Top 5 Games of this Generation

Elijah Rawlings writes:- This has truly been an amazing time for gamers far and wide, and these top 5 games are some of my favourites not just for their game play but because they each hold distinct memories in my mind.

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SkippyPaccino1446d ago

No naughty dog game makes this list laughable...

Hicken1446d ago

Somehow, I had a feeling that might happen.

dedicatedtogamers1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

No Naughty Dog titles...

No PC titles...

No Nintendo titles...

Pretty much a "Dude, Best BroDude College Dorm Room Games of the Gen, Bro!" list.

That said, it would be very difficult to pick a Top 5 of the last gen. Heck, it'd be very difficult to pick a Top 5 from 2013, IMO.

Agent20091446d ago

No Naughty Dog game makes this list actually original.

OverPaperSkies1446d ago

It's laughable because a few over rated titles didn't make the list to suit your needs.

You mean...

Kornholic1446d ago

"Elijah Rawlings spends most of his time controller in hand tearing through every video game you can imagine, he’s currently an Xbox 360 fanboy. He usually spends his friday nights starting riots in Burger King parking lots."

This explains the lack of the best games of this generation.

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hulk_bash19871446d ago

My List:

1.) Uncharted 2
2.) TLOU
3.) Mass Effect 2
4.) Bioshock/Bioshock: Infinite
5.) GTA V

gillri1446d ago

Good list! 3 of those would be in my top 5, Mass effect 2 being my favourite and TLOU 2nd

XXXL1446d ago

1. Red Dead
2. Bioshock
4. Far Cry 3
5. Arkham City

MeatAbstract1446d ago

It's hard to sum up this generation in a top 5.

Theangrybogan1446d ago

Lost me at rockband. If I was to put one of those music based games on a list it would be rocksmith.

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