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Things That WWE 2K15 Should Feature

JPS Writes: "WWE 2K14 came out back in October/November and it was a decent game. Now that the PS4 and Xbox One have come out too, it’s about time to look at what WWE 2K15 should offer." (Culture, Next-Gen, WWE 2K15)

showtimefolks  +   393d ago
how about a new engine
better looking wrestlers
please more fluid animations
better arena atmosphere
please better commentary
a better career mode
better GM or owner mode

much more fluid online
JackISbacK  +   393d ago
i"am not afan of it but still use to play it with friend ,becasue it is only fun with friends and we use to contribute money with friends and i aslo thinks now they must improve with these things.
MastaMold  +   393d ago
they have to use the NBA 2k14 engine for now current gen PS4 / Xbone make it feel more fluid and realistic.

Sent from my PS Vita
qcjoe  +   393d ago
Can you imagine them using the 2k14 engine? Holy shit that would pop off the tv.
Austin48  +   393d ago
I agree it does need a new engine more then eneything the graphics are dated
cyphertech  +   393d ago
Created player story modes and career modes for women that aren't stupid. My wife used to play the classic smackdowns and loved having story modes for her created player. I'd say make a create a player career mode for women that essentially ignores the fact that she's a woman so they can just intergrate the plots. It's only so many times she can defend her women's title against trish stratus.
ion666  +   393d ago
build the damn game from the ground up.I would totally wait 2yrs for an awesome wwe game
FRAKISTAN  +   393d ago
the last wrestling game i played and loved was 2007 it was downhill from there, i don't know if recently they have made a comeback or not
nevin1  +   393d ago
07 was the last one I bought and that was the beginning of the end of the series.

Here Comes The Pain(2003)was still the last good one.
curtis92  +   393d ago
@nevin1 have you played any since 07 or are you just another former wrestling fan that thinks since they aren't interested in wrestling anymore that the last game they happened to play was 'the last good one'
jordan8445  +   393d ago
WWE 2K14 was a 'decent game'?!?! Good grief! That's all I need to hear to NOT click that nonsense.
Gooch_suplex_Hold  +   393d ago
AKI needs to make wrestling games again.
hduce  +   393d ago
^^^^^ This. Bring back Aki. (N64 wrestling games, The original Def Jam Vendetta)
roadkillers  +   393d ago
I'd pay for decent graphics like that picture. The thing is that we could have: Actual arenas, More match types, different match possibility's, Arcade Mode (tons of finishers), Realistic Mode (build the match), A career mode, More wrestlers (WCW, ECW, WWF), Balanced Online, Belts online like Fight Night, Total Diva Mode (just ****ing with you).

You look at the downloadable wrestling games and they have more options then the big budget titles, it is depressing.
jackwei22  +   393d ago
We need 10 or more people in the ring at one time, as I recall the last time we had more people in the ring at one time in a wrestling game is WWF Smackdown Just Bring it (PS2) 8 wrestlers and WWF Royal Rumble (Dreamcast) 10 wrestlers.

Bring back backstage free roaming as we haven't had that since Smackdown Here Comes the Pain!!

A story mode and a career driven one that can last forever to keep us occupied, as you could lose titles and try to regain them and try to win the royal rumble every year if you can and King of The Ring gives you a Title Shot at Summerslam.
curtis92  +   393d ago
"We need 10 or more people in the ring at one time"

Um, no. Absolutely no reason at all for that many in the ring at once. what a gameplay nightmare that would be. Have you seen WWE in real life when there are 10 in the ring at once? It's dumb. Take away any room to do actual moves and all you have are people in rest holds on the turnbuckles.
Sgt_Slaughter  +   393d ago
They need to get a new developer.

Yuke's hasn't made a good WWE game since 2009, and it's not going to change anytime soon with them.
GFahim  +   393d ago
no new modes and graphics will make it better if the wwe games do not go back to the old style combat of the aki engine or the day of reckoning engine.
addictedtochaos  +   393d ago
They need to go back to the old Smackdown play style, starting with Smackdown vs Raw the series became more of a wrestling sim and the pace of the game has suffered for it. Overall I agree with the article, Here Comes the Pain was the best in the series.

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