PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Gets New Info: Greatswords, Memento Buffs; Online Corpse Looting and More

In the wake of the new Deep Down asset blowout done by Capcom just a few days ago, new information about the game is trickling down the grapevine, letting fans know more about the title's weapons and gameplay.

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ZodTheRipper1392d ago

I'm very excited for this game, the PS4 needs a good RPG at the moment and this seems to be a perfect fit.
I just hope the F2P aspect won't ruin the experience ...

Abriael1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

My biggest hope is that the F2P aspect will be fully focused on the apartment the player gets. Previous experience tells that there's a lot to be made with microtransactions focused on housing, and even if that was fully microtransactions driven, it wouldn't really influence the rest of the gameplay too much.

Hell, I'd probably even spend a few bucks on it myself, because I'm a sucker for housing. I need to have a christmas three and all that crap :D

Snookies121392d ago

That's a great idea... Hopefully that's the model they'll go with. I'd hate to think of being limited in gameplay because of F2P barriers getting in the way.

ZodTheRipper1392d ago

Fully agree, I'll definately spend a few bucks if the game is fun just to support it ...but I don't want it to harm the gameplay itself (e. g. Pay2Win). I'd also say that by now most developers have learned how to use the F2P model in a good way so I'm absolutely not concerned yet.

BitbyDeath1392d ago

Agreed, i'd stop playing as soon as I saw any pay2win mechanics in the game. I'll buy things like apartment furniture if I play the game a lot.

Jubez1871392d ago

Just be careful, this game looks like it has a pretty expensive budget, and it's not being made out of the goodwill of company that's been dying ever since it made Dante in a greaser and released a Resident Evil where the zombies pretty much run from you. That being said, you should be prepared to cough up at least 50 dollars into this game.

Kryptix1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

The Pay to Win formula poses many problems like even if you do pay for a powerful weapon, a new more powerful weapon will slip into the market place eventually and you'll feel like you lost out on a few bucks. Also that it ruins the balance and economy, thus ruining the entire point of the game of progressing and seeing that you're more powerful than other players.

The only micro-transactions that I find acceptable are cosmetics/clothes, pets that just follow you around, and furniture.

Let's hope this is not the case and they go for the smaller things. Even expansion packs like DCUO are acceptable but nothing that ruins the core game for everyone.

bjmartynhak1392d ago

My problem with F2P is the lack of focus on story. If it turns out to be just a looting game, it is over for me.

That's just my taste though, either a competitive game or a story-driven one.

fendernow1392d ago

Abehail falsely accused me below with this statement "You seem to be mad because this isn't on your console of choice. Just saying."

@Abehail, as a news reporter you should know better than to speculate and make false accusations (then again, we are talking about a 'video game journalist' (lol) worrying about trying to rig the hotness of a story on a daily basis,). It is best to stick with facts. Just saying

DeadlyFire1387d ago

You guys do know one day there will come a developer that knows how to build a proper free to play game that everyone will want to enjoy. Its possible Capcom could qualify. We will see.

Exploring randomly generated dungeons free to play style sounds almost like Warframe's F2P design to me. Which is fun and pretty decent one at that. So Capcom could have a real winner on their hands. :)

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Necro_5591392d ago

F2P WILL ruining this game. F2P and narrative are like oil and vinegar.

ZombieKiller1392d ago

I really hope this is the start of Capcom's return to their roots. To me, that means they will start producing good games again! Capcom was GREAT for a while! Then it tried too hard to catch the COD crowd of casuals. Just make good games like you used to Capcom....please?

It's cool to see a mimic! Can't wait to see this game!

Whoever called it Deep Shit is freaking retarded. This game looks amazing.

jc121392d ago

Looks ok, but personally speaking, im not really sure why everyone is so excited about this game.

In my opinion, Capcom hasnt put out a great game since RE4.

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Walker1392d ago

This game is gonna be dark souls clone !

Abriael1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Of course. Because dark souls is a 4 player co-op online game.

You got it :D

It has some similarities here and there, but from there to "clone" it's a long jump.

Or is Dark Souls a clone of Zelda because it has mimics?

Conzul1392d ago

I think this will be my replacement for Realm of the Mad God. That died awhile ago, but this seems similar in spirit.

Except not permadeath.

KwietStorm1392d ago

There are some clear similarities, but I'm not going to call it a clone. Regardless, I wouldn't mind a Soul's game on PS4 anyway. This game sounds better every time they reveal something.

Detoxx1392d ago

I hope you can purchase the "full game".

Abriael1392d ago

Doubt it'll be possible. Maybe there'll be some option with some of the microtransactions bundled in (Japanese devs do that a lot), but a full package is unlikely, as it's pretty much incompatible with the microtransaction based housing.

Detoxx1392d ago

This game is looking zo freaking awesome..

I just hope they don't split the game up to much with these micro transactions.

ssj4wolf1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Online corpse looting? Oh boy I can see it now walking down a dark narrow path and seeing some other Guy's corpse laying there then take all his items a kill what killed him! Oooooo I can't wait! I just hope capcom does there model right that's my only concern

CGI-Quality1392d ago

Although I wasn't big on this game before (not really a fan of online-only), the more they show of it, the more interesting it looks.

Abriael1392d ago

There's a single player mode too. I'm not sure if it can be played offline though.

CGI-Quality1392d ago

I don't believe it can. At least, no that I've heard.

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