Global Weekly Chart Week Ending 12/14/2013

Gen 8 Hardware Lifetime Totals:
PS4 374,879 (+40%) 2,753,910
XOne 306,436 (+19%) 2,126,782
WiiU 264,627 (+53%) 4,749,539

Gen 8 Software Lifetime Totals:
WiiU 1,403,817 (+42%) 15,983, 418
PS4 1,000,956 (+11%) 6,531,17 2
XOne 818,064 (+34%) 5,203,605

1. Call of Duty: Ghosts (X360) Activision, Shooter 550,854
2. Puzzle & Dragons Z (3DS) GungHo, Puzzle 540,821
3. Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS3) Activision, Shooter 495,843
4. Pokemon X/Y (3DS) Nintendo, Role-Playing 451,019
5. Just Dance 2014 (Wii) Ubisoft, Misc 434,064

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Eonjay1216d ago

Sony may be one week away from 3 million calendar 2013 goal.
Also, interesting that Wii U is leading hardware. When you think about it the Wii U is not selling to poorly compared to the other systems. If the Wii U can keep this up (and if Sony can't ever restock supply) the Wii U may be able to retain that lead for a longer time than people think.

NYC_Gamer1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

The PS4/X1 just have higher demand compared to Wii U based on early sales of hardware..I'm just happy the console market is in good shape to be honest.

DejectedJeff1216d ago

well keep in mind the wii u's a year older too. a lot of people were saying all the nintendo fans went out and bought one and it wouldn't sell near the other consoles this christmas

mikeslemonade1216d ago

Soon the X1 sales will plateau and it will take atleast 2 years in total to surpass the WiiU. $499.99 just isn't viable enough to start off. Price drops won't work either because the competition is always gonna be cheaper.

avengers19781215d ago

It will be interesting to see what the numbers are for the last couple weeks, as all 3 consoles were selling well leading upto Christmas

Hicken1216d ago

Keep in mind, these numbers are two weeks old, now. It includes none of the systems restocked and subsequently sold in the days just prior to Christmas.

(And, of course, VGChartz is only an estimate, not a definite.)

That said, I do believe 3 million sales will be surpassed before the end of the year. I imagine that the Wii U will be just around 5 million sales(demand just doesn't seem to be all that strong, though it has picked up during the holidays). I expect the XB1 to be in the 2.5 million range.

Ol_G1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

you do understand it did more than 100k last week in japan only if you count us and europe christmas sales i think it's safe to say they surpassed the 5 million easily

mikeslemonade1216d ago

Does it really matter? 5 million in one more than one year is pitiful.

Theyellowflash301216d ago

But more than 2 million in a couple months is good. And that's where the Wii U right now.

It had its problems. But things are clearly looking up. Nintendo's 2014 software is going to be big. Smash Bros, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, Monolith Soft's X, to name a few.

Nintendo will easily sell more than 5 million units next year.

Skip_Bayless1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

5 million next year?? That's a pretty slim chance considering WiiU launch window sales, year one holiday sales, and then year 2 holiday sales.

Tito081215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

The question is if they gonna reach the 9 million they projected for the fiscal year which I totally doubt the will, but if they do, good for them.

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PSNrandom151216d ago

At Ol_G. Wii U sold well in japan 1. because of holidays and 2 because the wii U has no next gen competition in japan is either get a wii U for xmas or a ps3 or xbox.

Sharky2311216d ago

How is it interesting that Wii U is leading? They only had a year head start.

Eonjay1216d ago

Agreed. I meant to say leading software. It sold more software this week than PS4 and Xbox One.

Shnazzyone1216d ago

nevermind that the #1 console was 3ds by a mile. it sold almost 900k last week. 1.4 million in game sales for wii U ain't bad either.

At this point, if nintendo is doomed, then the entire gaming industry is doomed.

FamilyGuy1216d ago

Probably already over 3 million by now, this was the two weeks ago after all.

showtimefolks1216d ago

i am glad for nintendo and wiiu, system is good and we will get to play nintendo games in HD. $299 is a very good price

but ps4/xbox one will sell that much better. we could have a situation where:

ps4 sells 85-100 million
xbox one 75-90 million
wiiu 35-50 million

that's a huge gap between 2nd and 3rd considering wii sold 100 plus million

Shnazzyone1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Are you a time traveler? No way you wanna risk predicting 5 years from now. I'd comment on the numbers but it's funny you think wii U will be that far behind and ps3 didn't even hit 100mil before ps4 hit. Wii was LUCKY to break 100 million before its life was up and that was the blockbuster console last gen,

showtimefolks1215d ago


i didn't say 5 years, i am looking at it throughout the whole next gen. so more like 7-10 years. Both ps3 and xbox360 will sell somewhere 95-100 million range

PS4 and xbox one are up to a very hot start, wiiu isn't gonna be able to compete with either so that's why i see a huge number difference. Most gaming pundits are actually saying under 40 million for wiiu

why pay $299 for wiiu when for $399 you can get a ps4, that's the million dollar question

xtremeimport1215d ago

People are STILL buying CoD games...I can't understand why..

to each their own.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1216d ago

i feel like vgchartz right isn't so accurate..

i feel like its missing a lot of sales

Eonjay1216d ago

It doesn't track digital sales.

B1663r1216d ago

They don't track anything. They make up numbers based on some hidden calculus that they won't show anyone.

Their numbers are CONSISTENTLY wildly off base, then they stealth edit their website to reflect the changes when real data becomes available done by real market research firms.

Geobros1216d ago

Its not easy to track everything. Though, I think its the only site for video games sales....I wish to see another one in the future.

ThatCanadianGuy5141216d ago

They don't track anything.It's all "educated" guesses.

Skip_Bayless1216d ago

I don't care what any of you guys say. It's ballpark numbers and they are close enough. And then they edit their numbers once they get reliable sales data from outside sources.

The fact is the numbers tell the same story. And it's just dumb how when the numbers favor X1, the X1 fans all of sudden believe the numbers are "kinda" correct and then vice versa for PS4 fans. At the end of the day the numbers are basically correct and tell the same story. "Law of very large numbers" people..

Ju1216d ago

I agree with you there, Skip_Bayless. They show a trend. For our amusement they are accurate enough, for people interested in real numbers those are edited when more accurate numbers are available. Nobody tracks weekly sales accurately anyway.

But one thing, though. Global 374K, Europe 174K and USA 144K. Where's the rest? ~60K are missing

USA doesn't include Canada? but 60 is to much there, Europe includes EMEA? (which is Australasia/Middle East?).

insomnium21216d ago


I'm a Sony guy and VGC is NEVER right. They should be banned from this site no matter how much they show PS4 winning over XBone. Capish?

Skip_Bayless1216d ago

Well it beats waiting weeks longer to brag. Eh?

insomnium21215d ago


Brag? GTFO who gives a s*it about bragging unless they are a 10 yo?

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showtimefolks1216d ago

They take bunch of guesses and are usually wrong, but its a great site if you want to find out exact number for past years. Their present numbers are always wrong till they actually get all their facts in at the end of the year and update everything again

but look atleast its a site working hard to provide some data

urwifeminder1216d ago

Any news on new games or is this news for nasdaq gamers now lol.

B1663r1216d ago

I will now make up some imaginary numbers as well...

The square root of negative 3.

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