Microsoft Japan “Committed” to Release Xbox One in Sony and Nintendo’s Turf in 2014

Microsoft Japan just held its Xbox 360 end of the year informal party in Tokyo, and Xbox Division General Manager Takashi Sensui was in attendance. During a brief speech he said that the company is “committed” to release the Xbox One in the country in 2014, which is a relief considering that the web has been quite rife with rumors about delays of the console in markets much nearer to Microsoft’s core target than Japan.

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Funky Town_TX1639d ago

I agree 100%. Why waste time and money on Japan? For the last 12 plus years they have shown that they do not want xbox. Now M$ will waste millions on a sh8t JRPG that no one will buy. M$ will never learn.

Concertoine1639d ago

To be fair they dont invest in shit stuff for japan. Blue dragon and lost odyssey were good games. And rumor says one of the exclusives they got for xbone is being made by platinum games.

zeal0us1639d ago

Why waste time and money on Japan? Well because everyone knows third time's the charm.

Seriously though MS will have even a harder time this go around. The X1 is priced higher than the PS4 and WiiU. Most of those X1 TV apps and features are appealing to some people in the West. Unless MS figure out a to make them Japan-centric, I don't see those apps and features appealing to them either.

MS need to appeal to more local Japanese developers not just the big developers like SE,Capcom,Namco and Tecmo.

Eonjay1639d ago

Customer service on Xbox in Japan must be a breeze.

Magicite1639d ago

About JRPG you are wrong! They actually made great JRPG this gen - Lost Odyssey and probably Blue Dragon too.
Im not a Xbox fan but even here I cannot disagree with facts which speak good towards MS.

mikeslemonade1639d ago

Lost Odyssey is one of the better JRPGs last generation. It's better than FFXIII.

However it's not only the X1 system, it's also the consumers in Japan just have bad taste. They continue to play DS, PSP, and Wii.

dedicatedtogamers1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Microsoft seems to be giving up on every single region in the world with Xbox One except for USA + UK (based on their advertisement and their focus on apps that don't work anywhere except US and UK).

I would not be surprised to see a similar "who cares?" attitude toward Japan from them.

mcstorm1639d ago

I think it will be interesting this time around to see if Microsoft can improve there number there over the last Xbox. I think it will also be interesting to see the ps4 and wiiu numbers at the end of next year too as Japan seems to be going down the handheld rout.

HelpfulGamer1639d ago

Let Microsoft spend billions making Japanese Game for Xbox, because it also helps Japanese Developer make better games for Playstation.

ABizzel11639d ago

They have to simply because the Xbox 360 has a small audience there. I say send a couple hundred thousands (200k), and call it a year. Then send another 200k throughout each of the following years, until the end of the generation (2020 IMO).

Don't focus on Japan, focus on NA, EU, and China.

HardcoreDaBoss1639d ago

they are trying though and thats good I guess.. But I agree Its not going to do good at all.. Japan buys sony and nintendo and thats just facts.. I think the will waste too much money for nothing.. at least they try? good luck to them

kreate1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

blue dragon is boring. lost odyssey is hard to get into. regardless.

Microsoft did a great job in the early days of the xbox360 in japan. inifinite undiscovery, last remnant, idol master, ace combat. also securing timed exclusive games like tales of vesp, star ocean, eternal sonata.

software wise Microsoft had japan. hardwarewise the console kinda sucked (RROD), the controller was not a popular controller in the hands of Asians, and charging for xbox live was considered ridiculous at the time since their heavy hitters were mostly single player games.

but the 360 is still Microsoft's most successful console so far. I saw the 360 in quite a few animes over the ps3.

it was all fine and dandy until the release of the metal gear solid 4 on the ps3. than all hell broke loose for the 360 and it was all downhill from there.

Microsoft failed to secure anymore exclusives in japan. no more games were being pumped out in japan. and the last popular game idol master lost its exclusivity.

with whispers of previous xbox exclusive games coming out on the ps3 with extra content.

all the Japanese advertisement stopped. as Microsoft was dealing with the RROD epidemic, they also started downsizing their studios and game investing power. microsoft game studios changed to microsoft studios. shifted remaining resources to America.

looking at the sales and popularity of the Nintendo wii, microsoft changed focus.

while sony shifted all their resources from the ps2/psp to the ps3, announcing lots of new games and releasing triple AAA titles all the way to the present time putting microsoft to shame.

in the end.
not only did microsoft lose japan but pretty much the entire global sales vs sony and Nintendo.

if they want to succeed in japan, they need to repeat what they did in japan between 2005-2008 and NOT repeat all those failing moves. but looking at the current xbox one. as its more of a tv box compared to the 360, I doubt its going to do anything in japan or any Asian countries for that matter. unless they surprise everyone with multiple Japanese centric triple AAA titles and sony/Nintendo just sits there doing nothing.

they're only hope is America.
if they lose America. than all is lost.

Prime1571638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

I agree with you from the fact of how the culture thinks and behaves..

But Microsoft sees the value in TRYING to break ground. In terms of how much a market spends on video games it goes (usd), 1) North America is first followed by either Japan or uk. Here are just a few resources.

Edit: I tried to link 2 more resources but it's not easy from this phone... just search it if you want more of the biggest markets (Brazil and China and nk are on the rise). Sorry I couldn't link more.

Gamer19821638d ago

To conquer Japan you need to invest in new 1st party exclusives instead of 3rd party dlc. Japanese just not interested in MGS exclusive DLC. you won't conquer them that easy like you did with the USA. They are not that casual they unlike the US actually like top quality made games and don't care about exclusive DLC more than the actual games.

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Retroman1639d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth after reading article title.

Good luck with that MS you'll need more than a fortune cookie.

amiga-man1639d ago

The Xbox won't make a dent in the PS4s domination in Japan, the market belongs to Nintendo and Sony, but by all means M$ waste your money trying.

XiSasukeUchiha1639d ago

MS just Give up on Japan it's best save your resources and money

malokevi1639d ago Show
ZombieKiller1639d ago

Well they don't need luck with the release....

It's the sales they need luck with over there! ESPECIALLY with PS4 being the way it is now.


Magicite1639d ago

In this case even luck wont help. PS4 already dominates Japan without even yet being released.

avengers19781639d ago

When's the last time they even sold a 1000 units in a week in japan. MS should save those consoles for territories they might actual sell in

Sarcasm1639d ago

Good miracle with that.

3-4-51639d ago

Just like Bill was committed to Hilary.

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DarkZane1639d ago

When will Microsoft learn? They're so irrelevant in Japan that not releasing there would be the same.

zeal0us1639d ago

Well first Microsoft need to learn how to appeal to Japan. For the last two generation they have been using the same tactic they used for their Western audience. What works in one area doesn't necessarily mean it work in another.

They need more than cutesy anime mascot and special promotions to appeal to them.

Aclay1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

If anything, I think it's important for Microsoft to sell the X1 in Japan to show Japanese developers & publishers that they at least acknowledge Japan's audience despite the fact that Xbox hasn't sold well over there.

I don't think Microsoft would be in good standing with some Japanese developers/publishers in the future if they didn't support to sell their own system over there.

I mean who knows, Microsoft pulling the plug on Japan and not selling the X1 over there could cause some Japanese devs to not develop games for the X1, and that wouldn't be good for MS, especially if it were one of the big gaming companies in Japan like Konami or Square.

Belking1639d ago

It doesn't even matter with japan anymore. The japaneses have shown that they are into handheld games more. The ps3 didn't even have that much success there compared to the US. Ms just needs to make a little improvement there. They sold over 80 million consoles and japan played a very small contribution to that.

Funky Town_TX1639d ago

I bet they loose money releasing in Japan.

DigitalRaptor1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Watch PS4 be a success in Japan.

PS3 was a success there, Wii was a success there. Handhelds are larger successes than handhelds, obviously, but just because Xbox isn't relevant in Japan, and the Wii U isn't doing that well anywhere - doesn't mean consoles aren't relevant in Japan.

hellzsupernova1639d ago

You are correct Sony has sold through two pre order placements for japan already playstation 4 will be successful in japan

Theyellowflash301639d ago


The Wii U outsold the PS3 in its first year on market.

The Wii U has outsold the PS3 in japan for the past couple months.

The PS3 sold less than 10 million units in 7 years on the market.That is not great. Wii U is currently on track to top PS3 lifetime sales, in a shorter amount of time in Japan.

Wii U sales have risen dramatically since November.

GarrusVakarian1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

PS4 dominates in Japan, MS doesn't stand a chance. Japan would never let another a foreign console dominate in their home country like the PS4 does in the US.

MS might as well just stop focusing any of their money/attention in Japan, they don't want what MS has to offer.

Unreal011639d ago

Haha. Another one of Belking's terrible comments. Yay.

tee_bag2421639d ago

So many disagree's yet you speak truth. But I live in Japan so what would I know either right!

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mmj1639d ago

They should be committed to a mental health clinic for even bothering, Japan simply doesn't want Xbox.

2pacalypsenow1639d ago

who cares the xbox 360 was no match , what makes them think the xbox 1 will?