The Last Guardian’s Creator Fumito Ueda Will Give News As Soon as Possible

The Last Guardian's Creator Fumito Ueda, who suddenly left Sony in 2011 but is reportedly still working on the game as a freelance, has been quite tight lipped both about the game and about his future projects, but apparently he's just waiting for the right time to give us an update, and that right time could be soon.

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Hellsvacancy1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Soon as possible? I'm sure it's "possible" for them to say "yep, it's ok, it's coming for the PS4"

Would that really be that hard to say? that's all anyone wants to hear, I can understand they can't share an actual release date

Abriael1486d ago

That's if it's coming for the PS4. I'm still not too sure about that. Why do they keep it so much under wraps?

mikeslemonade1486d ago

News that there is gonna be news is a good step for Last Guardian.

Eonjay1486d ago

He has 24 hours. That is all.

pyramidshead1486d ago

I don't think it is, unless they're doing a cross-gen port sometime in the future. Swear there was an article on here about Sony hiring for PS3 development on TLG.

dmonee1486d ago

They keep it under wraps because the developer could never quite get their hands wrapped around the PS3 architecture and secondly, the thing has bee a cluster F since the begining. If or when it is released it willowy likely be a disaster. This fiasco could close this developer down

minimur121486d ago

Sony have said that they'll be supporting the ps3 until like 2015 so there every chance this will be on ps3, maybe even both consoles.

miyamoto1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Ueda is the modern day Miyamoto of gaming

At a young age he has achieved quite a lot!

Shadow of the Colossus broke the ground for so many PS3 and Xbox 360 games in regards to third person shooting, platforming and horse riding

minimalism, story telling by showing and not telling!

even Naughty Dog and LionHead admits their PS3 games were inspired by ICO and SOTC

even today there are dedicated SOTC game archeologists constantly looking for secrets!

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Sarcasm1486d ago

As soon as possible.

2018 Release date confirmed.

camel_toad1486d ago

When its released it will come in a 2-pack with Half-Life 3.

NeoTribe1486d ago

Lets throw agent in there with those.

Relientk771486d ago

Cant wait to hear about it

KratosSaveUs1486d ago

So basically what this means is he will give us news 5 years from now.

Kingthrash3601486d ago

whats sad about your comment...the possibility that that's true.

ApolloTheBoss1486d ago

You almost made me choke. LMAO.

Eyeco1486d ago

"As soon as possible, I think I’ll be able to give some kind of update."

What the hell does that mean coming from them of all people ?

I love this developer but almost 10 years since their last game and the only thing in between 2005 and 2014 is a 2 minute trailer, and a statement like that...i'm sorry but it carries zero weight.

ELpork1486d ago

I wonder how sick of these "WELL?!?!" questions he gets...

Deeceltic-fc1486d ago

I just sold my ps3 and have a ps4,if this doesn't come to ps4 I'll be Disappointed but I would buy a ps3 just 4 this.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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