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Submitted by karamsoul 699d ago | news

European PlayStation 4 Owners Experiencing CE-34861-2 and CE-34878-0 Errors

Karam Elahi reports from SpawnFirst: "Well, it seems like the PlayStation is not without its issues either. Various reports of problems when trying to access the Playroom, or when trying to check the PlayStation friends list, are cropping up, and users are starting to complain on the European PlayStation forums. The CE-34861-2 errors seems to occur only when trying to access the friends list, and the CE-34878 error seems to occur mainly when trying to access the Playroom" (PS4)

Belking  +   699d ago
We all know ps4 isn't as perfect as some people make it seem. They definitely have their issues as well.
IRetrouk  +   699d ago
Yep there is deffinatly problems out there for both, lets hope it gets fixed asap for those affected.
PeaSFor   699d ago | Not a reply | show
Eonjay  +   699d ago
Meanwhile, Nintendo puts out an add in the classifieds.
Prime157  +   699d ago
I, as an employee of a major retail store in Ohio, have personally returned 3 defective x1s and no ps4s...

Don't care, just saying, and have always said. Coincidence? Maybe... I do understand that.
abzdine  +   699d ago
at least it's not leaking liquid!!
this is a software error, a patch and everything will be on track again.
GarrusVakarian  +   699d ago
No console is perfect at launch. I haven't had any problems personally, nor has anyone i know.... but i guess that's not surprising given the small number of defective PS4's compared to the record breaking amount of units sold.
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Neonridr  +   699d ago
I get the odd error when playing Battlefield 4. Boots me out to the dashboard. Happens maybe once a week. Annoying, but I have computer programs that crash on me with more frequency, so I don't really mind.
HardcoreDaBoss  +   699d ago
n64 was pretty perfect it never broke on me and had to buy a new one or return it.. one thing is for sure about nintendo.. the make the most reliable consoles ever made... I have an nes, snes, n64,gamecube, wii, and a wii u and all have never failed me.. I have not had the issues and bs of returning and waiting weeks for repairs with nintendo.. And the 1st party games are the best ever made on any console... I replaced 16 xbox 360s since it came out between 3 family members.. i replaced 4 ps1 consoles.. 7 ps2 consoles.. and 3 ps3 consoles.. nintendo is as perfect as it will ever get on release... and btw how many patches and bs does nintendo release for there games and software... not many cuz its great out the box.. gears of war gets 8-10 patches per game,, cod gets the same.. enough said.. send me the dislikes guys.. i love em
Kaneda  +   699d ago
PS3 was...
I_am_Batman  +   699d ago
@HardcoreDaBoss: N64 was a great console but I didn't like the controller. I agree that Nintendo consoles are very reliable. Your playstation failure rate is way too high though. I don't know what you did with the consoles but "4 ps1 consoles.. 7 ps2 consoles.. and 3 ps3 consoles" is just not normal. I had to repair my PS3 a year ago. I never had problems with any other console.
Magicite  +   699d ago
no electronic is perfect
Mister_Dawg   699d ago | Not a reply | show
XiSasukeUchiha  +   699d ago
I Agree PS4 isn't perfect, and both consoles need to be fixed fast
AceBlazer13  +   699d ago
Yh, the ps4 is so flawed. Everyone should get an xbox one. It is perfect.
chappykills  +   699d ago
Says no one..
jessupj  +   699d ago
You forgot to put the sarcasm tag at the end of that comment.
neoMAXMLC  +   699d ago
Not sure if people actually say its a perfect console. Just the far superior one. ;)
Sammy777  +   699d ago
The xb1m related story has been removed from the site. strange
DOMination-  +   699d ago
I keep getting an error pop up in the top right about too many usb devices being plugged in or something? (I have only one controller plugged in to charge whilst I play with the other)

Anybody else seen or had this? It doesn't seem to have any effect on the system, just s strange thing to pop up with though?
KennersEd  +   699d ago
It's funny cos i've been playing Knack and Resogun without issue, it's only Battlefield 4 that gives me an error code :/
Malice-Flare   699d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Ashunderfire86  +   699d ago
Bad Link does not work man?
yezz  +   699d ago
I got a similar error when I tried to play the free Killzone multiplayer weekend. I changed the ingame language to English and it started working.. weird stuff.
demonddel  +   699d ago
I'm on my 3rd Ps4 but it's Sony and I have the most powerful console ever with naughty dog making games for it is all I need
GT67  +   699d ago
on ur 3rd ps4???..... console only been out a month now and u on ur 3rd wow!!! what the heck did u do???

Never buy launch anything wait 6 mos to yr then buy all the kinks out by then.
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Gabenbrah  +   699d ago
I've gone through 2 defective PS4's unfortunately, luckily they the retailer was able to give me a third PS4.
yezz  +   699d ago
Third one already!? Now that's what I call bad luck!
Gabenbrah  +   699d ago
It's all good, retailer gave me Killzone and Knack for free because of my troubles :)
mmc-007   699d ago | Bad language | show
Sm00thNinja  +   699d ago
Damn now I'm a lil scared but my ps4 has been running flawless thus far
kidhero99  +   699d ago
As long as it ain't leaking oil.
demonddel  +   699d ago
RedDeadLB  +   699d ago
Well, to be fair, at least it's a software problem and it's not smoking or leaking capacitor fluid.

Although neither console is safe from hardware failure. Happened before and it will happen for as long as hardware exists with PCs, consoles, cell phones, you name it.

Design flaws, however, are unacceptable. Isolated failures happen, design flaws plague every model, as it has with the first PS3s and 360s.
ssj4wolf  +   699d ago
"The CE- 34861-2 errors seems to occur only when trying to access the friends list, and the CE- 34878 error seems to occur mainly when trying to access the Playroom" sounds like a network and software problem.
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lildudexst  +   699d ago
report there report there it is it so annoying
mhunterjr  +   699d ago
I'm not surprised that there a few ps4s are having issues... Such is electronics... I'm just surprised SpawnFirst is reporting it.
karamsoul  +   699d ago
Oh come on, mj...
mhunterjr  +   699d ago
Lol, take it as compliment. You're getting better.
ImmortalLegend  +   699d ago
I got my PS4 Christmas Eve and things have been a little shaky. Mainly network issues.
tigertron  +   699d ago
It's probably due to the large volumes of traffic. I've had PSN issues happen all over Christmas affecting the 'What's new' app and the information under game icons i.e. recent activity/list of add ons.
MaximusPrime_  +   699d ago
Still on my 1st launch console. No problems so far.
Only minority would be defective. Sorry to hear that some were affected.

25th and 26th Dec I noticed that too many people were on PSN at the same time. Thus explains why getting error code. I didn't get that code but get error message such as "under maintenance" or "server timed out"
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NeloAnjelo  +   699d ago
Nice Avatar :)
NeloAnjelo  +   699d ago
So far I have experienced the following issues... mind you nothing system breaking, or hardware related... just software annoyances...

1) System would not connect to Wi-fi. Requires a shutdown and restart (2 times)
2) Being online, with others not seeing me on. Can still joins games, but no party chat (1 time and very strange!)
3) Software crash, taking me back to home screen (KZ online). System then reloads homescreen, but i can still get back into the same game where i was (but dead lol)... (Twice)
4)On Netflix, it tells me Wi-fi connection lost, however still connected, no lag (every time I am on Netflix)
5) Complete system freeze when using netflix (twice). Fixed after I re-downloaded netflix...

I sure stability patches will fix these... I am happy with my system so far. Anyone else experience these? My PS4 is on everyday.
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