, that money could be spent elsewhere where they would actually see returns on their investment.

Japan doesn't give two shits about the Xbox brand, and MS would save themselves a lot of money by returning the favor.
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dark-kyon  +   263d ago
if microsoft give up in japan,xbox one only going to get westerns type games of japanese developers how resident evil,metal gear and paid exclusive of them.also give in silver tray to sony free exclusive third party japanese games.
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nigelp520  +   263d ago
-Open another studio in japan and have the creator of Dead or Alive series make exclusive games
-Partner with Mistwalker again
-Pay Capcom to make Megaman Legends 3 and Monster hunter games
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   263d ago
Better to get capcom to make new games for them, rather than try to steal away the fanbases that are already set on other systems for those franchises.

But i digress....

If following the history of the industry has taught me anything, it is this:
Never count any of the big three out due to low sales, much less the power off their systems, because all it can take for success to happen, whether it be slowly or suddenly, is the right combination of games, for the right demographic, at the right time.

Also, graphics and hype are fleeting, but good gameplay is forever.
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SynestheticRoar  +   263d ago
They will see that kinect is the device they can't live without. jk.
christocolus  +   263d ago
I think ms should go ahead. They have a small fanbase there with numbers which kinf of equals to what you would get in markets like india,uae and south africa.

ms needs to get their strategy right and understand the market properly. Launching in japan and china may help Ms in the asian market this time around. Ms needs to create experiences these guys love and cherish. A new version of the xbx one is said to go into manufacturing from march next year (it may be a newly redesigned version, cheaper and without kinect)and even if it still ends up selling badly.my bet is that it will do alot better than the 360(which also did alot better than the original xbx before it). Its exclusive games could also be localised for the west and the new chinese market they are going into. I believe ms will do alot better this time around.

That they tried and havent been sucessful doesnt mean they should give up on their small fanbase there. The console is doing well out there.giving up on japan doesnt make sense.they still got a small community interested in the console. Devs from japan are onboard too i.e square,capcom,fromsoftware,tec mo,namco,konami,sega,idea factory,suda51,shinji mikami etc besides Phil stated that alot of indie devs from japan where also on the xbx indie programme. so why give up? I think delaying the launch till the time is right (and good japqnese games are ready) is a very good idea. I also believe MS will launch the console same period with China. They are doing the right thing.
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CAB1802  +   263d ago
Are you Xbots serious?
Wii U in Japan already outsold the Xbox 360 in Japan
Xbox 360 only sold 1 millioh units in 7 years in Japan
Nintendo is Japan's video game god
christocolus  +   263d ago
Its funny to see you too calling xbx fans xbots.. nintendo is quite frankly on shaky grounds as far as console gaming is concerned but here you are bragging away and downplaying the competitions efforts.your allow bias cloud your judgement bro.... smh at the irony.
CAB1802  +   263d ago
Um dude, Wii U sales has been rising, so watch your mouth. Xbox One and PS4 sales will decline at January, just like the 3DS, PS3 , Xbox 360 and Wii U
Geobros  +   263d ago
Congratulations Microsoft...maybe the 20,000 Japanese who bought an X360 in 2013 are planning to buy an Xone too, lol!! :o
Gekko36  +   263d ago
@All - Guys this Japan we are talking about. I'd suggest the bare minimal presence in Japan and go for China instead as MS seems to be making inroads into China anyway.

China hates Japan for good reason and the same is vice versa. Stick with China and drop Japan like a hot brick.

Japan's economy is buggered and it's not worth the effort.
Flames76  +   263d ago
Japan is a dying console market leave it alone
Theyellowflash30  +   263d ago
No it's not.
OldGamer61  +   263d ago
The problem with the Japanese market is that they are more prone to consume their own products. Same problem Xbox has over there selling consoles, Disney has making them see Toy Story or Monster Inc. These films are worldwide hits, but not in Japan, they are better off seeing Japanese aninmation.
So its not something personal against Microsoft or Xbox, its more like a pro "Made in Japan" thing.

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