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Sociologically, it’s quite fascinating to see this year’s chest-beating, uber-macho, dude-bro first-person shooters both attempting to tackle fears of a changing world. Where Battlefield paints a picture of a USA terrified of China and Russia’s growth, Ghosts stays closer to home, the aggressors a militarised and economically powerful South America.

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stanr1426d ago

A great review but I fell the 3/5 review is to generous, a 2 or less would have been appropriate.

desertpunk861425d ago

because thats the cool thing to do!

sdozzo1425d ago

I have been playing on PS4. The larger maps took a bit getting used to. But, after a few hours it feels pretty good. Looks nice and runs smooth. Just different this time around.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1425d ago

It runs smooth other than the frame rate which randomly judders for a couple of seconds ten smooths out. I wish they'd patch it and fix the problem.

sdozzo1425d ago

I really don't have framerate issues.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1425d ago

Yea it does maybe you don't notice it. It's only in multiplayer I think. The funny thing is that it's exceeding 60fps and causing it. Pretty crazy.

combatcash1425d ago

One of my buddies picked it up for ps4 and it runs smooth but the online graphics are very poor.

dcortz20271425d ago

Overall, the entire game is poor. The camping on this game is ridiculous. The story and graphics are sub par. If Killzone: Shadow Fall received 6's and 7's, then COD:Ghosts deserves 5's and below.

il-JumperMT1425d ago

So COD: Ghost got same score as BF4 and more then Killzone.

Not saying Killzone is Great. Its a good game not great, but COD: Ghost is downright horrible and below average.