Another silly woman writes for The Daily Mail

Journalist admits to buying 20 pirated games in national British newspaper whilst explaining why she can't control her kids.

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jtucker783721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

I have, and kids are kids, no matter how well you bring them up.

If you hand out "arguably" the best toy in the world and expect them to regulate taking turns between themselves you are asking for trouble. What did she expect? Silly woman.

She would have had the same results if she'd bought 1 lolly pop and expected all her kids to take it in turns licking it.

JDW3721d ago

was posted 2 days ago.

Bruceongames3721d ago

Not really.
They took a different pitch at the article and didn't mention the piracy aspect at all.

thisguywithhair3721d ago

This is a story about the story that was posted 2 days ago.

thisguywithhair3721d ago

I thought this story had something wrong with it. It stank of an upper-middle class housewife who only bought her children something to shut them up while she watched TV and played on the computer all day. Then when the toy didn't shut up the kids, but instead made them louder, she of course blames video games. Not her lack planning or parenting skills.