Various Retailers List Last Generation Versions of Mad Max and Dying Light for $50

Hardcore Gamer: For a while gamers have hoped multi-generational titles like Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag and Call of Duty: Ghosts would cost less for the last generation version.

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admiralvic856d ago

I would love for this to be a new standard!

ChaosKnight855d ago

Who wants the last-gen version of anything now?

Rockefellow855d ago

Now this is just a guess, but I bet that people who don't own PS4s or Xbones are probably interested in last-gen versions of games.

I understand what you mean, though-- that's only 160 million people, give or take. Why pay attention to that miniscule demographic?

HollowZbankai855d ago

well me, since i have yet to get a ps4. im perfectly content with ps3 till mid-late 2014

Angerfist855d ago

People who can't afford a Ps4 X1 or simply refuse to invest in a system with no real Games that aren't available on old consoles. Ryse, KZ SF and probably Knack are the only Next Gen Games that really deserve the Next Gen Branding besides BF4.

Im perfectly fine with jumping on next gen in April/May as I usually do.

desertpunk86855d ago

well that makes a lot more sense.

Riderz1337855d ago

I didn't even know Mad Max and Dying Light had last gen versions...

Rockstar855d ago

You and me both...

Next gen dying light for me though.
Still not sold on Mad Max, will have to see more.

curtis92855d ago

Neither did I... this needs to stop.