Sorry, TV Host, That Is Not "Zelda"

A local news anchor and self-proclaimed Zelda fan mistakes Link's name and gender in the trailer for Hyrule Warriors.

"She's just fierce! Look at that! Go girl!"

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gamer42914d ago

"You go girl!"

Eonjay914d ago

Link is fierce; like Beyonce. When she is whipping ass across Hyrule she adopts the persona of "Zelda". And she throw bombs and kicks ass because she is an independent woman honey.

SilentNegotiator914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

I don't always mean "LOL" literally.

But today? LOL!

Riderz1337914d ago

Lol they probably saw link and though it was Zelda...then though Link was a female. Can you blame them though? Look at this picture lmfao...

miyamoto914d ago OffTopicShow
Downtown boogey914d ago

Naaah, that can't possibly be it. Can it?

husomc914d ago

in retrospect, you could take a look at all the leading jpop or kpop bands and see what the artists are trying to emulate. effeminate men seem to be all the rage in asia these days

FamilyGuy913d ago

Wow, the game looks good, really action heavy.

Mistaking the name and thinking Links name is Zelda is completely understandable but thinking he's a girl is just horrible to me. He make manly little grunt noises, has no breast and dresses like Robinhood. How many more hints do you need? lol

I think that form of ignorance goes beyond just being a casual gamer/non-gamer. No one bothered to prep her for this conversation?

TheTwelve913d ago

You really can't blame them!

Doink913d ago

Yeah can't blame them, Link is one of the gayest looking characters ever

Spenok913d ago

Seriously doubtful (not that you don't have a valid point). But I just think they don't know the main character of the game ISN'T the name on the box.

TheGrimReaper0011912d ago

But even then, she says she loves Zelda
If you are a fan of Zelda, then you know you never control Zelda (at least, not so directly like with spirit tracks)
That being said, this looks like fun!

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DarthZoolu914d ago

Proof girls don't game... JK

Roman3mPiRe86914d ago

My grl does utube vettegeeky

blackblades914d ago

TBH I always thought link was zelda at 1st back then, but and excuse is I never played a zelda game so I never had the info about it.

TheGrimReaper0011912d ago

I thought that too, but then why could i give the character a name, i thought?
Is he originally named Zelda?
Is that what they first wanted to do?
Just out of curiosity, where did the name "Link" come from? Was it in a manual or something?

Gamer1982913d ago

To be fair this is Nintendos fault partly just like with the wii-u naming Nintendo have never been the best at getting names across. They call a game legend of Zelda yet the games are all about Link always have been. Nintendo realized this mistake back in the NES days but it was too late to translate and its so big now there stuck with it.

Reeze913d ago

You mean like Halo, that alien soldier guy? Yeah, he's my favorite character. Oh, and the other alien guy, Metroid.

Jokes aside, it's not really Nintendo's fault. People should know that the title is not always the same as the character's name.

Shnazzyone913d ago

What if zelda was a girl?

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Th4Freak914d ago

Sure lets burn her because she made a "casuals" mistake.

NukaCola914d ago

Us gamers just find it funny. No hate needed.

Of course this is a quality report from Kotaku../s

Th4Freak914d ago

I'm a gamer too and I don't find it funny at all, this is a mistake that any casual can make.

In the other hand if this mistake was made by lets say Greg Miller then i'd definitely find it very funny.

SilentNegotiator914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

"I'm a gamer too and I don't find it funny at all"

She said "you go, girl!"
Do you have a single funny bone in your body?

She said "you go, girl!" about a dude. You don't have to be a gamer to find that funny.

Th4Freak914d ago

@SilentNegotiator I dont find ignorance funny.

MidnytRain913d ago

"I don't find ignorance funny."

Sounds like you find people being stupid on purpose to be funny.

SilentNegotiator913d ago

If an ironic mistake made by a news woman - that doesn't hurt anyone - out of a lack of knowledge of one of a hundred things she's going to report on that day is the sort of thing that you could never, ever find funny, then what DO you find funny?

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UnHoly_One914d ago

Agreed. Stuff like this makes gamers look like stereotypical raging nerds.

You know, like the nerdy guy in a hundred different movies or tv shows that gets all pissed because somebody confuses Star Trek with Star Wars.

That's what we look like when we make a big deal out of something like this.

HammadTheBeast914d ago

She barely knew how to pronounce Wii U, give her a break.

3-4-5914d ago

that is beyond dumb.

they have all the man power and resources to make sure they have the correct info.

They are lazy and stupid.

Beastforlifenoob914d ago


I don't get the hate its an easy mistake considering link is on the cover but the actual game is always about zelda like WTF.

SilentNegotiator914d ago

That's funny, I don't see a single comment anywhere close to what you've dreamed up. In fact, I don't see any real "hate" for the woman.

otherZinc914d ago

Well, it was ridiculous. She go girl???
wtf? Lmao!

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listenkids914d ago

Does it really matter? Of course, it does to some degree, but a middle aged woman on a news network 0.01% of any gamers watch? Let's just string her up so quickly, sheesh.

Baka-akaB914d ago

Why not ? people makes fun all the time when they display a lack of general culture in game shows or talks shows . This is just another case of that .

No harm done , it's just a little funny

Beastforlifenoob914d ago

Call the game something+"zelda" then have "link" on the cover.

well done Nintendo, great marketing

Obviously they have created a very well known character lol jks

adventureghost124914d ago

that was the point, which apparently nobody got

GuruMeditation913d ago

People need a sarcasm tag, otherwise they get scared and confused.