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Project Unknown : Early concept reveal (January 2014)

Below is a blurred out image of an unannounced Project set to reveal early concept details sometime in January 2014.

From the elusive image, it is easy to make out two blurred out humanoid figures, a grey coloured circle with a blue lining at its circumference, the words " Project - - - - - - - - - " at the middle of the circle, and the name 'InnerSanctum Games', which points to the studio responsible for the reveal ? It is unclear what the second word in the circle is, however this should be clearer when more details are revealed next month. (Dev, Industry, PS4, Tech, Wii U, Xbox One)

yellowgerbil   484d ago | Spam
hazardman  +   484d ago
Man for some reason images arent showing on my sp. But hopefully its something good!!
PS4 exclusive lineup gets bigger and bigger.

My bad thought it was PS4 exclusive. All I saw was Industry, tech, Ps4...either way no biggie and more gamers to enjoy game. Good look on pointing that out!!
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Vojkan  +   484d ago
where does it say it's PS4 exclusive?
muddygamesite  +   484d ago
Let's see how the reveal goes ;-)
P0werVR  +   483d ago
...LMAO! He convinced himself it was PS4 exclusive.
hazardman  +   483d ago
I didnt know it was that funny but its always good bringing a smile to less fortunate people. Oh and why would I convince myself that it was a PS4 game. I already said I didnt see other systems my phone was f'ing up.
XXXL  +   484d ago
Half Life 3!
XXXL  +   484d ago
Unreal01  +   484d ago
You got 1 agree & 2 disagrees.

1 + 2 = 3 } Half Life 3 confirmed.
hazardman  +   484d ago
Lol...wishful thinking.
XXXL  +   484d ago
Oh triple X you're hilarious!
Marcuskac2  +   484d ago
If you right click on the site and click "View page source" you can see it says:

<meta name="keywords" content="Android, CryEngine 3, Independent game, Independent game studio, Ouya, PC Gaming, PC games, Playstation 4, Unity 4.0, Wii U, XBOX ONE"/>

<meta name="description" content="An independent Video Game Project focused on capturing and creating a story driven crime scene investigation experience with unique gameplay mechanics."/>

I don't know if this matters.

i also found this site:
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muddygamesite  +   484d ago
very very Sharp and Smart of you!


However I can confirm that the information does not relate to the project concept :-)

That's a guarantee :-)
Marcuskac2  +   484d ago
Yea I wasn't/Am not sure if it matters or not, but how can you confirm It doesn't relate, I'm just curious.
muddygamesite  +   484d ago
I guess I'm just being optimistic ? :-)
wenaldy  +   484d ago
I dont get why did u get diaagress. Here's bubbles fro being helpful.
Belking  +   484d ago
Maybe it's the last guardian...lol. J/k

I hope it's not another Xbox exclusive. Too much already. Ms is taking all my money.
KratosSaveUs  +   484d ago
There is only 2 true Xbox one exclusives coming next year. Halo 5 and QB. So what do you mean by too much already ?
EasyOneTwoThree  +   483d ago
too poor to afford 2 games
toddybad  +   483d ago
I'm on ps4 but think it's extremely disingenuous to not count project spark or titanfall simply because they're on pc (another ms platform). We're talking console gaming and they're exclusive to xbox. both look good too.
noctis_lumia  +   483d ago
y sure cause the xbone has lots of exclus right ? dont make me laugh like this
kidhero99  +   484d ago
You need to work on your logic and tact. Seriously, now you were just joking? You shit your pants. It's running down your leg. It smells. And no amount of perfume or half-assed misdirection is going to cover it up. You're next to impossible to reason with, so I'm done with you. Have a good night, and good luck in walking the path Kaleb has already beaten for you.
maddskull  +   484d ago
who the fuck are you talking to?
Amigaengine  +   484d ago
Dreamcast 2 !
Petervincent19  +   484d ago
Shadowmasters site has project aella that has to do with crime scene stuff and intriguing gameplay. That was posted in the summer. Dont know if any of this is related or not but im definitely intrigued anyhow!
muddygamesite  +   484d ago
:-) It is rather intriguing ;-)
muddygamesite  +   483d ago
:-) There seems to be a new puzzle
Tales RPG addict  +   484d ago
It might be a Remake of FFVII, jk
Stoppokingme  +   483d ago
The blurred figure in the background kinda looks like Dr. Manhattan...

Watchmen confirmed!

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