Photos of the Luigi’s Mansion Club Nintendo figurine

Check out some photos showing the special Luigi’s Mansion Club Nintendo figurine.

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Totoro171426d ago

Holy crap that's awesome!! Anybody have 900 points I can borrow ;)

PSjesus1426d ago

if each 3DS game give you 40-50 coins you need to buy 30 game at least(1200$) also not all games have Club nintendo points..... cheaper way get it from ebay there are plenty of Club Nintendo rewards for sale

Shnazzyone1425d ago

1500 coins is astronomical. I have 1100 coins. When they announced this I jumped to club nintendo... only to be massively disappointed.

JackieCruise691426d ago

Awe, looks awesome. I would have had enough if I didn't use my coins on the LoZ ALBW poster set.

cloud4951426d ago

Please come to Au/nz club Nintendo.

zalanis1425d ago

what they need to sell on club nintendo is that new long lasting battery they have on their online store for the wiiu gamepad. its been a while since they posted something worth spending my points on.