eShops are up for good, Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter news coming “as soon as possible”

Following the 3DS eShop’s second round of maintenance yesterday, it has now opened for good.

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Kalebninja1603d ago

better be out by the end of next week...two weeks tops. we shouldn't even have had to wait two months in the first place

jholden32491603d ago

Easy bud. Stuff happens. We don't live in a perfect world. You haven't paid for this service so Nintendo doesn't owe you anything right now. It'll be out as soon as it's ready.

Kalebninja1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

I paid for the game and the previous entries in the series came with the feature already in the game. but whatever it aint gnna kill me

desertpunk861603d ago

i hope they dont delay bravely default demo because if they do i will punch nintendo in tha face yall.

jholden32491603d ago

You're kidding, right? How old are you? NINTENDO DOESN'T MAKE BRAVELY DEFAULT! Square Enix does. Nintendo has nothing to do with it. Your ignorance and spite toward Nintendo, a company that has NOTHING TO DO WITH BRAVELY DEFAULT, is epic.

R00bot1603d ago

He wasn't saying that Nintendo makes Bravely Default. He was saying that he hopes the eShop trouble they've been having won't stop Nintendo from putting the demo of Bravely Defualt on the eShop. Calm your farm.

HardcoreDaBoss1602d ago

kids these days.. i love reading the comment here

Dunban671602d ago

how do kids have time to post on these forums? They are obviously busy running Nintendo