Steam Winter Sale Day 10: Saints Row IV 60% off, Deadpool 75% Off and More

The Steam Winter Sale just entered its tenth day of deals, and as usual there are some gems ready to be grabbed. Here's the full list of deals for today.

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Spurg1520d ago

loool...I've come to a point with the steam sales where 3 pounds is too expensive for me.

JsonHenry1520d ago

I am so spoiled that when I see a newer game like Deadpool on sale for $9.99 and no tax I still think to myself... I'll get it in 2 months with it is only $7.50. hahaha

mafiahajeri1520d ago

Just cancel your next trip to Mac and your set...

JsonHenry1520d ago

I don't eat fast food. Haven't for the last 12 years. But I get what you mean.

mafiahajeri1520d ago

Cancel your next trip to Starbucks... ;)

SlapHappyJesus1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

I am starting to get that way as well. I try not to and to pay what I actually feel the game is worth, but it's not always the case.
That said, I did buy Deadpool. :)

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mafiahajeri1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Got to kill pirating some how. Tbh whoever still pirates games are cheap ass h&)@@!!!

modesign1520d ago

or smart enough to acquire a broken game for free instead of shelling out 60 dollars.

SlapHappyJesus1520d ago


If it's so broken as to not be worth money, then it is not worth playing.
If it's worth playing, it's worth paying.
Steam does a great job of allowing PC games at the price that gamers feel is fair, and relatively fast.

webeblazing1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

nothing will kill pirating. cheap prices, consoles, phones, nothing, its everywhere. some people do it to try the game before buying, some do it cause the love gaming and in their country they can get the game or the prices are ridiculous. some people don't care and no matter what they just want free or dirt cheap games even if it hurts the devs.

you wouldn't believe the number of people I seen with modded ps2, xbox, xb360. buying games for $2 a pop.

Debaitable1520d ago

I'm at the point where I can't buy barely anything because I already have everything I needed. I even double dipped on games I already own on consoles.

modesign1520d ago

lol buy games no one plays for really cheap. not worth it.

SlapHappyJesus1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Let's see what I bought just this sale . . .

Contagion - 3 hours played
Crysis + Warhead
DmC - 2 hours played
Don't Starve
Eldritch - 3 hours played
Fable:The Lost Chapters - 2 hours played
Gone Home
Nation Red - 1 hour played
Outlast - beat
Rise of the Triad - 1 hour played
Super Hexagon - 30 mins played

Not to mention all of the DLC that I am most definitely going to play and is going to bring me back to games I have completed prior.
I don't know. I seem to be keeping up with my purchases. This was just what I did with some free time I had. Any game I have yet to touch will most definitely see some play time with my getting a few days off of work come Monday.

Spurg1520d ago

Loool...but 1-2hrs played doesn't mean you're keeping up. If you finished them completely then yeah you're keeping up.

Thats like 1 hr out of 10 hrs game.
lets say on average the games you bought are 7hrs makes a total of 77..lets make it 85

12.5/85 hrs...

Lets say 1hrs= have played only 12.5 out of the 85 pounds you spent.

SlapHappyJesus1520d ago

True, but these are games that I just bought and do plan to keep with. I plan on having DmC, Gone Home, Brothers and possibly even Dead Pool done by this time next week.
Point being, I am buying only games I actually want to play, and soon.

I wasn't the disagree, by the way.

webeblazing1519d ago

pc gamers are more appreciate and are more dedicated to games than consoles gamers. old games still have a dedicate community for them, but if was on consoles the gamer would forget it and be on to the next game. even new games that don't have fancy gfx (which people on this site think pc gamers only care about) get supported heavily.

being that you said that and torchlight 2, garry's mod, and dust was on there said that your not much of a gamer.