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Sony Offers Eight Lovely PS3 Themes for its “Fountain of Love” Annual Charity Drive

Every year since 1968 Sony holds a charity drive named “Fountain of Love” outside its main offices in Ginza, Tokyo. This year marks the 46th edition of the initiative and Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia is supporting it by selling eight PS3 themes on the Japanese PSN. (PS3, Sony Computer Entertainment)

Snookies12  +   612d ago
29 dollars?? That's REALLY steep, even if it's for charity...
Abriael  +   612d ago
Remember that it's Japan. Cost of living there is much higher, so almost everything game related costs 1.5 to 2 times as much as in the US.
Snookies12  +   612d ago
Oh no doubt, though it still seems a little steep even by their standards. I suppose as long as it's going to a good cause though.
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ShinMaster  +   611d ago
Does seem a bit pricey, but those themes are awesome.

I hope we can acquire those backgrounds somehow.
sinjonezp  +   611d ago
Im hoping sony release themes for the ps4. ....thats all i have....
fattyuk  +   612d ago
so roughly $3.50 a theme, roughly £2 a theme.

I donate £10 a month to charitys as it is, so nothing wrong with the price - always some kill joys when it comes to charity isn't there!
Abriael  +   612d ago
no. It's $29 per theme.
Batnut00  +   612d ago
That's great Sony, now how about bringing some themes over to the PS4. Come on, I'll be your best friend if I could just have my Arkham City Theme on my PS4!
TekoIie  +   612d ago
Can you not use wallpaper?

I know its not the same but somethings better than nothing :)
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fattyuk  +   612d ago
^ no you cant
Aceman18  +   612d ago
Just be a bit patient they are coming. I happened to speak with a sony rep my brother knows and he said they are coming we just have to be a bit patient.
Inception  +   611d ago
That themes really awesome. I want the Gravity Rush and Toro & Kuro. Sadly, i don't have money for those themes nor an account of PSN japan...

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