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Submitted by chili_dog 700d ago | opinion piece

5 Reasons the Next Generation of Gaming May be Terrible

8CN: The recently-released Xbox One and Playstation 4 have been making headlines as the fastest selling consoles of all time. This should be a great thing, and it would be, except for five simple trends that all point at the next generation of consoles being terrible. (3DS, Culture, Industry, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

AceBlazer13  +   700d ago
Been great so far.
Kingthrash360  +   700d ago
pswii60 gen lasted too long. i was ready for the new gen two years ago..this gen looks to be great and early sales proves it. more sales = more games = better generation = gamergazum.
not to mention the indie games that will only bloom this gen...sme these articles kill me sometimes.
thekhurg  +   700d ago
Terrible websites like this writing terrible articles for hits.

Nothing else to see here everyone - just move along.
guitarded77  +   700d ago
They give 5 reasons which have been around at least since last gen. We're gamers... we adapt, and we protest with our wallets.
Kryptix  +   700d ago
A few of those reasons are valid, but you can't say that every game or every console will tie in to at least one of those reasons. There will be amazing games and there will always be new amazing games as we move into the future. None of those reasons will make me back out of next gen console gaming unless every game and console has online check ins added to it.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   699d ago
A man is fine with a 7 year console cycle. PS3 has remained supported by software all those years and a man never was lacking for games except during the usual Summer drought. This may have been a man's favorite year for PS3 with Sly, Puppeteer, LoU, Ratchet Nexus, Batman Arkham Origins, and many free plus games. A man wouldn't mind seeing PS4 last until 2020 as this would give 4k time to come down in cost and give PS5 a big selling point in that resolution (like HD was this gen it's a good buzz word). A man likes a system sticking around as long as fun new experiences are being supported on it. Having a 360 or a Wii only would have made a man yearn for next gen in 2011 but on PS3 it has been smooth sailing and a man won't have time to really get into PS4 until February or even March with LoS2 coming out or if a man keeps getting free games like DMC, Bioshock Infinite, and Brothers every month (still haven't had a chance to get to Kingdoms of Amalure, Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen, or Borderlands 2 which he still has waiting after getting them free).
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ZombieKiller  +   700d ago
1 Reason the Next Generation of Gaming May be Terrible

Shitty gaming journalism wont go the hell away.
Sarcasm  +   700d ago

No name websites making pointless articles are becoming like a virus in the gaming community.
PurpHerbison  +   700d ago
What about the people that keep them relevant by commenting every single time there is "shitty gaming journalism". It's not them, it's us.
rowdyBOY  +   700d ago
so you want biased ign and gamespot to do the honest journalism , lol
SilentNegotiator  +   700d ago
Are game journalists really going to call the current generation the "next generation" for the next 5 years like they did last gen?
ZombieKiller  +   699d ago
@rowdyboy: Gamespot and IGN aren't the only ones out there. Your comment makes it seem like they are the only other choice if you want news.

@PurpHerbison: It's not us. I use N4G to read the headlines then if it is good enough of an article, I will support it by clicking on it. I don't fall for that click-bait crap either. If you can't provide a proper title to your article, I don't read it. If I don't click the article, it doesn't get the hit so speak for yourself. I'm not supporting anything but my own opinion by commenting on N4G.
I don't get where you are even comming from. If I drop a negative comment about an article, that isn't supporting it at all.

Chewbacca is a Wookie and Wookies do not live on Endor. "THAT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!"
PurpHerbison  +   699d ago
You still make it relevant. Attention is all that matters, and often, negative attention has a bigger effect than positive.
secretcode  +   700d ago
sorry can't hear you over playing a next-gen console
MsmackyM  +   700d ago
Looks like you're on N4G commenting on an article you didn't hear.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   699d ago
he may be on the PS4's excellent internet browser
BlackWolf  +   700d ago
I have nothing to complain so far. In fact, it's hard to keep up with the amount of goodness coming. :)
DareDareCaro  +   700d ago
There is 100 reasons the actual generation of gaming blogging, journalism and whatnot is terrible...
desertpunk86  +   700d ago
ps4 is going to have a terrible time this next generation thinking the future is free to play.
UnrealThreats  +   700d ago
Whats wrong with having f2p games? BL:R is great, Resogun (ps+) is freaking amazing and warframe is pretty sick too. Why do you have to pay $60 to enjoy a new game? Have fun with your $500 VCR buddy.
cesuf  +   700d ago
The future online isn't free to play (unless your on the PC or WiiU).
jmtstan  +   700d ago
that author's profile pic looked scary.
Rimeskeem  +   700d ago
All of these problems seem to be either only on Xbox or only on playstation but these really aren't bothersome at all because

1) it's been shown by both consoles that new games will come
2) for playstation atleast it's an all out game console
3) micro transaction suck but not all games are like that
lawgone  +   700d ago
#3...true. but more and more games are using it.
Rimeskeem  +   699d ago
Yes but that doesn't mean you need to get it except when to need to beat the game that's when it's not ok
lawgone  +   700d ago
I'm not sure why most of the comments here are so angry. I don't agree with all 5 of the potential issues but I do agree that micro-transactions are becoming an increasing problem (especially when you've already paid $60 for the game) and backwards compatibility is an issue.

To go further on the backwards compatibility, when getting the Xbox One I knew this would be there and accepted it. What I hadn't considered was all the games in the Xbox Live Arcade that I cannot play on the Xbox One. I can get on my 360 and browse through hundreds of fun and relatively inexpensive games. That just doesn't exist on the Xbox One. In fact, MS has said they are going away from the "Arcade." I truly hope they will reconsider this and will port over some of the more popular games. Heck, I liked playing backgammon on my 360 every now and then. You can't tell me it would take that much effort to port that over to the Xbox One. It's not exactly a resource hog.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   699d ago
KEEP YOUR 360 then! A man doesn't get this complaint. Just switch the input on your TV and there ya go you can play your current gen and next gen games next to each other. A man is enjoying more on PS3 (since he got so much BF and through Plus recently) than he is on PS4 and trust him it still works fine!
lawgone  +   694d ago
What are you talking about "a man"? Regardless, you're missing the point. I have kept my 360.
Ashby_JC  +   699d ago
There still well be cheap games on the Xbox one. They are just not called arcade games.

Halo Spartan assault and max just got released. Give it time and the library week grow.
lawgone  +   694d ago
I hope so.
Goldenarmz  +   700d ago
How can any one debate this list? This list is 100% true, and it makes me wonder just how old are some of the people commenting. I remember a time when all i had to do to unlock characters was beat the game with every one. Now new characters cost money. Its ridiculous what gaming has become.
Xyconaut  +   700d ago
I blame n4g for allowing this to be posted on their site and giving this trash any exposure - I try to say goodbye and I choke, try to walk away and I stumble though I try to hide it its clear my world crumbles when you are not here I play it off but I'm dreaming of youuu!! I keep my cool but I'm fiendin!
Toadsanime  +   700d ago
What the heck are you talking about?
JackieCruise69  +   700d ago
I can't agree with this whole list. But I do agree with the Micro transactions thing. Some companies go crazy with this crap that it's ridiculous. A little bit is not so bad, but really. I should say the same for DLC as well.

Backwards compatibility I will have to agree with as well because it saved my ass this year and the previous with Gamecube. Wii U saved me a lot of grief because I ended up losing my Wii in a family problem not long ago, and plus, not everyone can keep their older systems lying around. I'd love to still own all my older systems, I wish I still had my PS2 and previously mentioned Wii, but shit happens.
I guess Backwards Compat. isn't an necessity for some, but it is for me.
xxxGEOxxx  +   700d ago
Don't click the flame bait...
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Duke19  +   700d ago
Stupid article, but imo the main fear has to be longevity - Most electronics (tablets, phones, etc) are obsolete basically after one year.

I hope I'm wrong, but I can definitely see both sony and ms cutting this generation shorter than we have seen for prior consoles
xxxGEOxxx  +   700d ago
I agree about longevity, but if you look at Sony's history, there shouldn't be too much to worry about. They support their systems.

Also, everyone makes a huge deal about a system coming out every 7-10 years and buying them, but they're the same ones that go buy 2 or 3 versions of an iPhone within a year for a couple hundred a pop.

But maybe that's just me.
DualWielding  +   700d ago
Console generations cannot be cut short unless your console totally fails, the business models require the console to be there for a long while in order for you to be able to get any return
DJrantz  +   700d ago
Can't be worst than last gen, So many Japanese franchises let me down. Resident evil, Zelda, Devil May cry, Final Fantasy, and Ninja Gaiden. I'm sure theres more.
Geobros  +   699d ago
This article wasn't bad at all, specially when he was speaking about DRM policy...
MasterCornholio  +   699d ago
I just hope we see a greater variety in games because another generation of COD clones would be horrible for me.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   699d ago
People need to start buying games like Puppeteer, Beyond, and Sly 4 if devs are to keep making them. Sony took a great risk with new IP and bringing back 3d platformers this year and no one bought them (a man did). These were GREAT games and Puppeteer was even better than LoU in a man's opinion. It's party Sony's fault for their lack of advertisement as a man showed these games to many people and they didn't even know they existed. A man personally sold 5 people on Sly just by mentioning it to them.
goldwyncq  +   699d ago
Wouldn't next gen be the 9th one? Considering that all three consoles have already been released, maybe everyone should now stop referring to them as next gen.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   699d ago
current gen is still Ps3 until software stops coming for it. Also a man still plays more on his PS3 with all the great games this holiday for it. Late next year or early 2015 a man may start calling PS4 current gen and PS3 last gen.

WiiU may be current gen now since Wii hasn't been relevant for awhile.
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Mister_Dawg  +   699d ago
1) Franchises. Although I agree some franchises are taking the piss (looking at you FF), this is nothing new. I was playing franchises back in the days of Spectrums and Amigas. Furthermore, a new IP does not a good game guarantee. As you'll know the stories are the same but with different characters.

2) Microtransactions. This is a bitter pill to swallow with big gaming companies. In recent years people have, as you say, been happy to get 'free' versions of games on mobile devices or month trials on pc for example. As pace developed, more and more people were understandably keen on free-to-play models. But then the developers can't live on compliments for their games. They needed to employ small fees for upgrades and such like to their games. This I can totally live with. What gets me pissed is big companies charging top dollar for a game and then asking us to pay extra to plug the gaps in their unfinished product. During the 360 lifetime, I didn't mind paying for a big track pack or car pack for forza. That to me was different as the main game was pretty big in itself.

3) DRM and digital goods is a fairly hot potato. This is such a huge field that I found the article a little too quick to jump on the XB1 bandwagon. Sure its fresh in people's minds, I get that. We all look from our perspective as the consumer and most don't give a rats ass about the developers costs. Yeah sure I traded in loads of discs during the 360 lifetime and benefited from cheaper pre-owned games. That's just it. I benefited. (And also GAME!) What about the people who put in thousands of man hours and millions in revenue to create these games for us? If you buy a second hand car, you might think the original manufacturer has been left out too. But that's not the case as they make millions more in spare parts for their older models. I would be perfectly happy if a small portion of my pre-owned purchase went to the developers. Especially the small companies who really need it. Something like the humble bundle deals which I love now as returning pc gamer.

2) Re-releases. Well you can't really complain about franchises and then want to play an older game in a franchise. And this is what I've seen most with the HD-remakes, mainly franchises. As for backwards compatibility, this is only a short term issue for many gamers. When I get a new console, I want to play 'new' vastly improved content that looks next gen. I don't want to play 'old' games which I've already been through. Whats the point? I've got an old console for that purpose so why would I get a new console. I've never fully understood the need for backwards compatibility. I never will.

1) Gaming no longer the main issue on a console. Cool. Great thing. I love the fact I can watch movies, listen to music and pretty much do many things I needed my old htpc for but can now do it via console. Even though I'm gaming on my pc, I've left my 360 under the big tv in the living room, so I can use Netflix and such like on the big tv. I love the versatility of these modern devices. I don't agree with your comment about XB1 being more focussed on tv. MS couldn't do an all-in-one reveal for the tv aspect and the gaming aspect. They are two separate entities so they needed equal air time to show these off. I agree the XB1 does have a much bigger media centric focus, but as gaming is media too, whats the big fuss all about. I congratulate MS on taking this bold approach. So called 'hardcore' gamers have been outraged by these turn of events. But what is a hardcore game in the first place? From what I've seen so far from both console camps, and furture releases, everyone will be catered for.
As for achievements. I love them. They were like the crack cocaine of the gaming world.
stragomccloud  +   699d ago
free to play
day one dlc
dlc that should have been in the original game to begin with
paid online access
annual subscription fees

Pretty much only one company isn't falling down this path.
SegaGamer  +   699d ago
So much negativity in gaming, what a bunch of miserable babies the gaming community has become.
GotHDGame  +   699d ago
I only agree with part of this, and its a small part. The micro-transactions. I hate them, and what this guy said was at least partially true about that.
The rest of the article is BS, I am glad some games are being remade. In some cases they deserve an HD remake, and also a control update.
ghostgamer_007   699d ago | Spam
Ashby_JC  +   699d ago
The guy is entitled to his opinion. And in my opinion I like that I can do more then just gaming with my game console.

Achievements in itself are simple but are great in that you can easily compare yourself against friends etc. Anyone can say they beat this or did you have proof.

The author seemed to complain about recording footage and streaming. Are you kidding!!! This is a great addition to console gaming. I have been recording tons of epic moments over the last month. And I have been watching plenty of games that I'm interested in.

I dint mind micro transactions as long as I can beat and enjoy the game without it. If someone wants to spend more money to get by in the my guest. I have more a problem with dlc being released day and date the game releases...I'm looking at you Forza 5!!!! (There is a 10 car pack available that should be free!!)

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