Multiplayer Manifesto Killzone Shadowfall

In the first part of the Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer Manifesto, the developers at Guerrilla explain their vision for the game's evolving multiplayer component and the role of the players in shaping its future.

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johndoe112111635d ago

The multiplayer in this game is hugely underrated. One of the best I've ever played.

HardcoreGamer1634d ago

what the ?? really a coop mode, i would love campaign story coop

this makes the game even more fun and better

DoomeDx1634d ago

According to the season-pass,

Its a survival-coop. AKA survive waves of enemies with your friends

abstractel1634d ago

Loved the single player, playing it through again on hard. Love the multiplayer, think it's both beautiful and very engaging. Looking forward to the co-op mode and hope it's released soon. Horde type modes are always my favorites as I prefer co-op where people really work together than focus on where they are on the leaderboards.

Goku7811634d ago

Didn't know co op mode was coming?

NewAgeisHere1634d ago

Single player is nothing special except for graphics which aer phenomenal......but multiplayer is amazing fun.

HardcoreGamer1634d ago

im going to be honest, way better than cod for sp, but i did like battlefield better, in terms of engaging story, but the owl game mechanics and puzzles in a shooter in killzone was really fresh to see. like trying to do crysis, or half life stuff. commendable.

soon as i start online ,i play till midngiht and it hurts to stop

mayberry1634d ago

Killzone is BOSS! Mp is amazing. Especially when the abilities are leveled up, that's when Killzone shines! Too bad alot of gamers give up before that....stick with it, and be prepared to do some damage!