Killzone Vita Devs Guerrilla Cambridge Hiring for Console Title, Probably PS4; Major Future Project

Killzone Mercenary was arguably the biggest game on PlayStation Vita this year, so most assumed that the developer, Guerrilla Cambridge, would create another Vita title after. However, that may not be the case. - PSLS

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TheLastGuardian1518d ago

Man, I want another Vita title from these guys.

Belking1518d ago

I bet you all vita owners are starving for games it seems. 2014 has to be a better year or Sony will have to think about writing this thing off.

GarrusVakarian1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

The Vita isn't going anywhere Belking, as much as you want it to judging from your comments. Vita owners aren't starving for games, there are plenty if actually take the time to see for yourself...add to those games remote play with PS4 games (arguable the best next gen feature), id say now is a great time to own a Vita.

You sure love commenting on Vita articles, despite the fact you hate the Sony brand and will never own a Vita. Why is that? Surely you are having a great time with your X1? Why would you feel compelled to make continuous bitter comments towards a handheld device you will never own?

KwietStorm1518d ago

The only one starving is you, for attention. Just stop. Go to a different site, or off the internet completely, and enjoy life around you.

piroh1518d ago

i love my Vita, i´d never swap it for 3DS although 3DS is a great gadget

ThatCanadianGuy5141518d ago

Vita had more games this year alone then 360 did for the last 3 years.

Let's not bring up "starving for games" Belking.

NarooN1518d ago

You've only got one bubble, and yet you waste it every time on fruitless unimaginative trolling. Why? You're that bored?

abzdine1518d ago

i really hope they make killzone for PS4 and the other GG can do sth else cause to me Mercenary is more fun than Shadow Fall (multiplayer)

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knifefight1518d ago

I would throw my money at it.

piroh1518d ago

let´s imagine what they can do with this revolutionary monster... all major developers moving to PS4, Sony going serious. what else should i wish instead of another PS4 exclusive game? the life is beautiful

PSjesus1518d ago

Personally i enjoined
kZ mercenary more than SF,hope they release more dlc in the future for vita

robtion1518d ago

Would much rather a ps4 game. The more studios working on ps4 the better. You can always remote play it on vita which work really well and looks awesome.

paul-p19881518d ago

I want another Killzone Vita title from them, it's made that well that it feels like Killzone should have been a portable game from the start. Amazing work!

DeadlyFire1514d ago

GG's new IP gets a Vita edition? Maybe.

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staticdash221518d ago

Let's freaking go!

Killzone Mercenary was amazing on Vita. I'd love to see cambridge develop a new IP they can call their own.

desertpunk861518d ago

talk about leaving the vita behind as a gimmick add on for the ps3.

Destrania1518d ago

Like Kinect is a gimmick add-on to the Xbox? smh.

DigitalRaptor1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

So... one of the finest PS4 gaming features is "a gimmick"?


ELCUCO1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Next console Killzone developed by Guerilla Cambridge confirmed. And I don't mind one bit :) Mercs was awesome and had a better story than Shadow fall

pyramidshead1518d ago

Too many studios making so many games for PS4.

Salooh1518d ago

The order situation here ?. :P . Hope they reach the same level or beyond it. It would be awesome to have more then one awesome team in guerrilla studio. It's like all these sony studios aren't enough XD . Now each studio have more then one team XP

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