JM | Resogun Review: PS4's Secret Weapon

Junkiemonkeys: Fun, Addictive and MORE FUN! At first glance Resogun may seem like a simple little digital arcade game, but it’s much more. Sometimes it’s great to just get away from the hype that is the everyday shooter and action adventure titles, Resogun is definitely a game which can provide you with similar gaming satisfaction. Resogun is one of those games you can always go back to for a quick gaming fix. Currently going for free with PS Plus, this game is a must play.

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JasonBloodbourne1448d ago

why is this game getting loads of great scores??? i have no clue how to play it!! its boff!!

PeaSFor1448d ago

i dont like League of legends, i suck at it, 1 out of 10!!!!


aceitman1448d ago

if u learn to play it u will love it. its a awesome game.

Lesh04301448d ago

As I said in the review, they don't do that great of a job of letting you know how to play, but once you get the hang of it, it really is a fun game. Try checking out some videos on YouTube for tips.

Elda1448d ago

Great scores for a fun game!

NeoTribe1448d ago

You have never played a game where you fly around in a little ship shooting objects?

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Elda1448d ago

I spent 3hrs playing & so far have 62% trophies the others will be hard to get,this game is so addictive & fun!

Duke191448d ago

Fun game, but I want more levels

Lesh04301448d ago

Yea I agree. Hope they add some soon.