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Empire - "From shaky beginnings, Microsoft’s exclusive driving franchise has improved steadily over the years, now providing an answer to the question: “Why should I fork out £429 on an Xbox One?” From the moment it opens, with Jeremy Clarkson intoning a paean to the fetishism of all things four-wheeled, you’re left in no doubt that next-generation gaming has arrived, thanks to jaw-dropping visual fidelity and some very tricksy lighting effects."

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PeaSFor1632d ago

with a lower number of tracks than F4 and no night/weather changes, ....sry but i really dont see how the game would diserve a perfect 5/5.

Spurg1632d ago

Better graphics...drivatars...they enjoyed the game a lot...what else.

MorePowerOfGreen1632d ago

Night and weather? WTF? The game is the best driving experience ever.

Sarcasm1632d ago

Obviously you would say that.

iRacing, Assetto Corsa, and GT6 all have better driving physics than Forza.

DoesUs1632d ago

LMAO! It really isn't! But of course you will defend anything MS till you die!

PeaSFor1631d ago

"best driving experience ever"

look like you REALLY need to use a steering wheel and play more game than forza.

Gabenbrah1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Like Weather Effect or Night and Day cycles improves the gameplay at all, that's just nit picky. Forza 5 easily has the best car handling of any racing game and has more content than any launch title and Drivatars are a genius addition, makes the gameplay far better, more than any sort of weather effects or night and day cycle adds, that's just graphics.

@Yi Long
I agree, the track list is disappointing, but all 14 tracks are incredible to race on, but remember it is a launch title and after the recent update, it's incredibly easy to earn cars, easier than Forza 4, the micro-transactions are just purely optional now and not even needed, I haven't done any micro-transaction and I've got millions of credits.

Yi-Long1632d ago

Maybe, but it has a lot less content than Forza 4, plus it made a huge step backwards when it put even more focus on micro-transactions and DLC. DLC was already the reason why I turned my back on this series in the first place.

The very low track-count doesn't really help much either.

OrangePowerz1632d ago

I really dislike the drivatar system, the AI cars constantly push you off the track or ram you in corners. It reminds me more of destruction derby or online races instead of real live racing.

Deputydon1631d ago

Um. Weather is far from JUST graphics. You realize a wet race track completely changes the way a car handles right? Imagine racing the Nurburgring at sunset when 1/3 through the sun goes down, so now visibility is incredibly low with the only light coming from the headlights of your 650 horsepower machine. Then about 1/2 through it starts to rain, and I don't mean sprinkle, I mean a complete downpour. Now you have a 650 horsepower vehicle, most likely not with weather tires on and you are sliding around every turn like it's you're last. Traction is dramatically lowered at this point, the visibility is nearly pitch black and yet you are still in 2nd so you know you have to push every turn harder than he does to win.

That is an experience that you will never find in Forza 5.

Hicken1631d ago

As the deputy says, weather our diving in low visibility massively changes the gameplay immensely. That xbox fans try to downplay the importance of these things only because Forza doesn't have them.

It's pretty weak, honestly.

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Belking1632d ago

To each his own. Forza is a awesome game. Beautiful graphics and tight gameplay. Can't wait fir the next one.

dark-kyon1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

dont worry in a year how much you can get forza 6.

dark-kyon1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

recently i read what this game have in general events what only have 2 or 3 laps,are you serius what a racing simulator can not give races more longer.

OverPaperSkies1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Forza fans requested less laps in races. Forza 4 was the same. Check the Forza forums if you don't believe me.

If that's your way of giving Forza negativity, try harder son.

@tariq. The word "jap"is not racist. Unless you're a clueless libtard then you might disagree.

GT has always been more appealing to the JAP market. It's made by japs... Who love Jap cars.

ABeastNamedTariq1632d ago


Just check his comment history, lol. Trust me, he's being a racist.

Sarcasm1632d ago

I was disappointed in the in-game car models, it's clearly lower poly models compared to the ones in the show room. The lighting doesn't have that photo realistic look to it and the shape of the cars are a little "off."

Clunkyd1632d ago

- Half the cars from Fz4
- No Day/Night Cycle
- No Car Auction
- Less tracks
- A significant downgrade from E3s demo

Worst Forza ever!

YodaCracker1632d ago

And still better than 90% of racing games! It's a launch game... It's rushed... No surprise there.

starchild1631d ago

Considering I always see you in articles either bashing the PC or bashing the Xbox One, your comment doesn't surprise me at all.

PeaSFor1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

im a pc gamer, off course im gonna bash pc gaming..., sry but nothing more than butthurted fans who doesnt like hearing different opinions.

deal with it brah, you arent the ultimate virtue.

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urwifeminder1632d ago

Great game just hit driver level 180 loving it still get some one thread lag in car view I don't know if its a bottleneck or what milli second lag into turns thought someone else may have noticed this or had an article.

OverPaperSkies1632d ago

Well deserved score for a great launch title. I'm loving the air port track with mates online!

desertpunk861632d ago

forza is the greatest modern racing game of all time gran turismo is like pokemon a game stuck in a time line that has past long ago is niche a game made by japs for japs.

ABeastNamedTariq1632d ago

You managed to be arrogant, clueless, fanboy-ish, and racist all in one poorly structured, poorly punctuated sentence! Congrats!

neoMAXMLC1632d ago

You may want to look up the meaning of "niche" before making a dumb post again.

PeaSFor1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

because 68millions peoples mean "Niche" audience now?

really? kinda hard to be more retarded than you are, you are clearly championship material.

HardcoreDaBoss1632d ago

i think this is an amazing game... 5/5 noooo but still a great games... i know sony fans will dislike my comment but who gives af.. thats what they are... the worstfannys ever..

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