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Killzone: Shadow Fall really is a stunning looking game that can only truly be fully appreciated seen. Lucky for you I’ve got it covered, please check out my Video Review for Killzone: Shadow Fall.

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bobsmith1604d ago

This is the best game there is right now other than like GTA V and Mario 3d world

spike1604d ago

LOL This game is trash. Bobsmith you are just a fan boy. You know damb well this game is pure garbage.

iistuii1604d ago

A bit harsh. I got it with the console & forced myself to finish it. It's average at best, but it's not garbage. But it's never an 8/10 IMO..

TheFutureIsBlue1603d ago


Alright I respect your opinion since you are actually telling the truth. I figured you were just trolling like most people on here. Did you play the multiplayer a lot?

TheFutureIsBlue1604d ago

You two can add me on ps4 so I can see if you actually even touched the game. Most fun I've had in a while on multiplayer.

iistuii1603d ago

Just type iistuii in & check I've played & finished this average game. I play games & have my own opinions. And my opinion is it's average, nothing special. I stand by my original statement which finished with IMO...

iistuii1603d ago

Yeah I accept that people troll. I can't be assed with that. I just didn't like it. I didn't bother with the MP as I have B4 for my MP needs & the other Killzones I didn't play much MP. I really enjoyed the K2&3 sp games, but this just didn't grab me. The flying/floating parts were bloody annoying also.

Jihaad_cpt1603d ago

fanboy you say? Where? I only see one fanboy here and it's you "sir"

young7yang1603d ago

Having played every game in the series this one is my personal favorite..

One of the most underrated and under appreciated games.

I love how everyone trashes this game but praise call of duty and battlefield everytime.. I feel that there are games for all types of people and for those looking for a shooter with a sci-fi twist this is the perfect game.

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Ju1604d ago

I think its the best FPS on the PS4. Period.

mayberry1604d ago

Killzone is BOSS! MP is an absolute blast! I have leveled up my "blast" perk to 10! "Adult" gaming at its finest! Must play in "true" 7.1 surround sound!

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