Google Ends Microsoft's Yahoo Search

Microsoft and Yahoo were pushed to the brink of a multibillion-dollar marriage and then to a sudden breakup this weekend by the same player.

A combined Microsoft-Yahoo would create a powerful competitor, and Google early on indicated that it would fight the merger on antitrust grounds in Washington and Brussels.

But Google played a part in killing the deal, for now at least, by acting more as friend than foe. It offered to let Yahoo use its more sophisticated search advertising technology, which by some estimates would have meant $1 billion in additional cash flow a year for Yahoo. The partnership would also bring Google more revenue.

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Expy3874d ago

Way to shove it in Microsoft's face Google! haha

jinn3874d ago

triple threat showdown

Armyless3874d ago

Microsoft's shorthanded techniques are bending to a choreographed tag team with Google and Yahoo.

jaja14343874d ago

Whats short handed about trying to buy out a company?

DomUltra3874d ago

Because that's all they do, they're ruthless tactics just end up being fodder, money buys the world, and apparently, this proves it's not entirely true.

jaja14343873d ago

That's all most companies do, so aside from the fact that they are bigger and thus have more money to do such take overs they are not doing anything any other company wouldn't do. But I guess it's common to hate the big bad wolf. So well meh.

Armyless3873d ago

Their strong-arm business tactics (and anti-trust suits) are a secret to only you, it seems.

jaja14343872d ago

I don't recall ever saying they didn't use such tactics... Only that I have yet to meet a company that does not use the tactics, to some varying degree.

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