5 Reasons the Next Generation of Gaming May be Terrible

8CN: The recently-released Xbox One and Playstation 4 have been making headlines as the fastest selling consoles of all time. This should be a great thing, and it would be, except for five simple trends that all point at the next generation of consoles being terrible.

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Kingthrash3601609d ago

pswii60 gen lasted too long. i was ready for the new gen two years ago..this gen looks to be great and early sales proves it. more sales = more games = better generation = gamergazum.
not to mention the indie games that will only bloom this gen...sme these articles kill me sometimes.

thekhurg1609d ago

Terrible websites like this writing terrible articles for hits.

Nothing else to see here everyone - just move along.

guitarded771609d ago

They give 5 reasons which have been around at least since last gen. We're gamers... we adapt, and we protest with our wallets.

Kryptix1609d ago

A few of those reasons are valid, but you can't say that every game or every console will tie in to at least one of those reasons. There will be amazing games and there will always be new amazing games as we move into the future. None of those reasons will make me back out of next gen console gaming unless every game and console has online check ins added to it.

Jaqen_Hghar1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

A man is fine with a 7 year console cycle. PS3 has remained supported by software all those years and a man never was lacking for games except during the usual Summer drought. This may have been a man's favorite year for PS3 with Sly, Puppeteer, LoU, Ratchet Nexus, Batman Arkham Origins, and many free plus games. A man wouldn't mind seeing PS4 last until 2020 as this would give 4k time to come down in cost and give PS5 a big selling point in that resolution (like HD was this gen it's a good buzz word). A man likes a system sticking around as long as fun new experiences are being supported on it. Having a 360 or a Wii only would have made a man yearn for next gen in 2011 but on PS3 it has been smooth sailing and a man won't have time to really get into PS4 until February or even March with LoS2 coming out or if a man keeps getting free games like DMC, Bioshock Infinite, and Brothers every month (still haven't had a chance to get to Kingdoms of Amalure, Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen, or Borderlands 2 which he still has waiting after getting them free).

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ZombieKiller1609d ago

1 Reason the Next Generation of Gaming May be Terrible

Shitty gaming journalism wont go the hell away.

Sarcasm1609d ago


No name websites making pointless articles are becoming like a virus in the gaming community.

PurpHerbison1609d ago

What about the people that keep them relevant by commenting every single time there is "shitty gaming journalism". It's not them, it's us.

rowdyBOY1609d ago

so you want biased ign and gamespot to do the honest journalism , lol

SilentNegotiator1609d ago

Are game journalists really going to call the current generation the "next generation" for the next 5 years like they did last gen?

ZombieKiller1608d ago

@rowdyboy: Gamespot and IGN aren't the only ones out there. Your comment makes it seem like they are the only other choice if you want news.

@PurpHerbison: It's not us. I use N4G to read the headlines then if it is good enough of an article, I will support it by clicking on it. I don't fall for that click-bait crap either. If you can't provide a proper title to your article, I don't read it. If I don't click the article, it doesn't get the hit so speak for yourself. I'm not supporting anything but my own opinion by commenting on N4G.
I don't get where you are even comming from. If I drop a negative comment about an article, that isn't supporting it at all.

Chewbacca is a Wookie and Wookies do not live on Endor. "THAT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!"

PurpHerbison1608d ago

You still make it relevant. Attention is all that matters, and often, negative attention has a bigger effect than positive.

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secretcode1609d ago

sorry can't hear you over playing a next-gen console

MsmackyM1609d ago

Looks like you're on N4G commenting on an article you didn't hear.

Jaqen_Hghar1608d ago

he may be on the PS4's excellent internet browser

BlackWolf1609d ago

I have nothing to complain so far. In fact, it's hard to keep up with the amount of goodness coming. :)

DareDareCaro1609d ago

There is 100 reasons the actual generation of gaming blogging, journalism and whatnot is terrible...

desertpunk861609d ago

ps4 is going to have a terrible time this next generation thinking the future is free to play.

UnrealThreats1609d ago

Whats wrong with having f2p games? BL:R is great, Resogun (ps+) is freaking amazing and warframe is pretty sick too. Why do you have to pay $60 to enjoy a new game? Have fun with your $500 VCR buddy.

cesuf1609d ago

The future online isn't free to play (unless your on the PC or WiiU).

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