Killzone Shadow Fall's free multiplayer weekend begins today

As promised, the eagerly awaited Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer weekend will begin today for PlayStation Plus members.From now through December 31 any PS Plus member can download Killzone: Shadow Fall and play its multiplayer for absolutely free.
Although the weekend trial is only good for multiplayer, the single player content will also be automatically downloaded.

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Majin-vegeta1425d ago

It began last night.Been playing it.It's a blast.

Sammy7771425d ago

easily the best MP title next gen

SpringHeeledJack1425d ago

Yes, just yes. The multiplayer is just too addictive. Give it a couple of days to get use to the maps and a load out you like. Be warned this is very team oriented gameplay, you aint getting anything done on you're own in a 24player map and definitely need to swap and change between all the classes and abilities.

IronChefWong1425d ago

It takes some time to get a feel for the classes and see what combinations work best. Very glad I skipped BF4 and Ghosts for this.

Detoxx1425d ago

Battlefield 4 multiplayer blows both Killzone and Call Of Duty away.

NegativeCreep4271425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

I know it's just your personal opinion Detoxx which is why I won't reply in kind to you "No, just no", but if you really felt that way, why the hell do you care so much to use your personal time to spy around KZ articles?

I appreciate all three franchises for different reasons, yet if I'm currently focusing on playing Killzone right now, I don't feel the need to go around in Battlefield and COD forums telling people that the shooter I'm playing right now is the better shooter experience.

TrueJerseyDevil1425d ago

@ IronChefWong

Battlefield 4 is a great game now that most of the problems have been fixed. Killzone is great also

SpringHeeledJack1425d ago


What a stupid comment. So you are comparing a modern day open battlefield semi simulation shooter to a sc-fi arcade shooter lol what next forza.

koolaid2511424d ago

Bf4 is realistic shooter Kz4 is sci fi halo type of game. I like both but they're 2 entirely different games.

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malokevi1425d ago

It's a lot of fun. Doesn't quite hold up to Battlefield, but it's definitely more fun then ghosts.

brew1425d ago

I partied up with some noobs and they didn't seem to like it. They went back to Battlefield 4 , lol.

Majin-vegeta1425d ago

Hmm i sense lack of Aim assist is there reasoning xD.

brew1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

They complained how "slow" it was , and various other things like crappy frames per second , lag , and that it is unbalanced. They probably didn't even realize it has no aim assist.

LOGICWINS1425d ago

I've seen COD/BF players get smoked in Killzone and I've seen Killzone players get smoked in COD/BF. It works both ways...despite what you and others pretend to believe.

Detoxx1425d ago

Everytime you guys use the "lack of aim assist" argument I can't do anything but laugh.

When you play 64 player Conquest Large on Battlefield 4 most of your targets will be at medium range, aim assist only works for targets at close range.

SilentSolid1424d ago

@ Detoxx. I was dissapointed bout how much aim assist there was in bf4. It's not just in close range. the aim assist kicks in on medium range and even pretty long range targets. not across the map obviously. but it is very noob friendly.

koolaid2511424d ago

It is extremely slow though.

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TIER1xWOLFPACKx1425d ago

im replying to your comment below, i dont know how they find it unbalanced both teams have access to the exact same guns etc as its all already unlocked, what it is like you said there is no aim assist. and i find the gameplay far from slow especially on the smaller maps especially park that map turns into a complete klusterfuk lol

Detoxx1425d ago

Becoming good at 64 player Conquest Large on Battlefield 4 takes more skill then Killzone.

And yes, I´ve played Killzone multiplayers since Killzone 2.

IronChefWong1425d ago

Great news, I'll be sure to take advantage tonight. Pick off these noobs and make sure to teabag the shit out of them.

LOGICWINS1425d ago

What exactly do people get out of putting their virtual junk on another player's face?

Never had the urge to do it and I don't understand it either. I guess everyone has their fetishes/sexual preferences.

Detoxx1425d ago

It's about the idea bro, the idea.

LOGICWINS1425d ago

Yes, as I said, everyone has their sexual preferences. I don't judge.

sdozzo1425d ago

That didn't sound gay.

LOGICWINS1425d ago

PSN: deadreckoning666

Add me peeps!

LOGICWINS1425d ago

No need, just got enough peeps to form a clan. See you in the battlefield :)

Heisenburger1424d ago

Points for being gracious. I'm impressed.

djplonker1425d ago

I was going to dl and play this but they make you download the singleplayer aswell 40gb downloading at 1mbps.... nah I will just play bf4 on ps4 and day z on pc instead thanks!

LOGICWINS1425d ago

To each their own, enjoy BF.

djplonker1424d ago

Thanks and you enjoy kz I am more complaining I had to download everything (inc sp) to play so I would have had slow internet for 20+ hours (cant game online) just to play killzone mp for a bit!

I can wait until the end of next year for it to appear on ps plus :D

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