Phil Harrison on Xbox One's upcoming Exclusives

OXM UK - From the earliest moments of its conception, Xbox has been an American console. It was invented in America, designed in America, and continues to enjoy its greatest successes in America. Its signature game, Halo, is about as Yankee-doodle as they come. But it's always had a strong UK showing thanks to Rare and Lionhead - internal studios that have flourished even while others like Ensemble, FASA and Aces were closed. Now, with ex-Sony man Phil Harrison in charge and a new console to support, more have joined the strength, and they've been charged with changing the way we play games.

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GamerXD1449d ago

Give me more 1st party games then I'll buy X1.

JasonKCK1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Why does it even matter? Are first party exclusives somehow magically better? An exclusive is an exclusive, doesn't matter who makes it or how.

malokevi1449d ago

In other words: Titanfall isnt good enough.

Lol. Fanboys.

Abash1449d ago

Exclusives are starting to lose all meaning to me because they are talked up by company men so much.

Look, Im not going to be excited or sold on a game just because it's "exclusive", if it's a good game and ends up delivering then I'll get it.

thekhurg1449d ago

If Electronic Arts is involved there are immediate red flags of quality issues.

Bigpappy1449d ago

@Abash: That was a PS3 fanboy argument last gen, because they had a few more exclusives. The fact is no one buys a game simply because it is exclusive. Only good exclusive sell. Some of the good ones don't even sell either actually.

Why o why1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Exclusives are HOT again.... who would of guessed they would be so revered after the past few years on n4g hearing the exact opposite. Irony aside, this is good news. It was always about exclusives and reasons to own a particular console over the other especially when many are only going to own 1 console for a large part of the gen. With ms currently technically behind on the multiplat battle they actually need to excel on the exclusives front to garner gamers they may not of attracted without them.

Ms are also sitting on a few dormant ips from crimson skies, panza to cameo and the likes. Ms cannot afford for all of those to sleep for a whole gen again.

Bigpappy.....a few more....lmao. lets all forget that many of the exclusives were game of the year contenders and winners. Pound for pound they were better if you compare them to the amount of multiplats. Fact is having the choice of great multies and great exclusives is better than less of either. Their sales shouldn't be the deciding factor on tneir importance or impact on the industry.

Godmars2901449d ago

"An exclusive is an exclusive, *doesn't matter who makes it or how*."

Then its not an exclusive. Chances are that it wont benefit by exploiting the hardware its on and as ME and Bioshock, there's no actual guarantee that it will remain an exclusive.

Also, exclusive what? SP or MP?

JokesOnYou1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Nah, I like to have exclusives on my console but generally I just like ANY great game that's on my platform of choice. 1st party or not or "forever exclusive" or not really is just about fanboys waving their flags because as long as a game is exclusive to one console for a year or more then its basicly served its purpose. Seriously think about it, what is "exclusive" designed to do= from the platform manufacturer perspective its purpose is #1 Generate a profit from high sales, #2 Sell more consoles to gamers who are excited about the game itself so the decide to buy a console #3 Add excitement about the console overall= If its a great exclusive that all happens whether its 1st or 3rd party, whether its timed or "forever exclusive" and MOST IMPORTANT from the customer/gamer perspective= me/you we benefit by playing the game regardless of what happens years later.

I mean ps3 getting Bioshock so late is inconsequential because anyone at the time who's sold on Bioshock would get a 360, those who end up playing it on ps3 so late lets be honest are those who likely already owned a ps3 and don't want a 360, I mean almost nothing really is going to sway someone who hates/not interested/budget strapped into buyng a 360, it would be no different than MGS4 releasing years later on 360, unlikely any 360 fan who doesn't own a ps3 is holding out for it to come to 360, and IF they are I mean how much are they paying for it retail???, or worst used??? lol gamers realize that shipped has sailed and for any once exclusive arriving years later on another platform is just a minute plus but not really something you buy a console waiting for. I mean day and date exclusives and console features sell consoles, and make the lions share of profits, the old Gears of War games on a ps3 now would be great for ps3 only owners/late adopters who never owned either console and there would be a lot of fanboy talk but we all know that's not where the money is at, lol like my cousin buying his first console which is a refurb 360 for $60 and a few used games like Crackdown for $2 each fact is after the first couple years a timed exclusive has already benefited either platform as much as any "forever exclusive" could.

TheGreatAndPowerful1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Oh so now exclusives don't really matter? lol I guarantee you that if MS had an ample list of exclusives similar to Sony's, he'd be singing a totally different tune right now.

AngelicIceDiamond1449d ago

"What I'm passionate about is creating those brand new game experiences. The Holy Grail, the perfect alignment, is when you get a brand new IP, on a new platform, that causes people to rush out and go and buy your console. And that's the kind of the trinity that you want to aim for. And we will achieve that goal as often as we can - creating those brand new game experiences."

Phil Harrison-

That's all I wanted to hear. In fact at this point it seems like hes stressing or constantly reminding us that there will be new Ip's not just the ones we know this year but beyond, way beyond.

All last summer long in his interviews hes talked about new Ip's. I'm really excited to see what they bring in the upcoming years. But Phil and the Xbox team need to stick to there word.

Why o why1449d ago


Timed exclusives definitely serve their purpose but real exclusives serve a legacy. If gears goes multi it will have the same affect dmc and all the other ex- exclusives that went multi the following gen did. Titanfall will leave its mark whether its timed or not but it leaves less and benefits ms less IF in a years time its multi and somebody who is undecided at that point in time see's it on another platform.. Its past exclusivity means nothing to those next year.


Its good news ms are investing more heavily in new ip's. The rehash of the magnificent 4 was papering over the cracks. I'm glad a 360 supporter can say that. Problem with new ip's was that they are riskier than tried and tested ones. Not all of ms's attempts will be successful but I'm glad they will at least try. Just imagine if ms and Sony spat out a comparable amount of games and new ips...madness wallet rape if you've got both and more reason to get both if you haven't.

As of now, ms has more to prove in this regards especially if you look at their output over the past 3 years. Let's see what they can do.

lolCHILLbro1449d ago


you are not allowed to like Xbox around here anymore so just leave

thank you

scott1821449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )


lol chill, bro.

^ haha, great minds think alike.

Godmars2901449d ago

Nothing wrong with liking the Xbox, just an issue of trying to defend it with inaccurate or made up facts. Accusing Sony or even Nintendo of doing something MS has done when they haven't.

I mean we've have the argument about XBL being better than PSN then PS+ with the Xbox fan camp repeatedly being unable to tell the difference between PSN and PS+. With many further unwilling to admit when PS+ improved in terms of value over time. They just crowed when Games for Gold was announced, continuing to defend as they five year titles many had already bought - and sold.

Skip_Bayless1449d ago

No he's right. If you own a X1 only then you're either just uninformed or your a core Xbox fan.

JokesOnYou1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

@GreatandPowerful, I know my post was long but nothing about it says exclusives don't matter, actually they matter very much, where they come from and how long their exclusive not so much.

@Why o Why legacy is made and broken every gen, ps2 dominated the gen prior to ps3/360 yet the ps3 fought tooth n nail with a the xbox predecessor, hell ask anybody back then and the only question seemed to be how could micro compete, the original xbox had a short life cycle, the expectation for the 360 was the same, 360 was already experiencing RROD before ps3 launched, 3rd party support was supposedly going to be a major factor in favor of sony and of course their experience in gaming/studio's along with the "sony brand" was suppose to seal the deal, it didn't and nobody can say with a straight face right now that prior to ps3 release they thought it was going to end in basicly a virtual tie in market share....why because legacy is history and if gamers wanted to play history they'd buy a ps2, some once great studio's fell off, some once underated/not well known studio's have become very successful= things CHANGE. No doubt sonys reputation means alot but it's always about what you do now and in the future so, so many company's have found this out the hard way, especially in the gaming industry where beyond that 10% hardcore fanbase lies gamers who are very fickle= No brand loyalty, deliver the goods and they go all in until there's something better. XBL imo was a major factor in 360 favor and it used to the dominant choice for online, although I still think it's a bit better and more reliable sony has closed the gap, but also now charges= again things CHANGE, and micro is going to have to be aggressive to keep that status.

Also just as micro is rightfully criticized for lacking exclusive IP'S in Id say the last 2 years, why o Why was it OK for sony to take so long to deliver them when 360 started with great exclusives? I say it's a myth that ps3 had the best games year after year, I think UC2 a few others were amazing games mid gen and ps3 finished very strong with the TLOU, still given the overall my 360 served me well and now that Kinect only full motion controlled gaming focus has passed hopefully micro will keep listening and continue on their current path back to original xbox years of great new games and the early years of the 360 focus which focused on core gaming, so far that's what they are saying and doing, but I take nothing for granted, except that one day things will CHANGE.

Why o why1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Its not ok for gaps jokes, no... I wanted more quality launch exclusives...its not blasphemous for a ps fan to be critical and want more than whats being provided.

The slowdown this, sorry, last gen was when natal became real. The focus shifted to casual games with the promise of core kinect games pkus the same commitment to true core games. That never happened and the naysayers who predicted the shift were ultimately proven right...I mean even you've admitted 2 years... it was longer to those who owned a 360 as a secondary console as there would be no need to purchase multies on it to fill tge gaps so it was very apparent.

Now you're saying sony had a comparable gap in releasing games. What you saying, for 2 years there was nothing.. no heavenly sword, resistance, warhawk, wipeout.... Not only are you saying that but your kinda using the start of a gen drought as some kind of barometer against the end of a gen drought when all devs are very familiar with the hardwares. Cmon now. Ms dropped its support and over relied on 3rd party titles when both sony and nintendo were still releasing, not only new games but new ips in sonys case. What excuse did ms have from a gamers point of view...please let me know.

Credit where its due, the 360's headstart meant devs peaked a year quicker and the game that showed me, on any platform, next gen had truly arrived was the first gears of war..... heres the thing though. Ms rested on their laurels and spent more time and money making old games timed or multi than in creating. Sony was clear from the offset that 3rd party exclusives would be hard to hold so they created more 'legacy makers'. Ms may just of worked out that, that may be the best model to compete... create true exclusives that stay with the brand because all ive witnessed since ms announced any exclusive is the lauding of them and the yearning for the established exclusives to return.

Sony also had the most exclusive goty's...its by design not accident that they managed this.

P0werVR1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Last gen was obvious. Microsoft had the lead for more than half of last gen's existence, while Sony were struggling just to catch up. Right at it's end is when we noticed the PS3's significant sells a bit over Xbox 360's when it was all too late. Microsoft didn't have the incentive to produce exclusive titles when they already achieved console dominance.

The drive of what made PS3's comeback were due to consistently great exclusives and blu ray. But Sony HAD to deliver on great console exclusives because it lacked in game sells for consoles. Nearly everyone in the US had Xbox 360's and why multiplatform games thrived on Xbox 360.

This time around is a whole different and unique situation in the gaming industry. We have two giants in the gaming industry releasing their console at the same time and going head to head. Microsoft will be forced to pump out great exclusive titles and have stated time and again that they are investing more into their first party studios.

We can argue Sony domination in first party development, but IMO I believe Microsoft will do a better job than Sony. They have the resources to lead the gaming industry down a better path for gaming and entertainment overall and it's early titles prove that.

What's surprising about Microsoft with their usual PR gimmicks is that it doesn't last as long. Just as any corporation PR gimmick. But Microsoft are really touting for Cloud Computing as being the defining factor for next gen and it seems they aren't joking. Time will tell.

NeoTribe1449d ago

All games naughty dog are magically better than most third party so yes it does matter.


Since when is Titanfall a exclusive? Cut the "MS exclusive" crap, you don't need to buy a Xbox One to enjoy this game. Sure, it's good for XB1 library as a whole, but as an exclusive, a selling point? There are way more people out there with Xbox 360 and gaming PCs than Xbox One (which is obvious, XB1 just released).

Prime1571449d ago

No they aren't better, but multiplat play better elsewhere, especially pc.

JokesOnYou1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

@Why o Why
"What you saying, for 2 years there was nothing.. no heavenly sword, resistance, warhawk, wipeout.... Not only are you saying that but your kinda using the start of a gen drought as some kind of barometer against the end of a gen"

No I'm not saying there was nothing just like in 360's drought there were some games since 2011 there was Gears3, Forza4, Witcher2, Forza Horizon, with the main highlight of course being Halo4, good-great games and not counting low budget games nobody cared about like Dark, or some great XBL titles, but the point is there should have been more core games and new IP's besides Kinect only games, which brings us back to why 3rd party games are so important, especially since there are plenty of them with games that are on par or better than a lot of exclusives.....also of course its a fair point to compare a beginning drought to an drought in the end, unless you are buying a console late in its life cycle it matters because a lack of games is a lack of game no matter when it happens and if you are the type that doesn't mind waiting for years before you purchase either console then exclusive game droughts are a non-topic anyway since there will be a back log of exclusives and multiplats to catch up on when you buy years later. -Which is why it always amazes me why some think 1 company deserves a pass, NO -I don't see either micro or sony to be above criticism, nor do I think either of them are evil, I just think they are human and have made mistakes when it comes to HOW they've handled their game lineup over the entire lifecycle of both platforms.

For the most part I agree with everything else you said.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1449d ago


Why exclusives?

Because exclusive games = games...
Games are those things gamers like, you know? @[email protected] Exclusives define a console. For gamers on a budget who can only afford 1 console, the one with the most appealing exclusives can sway an opinions.

Or correct me if i'm wrong, what should define a console? Apps? Which console has the most multi-plats? c'mon man...

ALLWRONG1449d ago

It's not MS's fault Sony is so broke they can't afford to pay 3rd party to make exclusive games and content.

abstractel1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Exlusive games do matter because more often than not, putting all your effort into one single hardware specification allows you to maximize its potential; graphically, physics, AI, controls. Just like if a game was made exclusively for a PC with a 780GTX 3GB video ram, 8-16GB Ram, i7-3930k processor, it would open up doors for designers that aren't possible on any other platform. Problem is you can't design a game exclusively for a high end PC because you loose sales so it won't happen.

That's why when Sony/MS exclusive do happen, they will be better for gamers most of the time.

Sony is also known for being very developer friendly, and have arguably been as innovative if not more innovative than Nintendo (they are stuck in their kids phase games that are great but they don't branch out enough) by allowing developers to come up with Last of Us, Journey, Puppeteer, Little Big Planet and so on.

I want exclusive games because yes, they do allow good developers to design games that take full advantage of the given platform. 90% of gamers don't seem to realize that more power isn't just better graphics.

Oh_Yeah1449d ago

Because if it's not 1st party then it's most likely to go to other systems...I have a PC, what's the point in buying an Xbox if all their exclusives end up there eventually? Just to waste 500 bucks? No thanks, give me some games I can't get anywhere else.

Oh_Yeah1449d ago

Because if it's not 1st party then it's most likely to go to other systems...I have a PC, what's the point in buying an Xbox if all their exclusives end up there eventually? Just to waste 500 bucks to play the inferior version? No thanks, give me some games I can't get anywhere else.

Rimeskeem1449d ago

Well if let's say a company known for making amazing games and makes an exclusive game then yes that really matters because people are gonna want it because of the dev.

Kryptix1449d ago


"t's not MS's fault Sony is so broke they can't afford to pay 3rd party to make exclusive games and content."

I thought it takes more money to own first party studios over the years and to manage them.

ALLWRONG...for every comment you post, you always stay true to your name. :)

Why o why1448d ago

My good friend...Do you remember the cry against the ps3.... it went something like this......"No Games" and a faction sung it loud, vps even got involved but that makes zero sense from what you're saying because there was always the same 3rd party games to play at the beginning and the end so people could only ever be refering to exclusives. As you may or may not know, I jumped onto the 360 mid gen so I was waaaay more than happy with the backlog offerings... I hit the games I'd envied and admired and played the gems that weren't publicised as well as the magnificent 4 like the jrpgs and oneaways. All I was looking for was more output and variety come 2010 and beyond.

If I'm not a halo, gears, forza or fable or just tired of said titles, what was left to warrant my 360 plus live.... same thing happened with me for the last god of war...franchise burnout so I yearned for something different, something new. I just need more choice. Its like I like carbs, protein, veg, condiments...... just a greedy fcuk who believes variety truly is the spice of life. Just so you know I enjoyed the gears, kinda prefered the second one over the rest and even got into the halo...I got it earlier than most here on n4g and I didn't get banned so yeah I enjoyed it but I couldn't get into fable or forza so my pool was less than those who enjoy all.

Merry xmas anyhow

Really good article

JokesOnYou1448d ago

@Why o Why, yes I remember exactly what you're talking about, I think it goes along with what my point is also....aah but I'll just leave further discussion for another day.

That is by far one of the best Christmas stories I've seen this year. I am truly humbled by the generosity and kindness shown in that story.

Happy Holidays my friend.

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ic3fir31449d ago

2014 games for xbox one:
Fable Legends
Sunset Overdrive
Quantum break
Plants vs Zombies Warfare Garden
black tusk game(new studio create new AAA game)
Possible Forza horizon 2 and crackdown 3
i Say the confirmed games and good games

is not enough?

You prefer ps4 2014 games?? only Rime, infamous, driveclub, the order
uncharted release in 2015
GG, good luck =)

i8urCAKE1449d ago

Naughty Dog beats all those xbox games lmao

GusHasGas1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

The only games on that list that might be worth a try are Halo 5, Titanfall, and Quantum Break, although you don't even need an Xbox to play Titanfall.

By the way, you forgot to add Deep Down, Transistor, Hotline Miami 2, and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture to the PS4 list. Also, The Last of Us 2, which we all know will happen eventually.

OpieWinston1449d ago

Ignorant fanboy alert?

Does Naughty Dog beat those games innovation? Hell no.
Does Naughty Dog beat all those devs in talent, they may have recently got one of the best creative engine devs in the business but we'll have to see how 2014 goes.
Does Naughty Dog have anything new coming? No...Uncharted 4, overrated series...NEXT!

guyman1449d ago

True, xbox has a lot of new exclusives coming next year and you clearly prefer xbox, so good for you. However, a few of those titles you mentioned are only timed and will find its way to the ps4 like Pvz, below and titanfall. Ps4 has a lot coming its way as well and major developers like Guerilla games, Santa Monica and naughty dog are working on unannounced games...

GusHasGas1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )


Something's seriously wrong with you if you think that Halo is more innovative than The Last of Us.

Spurg1449d ago

Do you even know TLOU innovations...Halo is defo more innovative than TLOU.
Halo revolutionised FPS genre.
TLOU doesn't do much revolutionary.
Games are getting more open...Naughty Dog is gonna have a hard time putting those scripted events in open games.
Halo is bigger than ever...proof??...ever since Halo 4 came out last year, there have been 1 novel, 2 comic books and one game(Spartan assault).

'The only games on that list that might be worth a try are Halo 5, Titanfall, and Quantum Break, although you don't even need an Xbox to play Titanfall.'

Don't tell people about what is worth playing...If you followed news for Quantum Break you would have been hype way before the VGX trailer...same thing with Sunset overdrive, Black tusk game, D4 and Fable legends.

You follow ps4 games don't start suggesting what X1 games are worth playing.

pyramidshead1449d ago

I would definitely wait for a solid launch dates or even launch window month before you 'list wars' games that are '2014' but you've heard literally nothing of since their short reveals. ;)

Especially Halo 5 and Quantum Break. Lol just a CGI teaser and 3 seconds of gameplay from QB, nothing more lol.

Dmagic1449d ago

you have no ideal whats coming out next year and quality over quantity half of the games you mentioned look bad and some dont even exist lol GG,Good Luck.

TrueJerseyDevil1449d ago


Sony has over 200 studios while microsoft has like 30(maybe not even) enough said

NoLongerHereCBA1449d ago

Exactly guyman. Good games are coming out on both systems :) Just enjoy the games you want and choose the console that best fits with your needs (or both if you have the money).

AceBlazer131449d ago

Dude are half those xbox games even confirmed for 2014? We have actually seen gameplay for most ps4 titles in 2014.

hellzsupernova1449d ago

You should read this before posting about how much content is coming to your preferred console. I hate to break it to you but the xbone has no games.

fattyuk1449d ago

Smile and agree to Xbox fanboys.

I smile. I Agree and walk off in the distance.

Why do you ask? Because the Xbox one isn't a games console, it's an all in one box with games thrown in (or perhaps I watched a different launch event/e3 event and everything else since its reveal)

Also I like the fact Xbox fans pretty much know what is coming next year on that console

Whilst as a Sony fan I've got 3 consoles to look forward to seeing what happens at E3!!

OverPaperSkies1449d ago

Naughty dog is another over rated Dev.

If they went multiplatform we'd see something worthy of their time.

PSNrandom151449d ago

Halo 4 was completely sh*t compared to halo 3 and reach, halo 5 will move consoles and sell great though. When was fable ever good? Sunset overdrive i really don't know much about it. Quantum break looks great and promising yet the same thing was said about alan wake, alan wake was great but nothing special. Titanfall, I am jelly. Plants vs zombies, I dont really see myself buying this one. I wasn't aware of D4 and below tbh. What has black tusk created? Forza 5 just came out. Crackdown fun game, ala DR3 but nohting special. Yes you can say the X1 has more games. More does not equal better. If I had an X1 I would be getting halo, titanfall, quantum break.

guyman1449d ago


Your comment has a strong stench of jealousy... It really stinks you lame ass fan boy. Learn to give credit where it is due, naughty dog produced some of the best games in the last gen, whether you like it or not.

xboner1449d ago Show
DigitalRaptor1449d ago

Give me some definitive proof that the majority of that list is confirmed and definitely coming to consoles in 2014 and you might have a point.

You might have a little bit of trouble with that.

MysticStrummer1449d ago

You actually believe those are the only PS4 games for 2014?


Wow... N4G...

KingDadXVI1449d ago

@ic3fir3 Well said. I got my Xbox One and it works great. Really impressed with how good the Kinect works and the voice recognition is nearly flawless once I got the commands down. But in reality the games are the main show.

I had a choice this gen on which console to get. I always eventually have all consoles and already have the WiiU. So I had to pick which of the two new consoles to get first.

Now I just had to decide on which console was going to provide me with the games that I wanted to play and in this area it is no contest. Your list says it all @ic3fir3.

I guess the PS4 is more of the same hype that the PS3 I bought was. Last time Sony screamed better hardware and better games. What they really meant was better hardware that plays like shit and better games that you need to wait for 4 years to get.

This time they are screaming we are all about the games. What f#@king games? Infamous and The Order are great looking games but a really poor showing for a console and company that is supposed to be all about games and have the best in first party exclusives.

At least their slogan, "Greatness Awaits" is semi accurate. I don't know about greatness but we sure as hell are waiting, again.

Sony's PR guys must take lessons from Apple. They seem to be able to sell the same BS and hype over and over again. Not fooling me Sony. I am not getting a PS4 until you actually bring the games not the hype.

Prime1571449d ago

I don't think anyone read this article before commenting.

As always, both sides might get delayed, but the misinformation from some of you is ridiculous.

Thanks to hellzsupernova

Rimeskeem1449d ago

Titanfall is for PC and is being produced by EA so people shouldn't be keeping their hopes to high.

I would rather play infamous and uncharted honestly because they are going to be true next gen and last a long time.

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JackISbacK1449d ago

hey read some articles MS have announced more aaa exclusives than sony, did you know the differnce its
titanfall,quantum break,fables legends ,sunset overdrive and halo 5 vs order 1886 and infamous ss and yeah i know sony is having more annoucements but there are more multiple ips unannnouced buy MS from 24 studios(MS) vs 14 studios(SONY).sony stuidos are proved but MS studios are new but are having great talented teams working on games.
there will be games on both side and i cant't ignore any one of them.

fattyuk1449d ago


Sony E3 : New IPs on 2-3 consoles
Microsoft E3 : TV Call of duty TV Sports Halo Shoe horned Kinect gimmicky games : TV : American football

DigitalRaptor1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

The new Xbox fanboy tact is listing games they THINK are coming out in 2014, and neglecting to list the fact that PS4 not only has far more games than they bother acknowledging, but fail to share the fact that PS4 has more games in development and more unannounced games PERIOD.

Hey Jack... you missed DriveClub, Uncharted "4", Deep Down, Planetside 2, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Rime, Lily Bergamo, Shadow of the Beast, Yakuza Ishin, MLB 14: The Show... and the rest:

That's okay though, I'll pin it on ignorance.

And as pyramidshead mentioned, several of Sony's studios (Japan Studio, Guerrilla, Santa Monica, Naughty Dog, Media Molecule) have multiple teams creating multiple projects - a tactic Microsoft doesn't seem to be sharing just yet. They also have a lot more second party ties with studios making games exclusively for PlayStation, and a good, keen eye for fostering independent talent. So let's not pretend that having "more studios" means they are creating more games. Sony has more experience in this field and more proven talent.

Hercules1891449d ago

Most of the games that are listed for the PS4 are games the average hardcore game hasnt even heard of or arent even interesting. I've got to hand it to Sony, somehow doubling what Microsoft has yet Microsoft seems to be the one dominating the games. I'll take what Microsoft has over what Sony has anyday, even tho thats not a factor because I'm getting both systems.

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hazardman1449d ago

Come on now... Xbox One has plenty of 1st party exclusives coming.

Joey_Leone1449d ago

Give more first party/micro transaction games, i still won't buy that brick.

Gamer6661449d ago

MS is simply applying a different business model then Sony...

Was Gears of War any less exclusive on 360 then Resistance? Both were shooters... Both were AAA titles... Arguably Gears did much better though. And got better ratings.

Chrisgamerguy1448d ago

X1 has more first party games out right now than the ps4...

xtremeimport1448d ago

It will be hard for me to hold out on an X1 once Halo releases. That series has grabbed on to me and it'll be hard for me to sit back and let it continue without playing.

Next to Mario, its probably the best system seller ever.

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phantomexe1449d ago

all parts made in china........ right an american consule

djplonker1449d ago

@malokevi Clearly the best titanfall experience will be on pc so I dont count it!

JackISbacK1449d ago

heay waht about quantum break,halo 5 ,fables and multiple unannounced ips from 24 studios you cant have them all on pc and i'know you people are not such fanboys that all will ignore games for their brand loyalties ,hey bud play games not brands there will be amazing games on both if you like ps4 more for now go for it there are multiple years ahead you can get xb1 when you want and i know more of you will get very soon for upcoming amazing games .