Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Selling Out of Japanese Stores

It appears that Final Fantasy X HD for Vita, as well as the X | X-2 HD Twin Pack have become especially hard to find in Japanese shops. The PS3 version ain't doing too shabby either.

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HelpfulGamer1444d ago

Greatness Arrived on PS Vita & PS3!

Magicite1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Loved original and definitely will buy HD remake!
This and FF13 Lighting Returns will be an excellent buy this spring.

abzdine1444d ago

seriously as much as i want to play FFX, i'm not buying it because i want cross buy to use the cross save already implemented.
i'm gonna wait for the price to go down

PeaSFor1444d ago

never played X2, some peoples told me that it was a FF for chicks and simply to SKIP IT, i will replay FFX but do FFX2 worth it?

kalkano1444d ago


Don't bother with X-2. It's an abomination of a game, and craps all over the ending of X.

Reibooi1444d ago

I really hope that this sells enough to make SE do a Final Fantasy XII HD remake. They said awhile back that if X/X-2 sold well enough they would consider doing a HD remake of XII which is my personal favorite FF game despite the fact that many don't seem to like it. I just love that it takes place in the world of Final Fantasy Tactics.

NukaCola1444d ago

I wish they'd put KH 9n Vita. :(

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knifefight1444d ago

Can't wait to see how good those sweet HD visuals look in my hands~

kevnb1444d ago

ive seen it on emulators, it looks really nice rendered in higher resolution.

Jay_miz1444d ago

3000 yen for just one of the games is a steal too! I only bought Final Fantasy X because it takes me long enough to manage my way through in the first place.

My local store either sold out of all the PS3 copies or just didn't stock them because I didn't see any

hulk_bash19871444d ago

Glad to know I have my PS3 and Vita copies pre-ordered. The hard part is actually waiting until March to play it.

Hellsvacancy1444d ago

I know it's bs, in the UK Dark Souls 2 is released before FFX, I was hoping FFX would be out between Dec-Jan, so it'll last me until DS2 comes out

These will most likely be my last PS3 games

josephayal1444d ago

Everybody want it for Xbox 360 too, I hope it will come

MegaRay1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Then buy FF XV and KHIII on xbox one so square consider making more games for xbox.
Off topic:anyone want to bubble me up? :'(

JodyCones1444d ago

It's a PS2 remake. Final fantasy fans are on PlayStation. Square knows where it sells more. The new one's are just becoming multiplatform because square wants the extra money.

Minato-Namikaze1444d ago

They have no plans, for this or kh 1.5 or 2.5 the market isn't there. Hell Nomura acts like the xb1 version on ff15 doesn't exist when he talks about it.

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The story is too old to be commented.