Battlefield 4 Is A Threat To China - More Games Will Be Banned In The Future

HardwarePal : China after 13 years finally had their console ban lifted, their was a blast in sales of both video games and game consoles. Its very odd that consoles are mass produced there but were banned due to some cultural and parental reasons.

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moujahed1608d ago

China will ban western air current if they could.

GROTSTOMPA1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

They may be popular in banning things, but this game is directly saying China is the enemy of the entire World, it's pretty fucked up, it's all pretty insane and I was just waiting for this to happen. China is not our enemy in reality at all as mainstream media portrays, neither are they that bad as a whole and their ways are quite exaggerated. There are millions of people just like us that live over there trying to make good changes just like we are here.

When I say people like we, and they, I mean the people, not the Government.. including ours as in U.S people, not the Government because they are not doing a single damn thing right for us other than profiting from control and war. Not a discussion, just how it is period, unfortunately. However things are changing for the good :)

XboxPS1608d ago

So what?
Most of the Call of Duty games are saying that Russia is a big enemy.
But Russia didn't ban it.

GROTSTOMPA1608d ago Show
TrueJerseyDevil1608d ago

Well of course they make it seem like they are an enemy of the world. Call of Duty does the same thing, hell all army type shooters do it. It is just to make the story seem interesting which it usually isn't anyway, it isn't like people around the world think that China is bad because a "video game" makes it seem that way

Crimsonwilson1608d ago

China wasnt really the enemy. It was that General. As soon as they realized that the President was alive the stopped fighting.

hazardman1608d ago

Agreed!! Im glad you let that out!

Sarcasm1608d ago

Did you actually play the game? Because China wasn't portrayed as the enemy of the entire world.

God I hate people who take things out of context like you do.

CaptCalvin1608d ago

China banned it because it portrayed the authority of the government as unstable, which China really doesn't like.

Wenis1608d ago

Actually, more games won't be banned. Now that China is opening up to video games, companies will want to take advantage of that market. So they will go out of their way to develop a game that China "approves" of.

This same kind of shit is happening with Hollywood movies. Movies shown in China cant be critical of China (among other things), and since China is such a huge market, the big Hollywood studios are essentially selling out to China to make sure their movies meet China's approval. I expect the big greedy game publishers to follow suit

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FRAKISTAN1608d ago

why are ppl so up in arms if china banned BF4? ppl in america could not even handle having a group named taliban in medal of honor. LOL

SilentNegotiator1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

A name being changed in a tell how that's anything like banning a game. They VOLUNTARILY changed the name because of some voiced concerns; a little more democratic than a game being banned.

And six days in Fallujah wasn't banned, it didn't get a publisher.

Anything to find the "hypocrisy" in America, even where it doesn't exist. A minority being unhappy about something isn't anywhere in the same league as no one in the entire country getting the chance to play it because their country banned it.

Rimeskeem1608d ago

I still love that series.

ChipChipperson1608d ago

How about you also lump in the people of Europe AND Canada as they couldn't handle that Taliban/Medal of Honor thing either. Former Defence Secretary Liam Fox mentioned it was an "un-British" game to plays as them and wanted to ban it, yet there were NO British forces present in it; they were all US forces. And why does SilentNegotiator get all these disagrees when what he said was true? When it's a minority in the USA, all Americans are crying and are stupid. When it's any other country, oh no, that's only a few people and we're still right. Nice to see what the general attitude on this site is, "If they're American, I hate' em".

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Irishguy951608d ago

Would love if more games had me invading America.

TechNews1608d ago

You can always make one..

Irishguy951608d ago

Hey, i'll give it a shot in 2-5 years. I'm not that good of a programmer....yet

solidsheep1608d ago

While at it let's make the good guy eastern European.

HammadTheBeast1608d ago

There's a few like that, but they'll likely get you on the NSA's watch-list.

Rimeskeem1608d ago

Well I guess if they made it so HomeFront 2 you can be the invaders that would be cool but the game would be banned in like 15 min

MetaReapre1608d ago

Yea why can't there be any games of Canada invading some place?? Lol I wanna see my country doing something in these war games! Lol

TrueJerseyDevil1608d ago

Because Canada never does anything war wise lmao

OverPaperSkies1608d ago

America invaded Canada in the Fallout universe lol....

Mutant-Spud1608d ago

Well in the "other people's" history of WW2 as opposed to the American version the Canadians and British did most of the real fighting on D-Day in 1944.

TrueJerseyDevil1608d ago

Than we hear about the guy who made the game "insert name here" where you invade America gets kidnapped by the U.S Gov. for suggesting terrorism

hazardman1608d ago

I guess games is the closest any country would ever get to doing it! Lol....bring it!!

awi59511608d ago

Too bad it will never happen in real life since America is so well armed. You may take over the Northern states but when you hit the south your done for we have guns everywhere 10 guns to each person so good luck with that.

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MajorGecko1608d ago

chinesse will prob come up with a pirate version that works better then the real game

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