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WeGotThisCovered wrote:

Like many older siblings, Max is easily annoyed by his younger brother, Felix. It’s not just that he’s loud and obnoxious, though; he’s always ruining Max’s things without thinking about the repercussions of his actions. Essentially, he’s a young kid having fun, but that doesn’t bode well with his brother, who’s aged past that stage and has become a bit more mature. So, Max comes up with a plan and decides to wish away his younger sibling, without thinking that anything will actually happen. However, he makes a vital mistake by looking up and reading a strange spell from the Internet, which ends up sending Felix to another dimension, where he’s put in terrible danger.

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Belking1540d ago

This reviewer is full of crap. There is nothing wrong with the controls of this game. I played through it just fine. Best indie game out there right now. I give is at least 8/10.

KingDadXVI1540d ago

I agree with you this is a bullshit article. My 10 year old son downloaded this game last night and he beat that monster 2nd try.

I have played it too and it is a blast. I really like the fact that you have to use a bit of thought in how you are going to beat certain sections of the game like using the magic pen to fill several gaps in a section of the level and then lift a rock that rolls over those sections to tip a bunch of pillars over that you have to jump to as they are falling to get across that section.

It is a great platform game that also makes you think about what you are doing. The controls work great too. I was expecting the use of a pen with the analog sticks to be only so so but it works really well.

The best part was the price. At $14.99 this game is a steal. I have paid $59.99 for many games that don't come close to being this fun. 8.5 out of 10 from me and my son says 10 out of 10.