Worth The Risk? From PlayStation 3 To The Xbox One

One Hit Pixel: "Thank you Sony, the success of your PlayStation 3 has led me to the decision to buy (and keep) the Xbox One."

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GentlemenRUs1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Currently it is a bad risk to take.

Why not just wait for PS4's to come back into stock? Better then shooting yourself in the foot I guess.

Mister_Dawg1633d ago

Bad risk?

And PS4 is the way to go? I hope you haven't based your argument on the PS4 launch titles, which show nothing of the supposed 50% power advantage!

MestreRothN4G1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Yeah, because Forza's fake shadows and DR3's sub-30 fps doesn't say anything about the powah, right?

Omran1633d ago

the power of the cloud :)

JetsFool35001633d ago

You just answered your own argument its only launch we still have plenty of years to find out which console is truly more powerful

Prime1571633d ago

Some of us see the difference, obviously not you.

GrizzliS19871633d ago

how about the multiplats that all run 1080p on the ps4 and proven to be better looking? not even gonna mention a year and beyond from now, because it will be a slaughter.

MysticStrummer1633d ago

"I hope you haven't based your argument on the PS4 launch titles, which show nothing of the supposed 50% power advantage!"

He could easily base his argument on MS's past. Dropping XB1 (the first of it's name) support, starting strong with 360 then fading more and more into Kinectland toward the end, spending massive amounts of money on ads and timed exclusive content instead of more games, the attempted DRM policies so many people didn't like that it caused MS to drastically change their XB1 strategy (at least for now).

As for the power advantage, the differences in resolution on a multiplat like Call of Duty are a definite red flag. Last gen, 360 got the better of multiplats and much was made of small differences. So far this gen, the differences are bigger and they're in PS4's favor. PS4 is both more powerful and easier to develop for, so that trend will continue.

TomShoe1633d ago

It's pretty obvious which console you should get. The one which appeals to you more.

Launch titles are virtually meaningless when it comes to getting a console going forward. Look into 2014 and 2015 and decide which console has games that appeal to you more. Also keep in mind the advantages one has over the other. Do you have a diverse library of games and enjoy indie titles and JRPGs? Get a PS4. Are you a primarily FPS gamer and use your console for lots of media purposes? Get an X1.

If you can't decide for yourself, then just get what your friends get :P

thekhurg1633d ago

I see the difference.

Killzone looks better than anything on the Xbone.
BF4 runs at a higher resolution, and a more stable framerate.
CoD runs at a higher resolution.
AC4 runs at a higher resolution.
DR3 runs sub-30fps
Ryse runs below 30fps, often hitting below 20fps.

Launch titles alone are proving that the console, even in its very young age is already easier to take advantage of from a hardware standpoint. It's proving that Sony has built a far more powerful console for gaming.

On top of that, you have confirmed articles stating that even other functionality works better on the PS4. The browser is faster, game installations are faster, voice commands are more responsive, etc...

pyramidshead1633d ago

While that 50% is certainly subjective, the PS4 has already proved it is more capable at running game software games with the superior multiplatform games which seem to be dominating sales(on both consoles).

It's a no brainer. Exclusives and games in general will come down to personal taste. Only insecure fanboys like to list wars and say one console has no games. Especially when people seem to be buying the one with 'no games', right? Irony, ;).

lolCHILLbro1633d ago

Risk with Xbox One? its an amazing console and i have seen BF4 on ps4 and it doesnt look one bit different than on Xbox One, guys its a very capable gaming system

TheGreatAndPowerful1633d ago

Killzone, BF4, Infamous, Resogun, War Thunder... hell even COD:G(1080p/60fps+) shows off the raw power of the PS4, compare that to the weak sh*t that's the Xbone which maxes out at 720p.

mp12891633d ago

Article: Cloud=Cell Processor....?????

ZombieKiller1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

At least we can curse online.

Microsoft LITERALLY took away your freedom of speech, all while you pay for it and you defend that?!

If COD is 1080p on PS4 and 720p on xbox 720(p) and Activision and Microsoft have been in bed for the last 7 years, that has something to say in it's own. I think even Helen Keller can see that one.

Yourhead is "in the cloud" a bit too much.

Ju1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

"Launch line up"...that's why Xboxers bring up Titanfall in ever of those discussions, right?

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JackISbacK1633d ago

sorry you are very wrong ,it must be decided on games ,there is no doubt for now MS is having better games and their future anouncced games are more than waht sony has announced ,yeah at e3 sony will reveal more but MS will also do it they will also reveal more gams and there is no doubt sony is having 14 studios and MS is having 24 studios which all are working on new projects for xb1 ,but most of them are new but it is only just a step ,when games will come out i believe they will be great becasue of people working there and MS is recruiting more and more people evry day ,yes there is alsomost 10 more job places announced from MS studios ,they also needs more games and they are on their way as for sony they were always great and will be great but games and amazing games will be on both ,if people cant buy both at once ,i will recoomend them to buy at once and then other and now its all on them to waht they buy first ,i will recoment waht they like more ps4 or xb1 , by any one of them and then switch to other next year.i buied both buy pre order ,i cant miss halo 5 ,uncharted,quntum break, infamous ss,order 1886 ,titanfall,sunset overdrive,fables ,project spark and many more .thats why i buied both.

Prime1571633d ago

It's YOUR opinion that ms has better games.

It's MY opinion that Sony has better games.

eliasg1633d ago

and the XBOX ONE controller is years ahead of the DS3.

pyramidshead1633d ago

Ah, stealth trolling again ;).
"there is no doubt for now MS is having better games"

You tried your best, son!

FriedGoat1633d ago

@Elias, it might be ahead of the DS3, but a shame its years behind the DS4.

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bornsinner1633d ago

ps3 was trash, hard to develop on, crappy games & a really poor user interface.

this gen xbone is hard to develop on but it's not as bad as the cell.

Incipio1633d ago

PS3 had crappy games? What in the actual F is wrong with you?

pyramidshead1633d ago

Definitely not as bad, but the Cell was powerful, the XB1 architecture holds no held back power that the Cell kept locked up for devs to finally work out.

Rageanitus1633d ago

how is it a bad risk? I have a ps4, but I am all out of games to play with.

At the moment the xbox has a bit more going for it but less future potential.

MestreRothN4G1633d ago

PSN, please.

Are you already done with Resogun? Ac4? Trine 2? BF4? Warframe?

Have you even tried they?

Mister_Dawg1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

I'm bored of this idea that the xb1 has less potential. Everything about the xb1 shouts of variety. Variety in the way it can be used and interfaced with. Variety in the media it will be able to play. Variety in the games, much more than with the 360 where I agree fps and driving games were more prevalent.

MS is really going hard for games this generation by building up loads more studios dedicated to games.

Just because the PS4 is more powerful doesn't make its future brighter. Many of my pc gaming friends have way more powerful rigs than me, yet I can still play the same games they can. On the odd game, like metro or crysis3, I have to drop some AA but so what, the gameplay experience is still king and the game still looks totally amazing.
XB1 games will look fantastic and so what if they have to drop a little resolution to achieve a playable frame rate. So what!

MestreRothN4G1633d ago

Stopped reading at Crysis 3.

Rageanitus1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

@ Mestre
I play alot more games not just on PS4 ( I do not keep my gaming experience isolated to single platforms)
Resogun is an ok game that feels more for the VITA
AC4 and BF4 are MULTIPLATFORM and are better on PC IMO
Warframe blech!

Plus trine 2 has been out on PC and now is 4$ on steam.

MestreRothN4G1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

After plating Resogun, I can say that only Trine 2 stands on its quality level: Very very close to flawless.

I have played almost all new gen titles and am still having a blast with it. (Exceptions: Knack, CoD and NBA)

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christocolus1633d ago

Someone picks an xbx one over ps4 and your comment is that its a bad risk? But i guess to you choosing the ps4 over the xbx one isnt a bad risk too? Right? Cant people just be open minded and accept others choices?..if you want a ps4 go for it and if you want an xbx one pls go for it..its every gamers damn choice and everyone has their preferences ...damn.

d0nni31633d ago

Neither purchase is a risk at all, games will come for both systems with something significant that will make it stand apart from it's competition.

To say Xbone won't shine in it's way is mindless and quite frankly pathetic.

The PS4 will have it's quality and anyone saying other wise is deluded

I'm with you, we need to learn to respect each others choices but it's not going to happen. For some reason the internet decends into bitching and complaining where everyone seems to have to justify there life choices by trashing the opposing view.

I love my PS4, it's awesome. I don't own an Xbox one and my justification is my friends are playstation owners so to enjoy games with them i have to play on playstion and i'm happy with that. When the games come for the Xbox One i want i will buy one and get the same amount of enjoyment as i do from my playstation.

when it comes down to it, we are all pretty much getting the exact same experiance but we still insist on slinging mud, it's world we get when we don't have to be held accountable from what we say, this is an almost anonymous platform, if we were all stood face to face i'm sure a lot of people would change there tone and would be a lot more acceptable and the ones that weren't would be kicked to the corner to have there little war amoungst themselves.

joab7771633d ago

First off...stop with the launch title absurdity. As if Forza Microtransaction 5 or more zombies is a reason for me to buy a console. I did pre order an xbox one and if I hadn't got the last ps4 at walmart, I wouldn't hav cancelled it, and I would hav been happy. But, not b/c of xbone's launch games. Yes, I got a ps4 and I am buried in games right now...and I tried dcuo and its amazing on next gen. No, I would have been content with an xbone b/c I like the tech and I plan on buying one eventually. The prices r not bad compared to last gen and xbone does have some good exclusives launching in 2014. So, while its always a risk, especially if ur friends r on psn, u can b happy. And save up and when u can, grab a ps4. At least right now u can play all the multiplat games in glorious fashion (though ac4 on ps4 is stunning). And if u love zombies and ancient rome, u will have something to playwhile u wait for titanfall.

hazardman1633d ago

Alot of game seem to have microtransactions not only Forza. There is always a risk when buying any product.

xboner1633d ago ShowReplies(2)
hazardman1633d ago

How is it a bad risk? Explain and please come up with something more than its $100 more expensive and inferior hardware!!

NeoTribe1633d ago

Better to wait for ps4. Better hardware, software, games, price.

hazardman1633d ago

Im sorry Sony will never have better software than MS, one of the biggest and best software companies on earth!! Nice try tho!

nosferatuzodd1632d ago

Just looking at this I can tell this is a Xbox fanboy rant someone who never own a ps3 just
Naming games he never played are know nothing about to get some hits pathetic ..

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Death1633d ago

Read the article. The author returned a PS4 for the Xbox One.

LeCreuset1633d ago

Just goes to show what poor judgment he has—and that's not even talking console preference. Why would you return a PS4 when you can resell it for more and use the profits to buy extra stuff for your new system? It doesn't make much sense, much like the logical leaps he takes in the article.


Thats what I did, I sold my ps4 for one hell of a profit. Basically got my xb1 for $300. I will get another ps4 when there are more next gen games available.

fishy11633d ago

used ps4 sells for considerably less. Who wants a system already registered to someone else, and lose system warranty.

LeCreuset1633d ago


You won't lose the warranty. The system is still under warranty. I find it hard to believe you couldn't get at least $500 on a PS4 that has been used for less than a week. I mean, we have people buying photos of consoles off of ebay for that price.

DigitalRaptor1631d ago

LOL. Goddamn.

"But I will see you again in a couple of years, when hopefully the PS4 also heads into Uncharted waters."

He says he's waiting for the next Uncharted. Common sense and logic points to a November 2014 release for that. So that's not a couple of years. That's less than one. Why would anyone have such lack of foresight?

fullmetal2971633d ago

Certainly think so with both consoles. The sales are decent and Microsoft will not give up support, you will get to play all the latest games. Xbox Live is still a breeze to use so you be disappointed.

TrueJerseyDevil1633d ago

Not a bad choice at launch because the Xbox One's launch lineup is a little better, but in the Long run Q3/4 and 2014 will be a better sony exclusive year in my opinion

wolfsaviorzx1633d ago

Depends honestly both look pretty weak. Depends if Microsoft ups their game. First 3/4 years of 360 made the PS3 look like shit than they just give up while Sony was pumping titles all over the place.

MethCupcakes1633d ago

I thought I would never be able to see It before I died.. Someone actually to use "Than" incorrectly. Thank you sweet prince I can now rest easy.


I wish people would stop trying to drag the xb1 games in with the ps4 lacking exclusives. Just because the ps4 doesn't have any exclusives right now doesn't mean that both are weak.

If the ps4 had DR3, Ryse, Killer Instinct, and Killzone, as exclusives, would you guys be saying the same thing, or would you just say the xb1 has no games?

JetsFool35001633d ago

@melman nope because all those launch titles are garbage


I am willing to put money on the fact that you don't own all of those games. If you did, you wouldn't have made that comment. I have owned them, and I can tell you that they are not "shit" even killzone is a decent game, although the story is boring.

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Mister_Dawg1633d ago

Well that's your opinion indeed. One I don't agree with, but that's what should be good about this site. Differing opinions, not just school yard mud slinging.

TrueJerseyDevil1633d ago

Don't get me wrong i love and intend to play all the playstation exclusives because i got the ps4 first but Xbox has some good games as well

SLUG1633d ago

just wow i cant say it any better then this best console is xbox one its a win for me

LeCreuset1633d ago

I hope you can say it better than that, because his argument in a nutshell is, "Sony did a great job realizing the potential of their last console, so I'm going to trade in their new console and get an Xbox."

MethCupcakes1633d ago

Oh my god! Two in one article!! What a coincidence. You managed to use "then" incorrectly and the guy about you used "than" incorrectly. Thank you guys.

Heisenburger1633d ago

I'm the agree for your two comments thus far, as they gave me a giggle. However I must inform you that, in the context in which you used the word, God should be capitalized.

I never thought I'd live to see a troll on the internet that was pointing out people's mistakes, make a mistake. What sorcery is this?

I feel like I've just experienced true love for the first time, or was visited by an angel.

Thank you for this gift you've given me.

LeCreuset1633d ago

You should proofread your comment.

MysticStrummer1633d ago

@Heisenburger - You don't know which god is his, so "God" isn't necessarily correct.

; )

TruthInsider 1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

OMG! @MethCupcakes You have used "about" instead of "above"!

Calling people out on their spelling and you do the same thing! lol

MethCupcakes1632d ago

@Phil I pointed out errors in grammar.. Lmfao #CounterTrollFail next time don't be a hero.
@Hisen "god" That's Almost laughable. You don't know what I believe in or if I even believe at all.. GTFO. I'm all out of Bubs. LoL

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