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The three most liked and disliked things about the PS4 according to gamers

The Playstation 4 has been out for at leased a month in most parts of the world. At 8bitbot we’ve been reading what gamers are saying about their new consoles and we’ve distilled their likes and dislikes into three parts each. (PS4, Tag Invalid)

BitbyDeath  +   393d ago
Nailed it, only thing missing is a like for Live with Playstation
Infamous298  +   393d ago
i miss that app, it was handy.
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Pixel_Enemy  +   393d ago
I dislike sending invites to party chat. You have to select them one at a time instead of checking a box and selecting multiple people at one time. It is a small thing but it needs to be fixed.
RedDevils  +   392d ago
Those thing could easily be add on the new firmware updated like DLNA or Mp3 playback
KyRo  +   392d ago
There is a way you can kind of pause downloads but it's annoying.

If your turn off your router for 10 seconds say, the PS4 will stop downloading saying unable to download title. It then won't resume until you go to the downloads section in notifications and resume the download.
MarioAna  +   393d ago
Never had any gripes with the DS3, but the DS4 is much better. The battery life is a bit disappointing. Would love the full sleep mode pause/resume like the Vita has. I guess that's coming and it's the thing i look forward to the most. Remote play is much better than i thought it would be so kudos to Sony for that as well.
lifeisgamesok  +   393d ago
After playing Knack at a demo station the controller felt pretty light and even slippery other than that and lack of exclusives for the time being are the only negatives I see

I don't own the console though
Irishguy95  +   393d ago
I find the controller ok, but the the triggers are still pretty poor and squishy. Lack of games in general for the moment is just, you know...give it 3 months and that is solved.
Hicken  +   393d ago
Didn't you once say you owned a PS4?
lifeisgamesok  +   393d ago
Nope the only time I got close to buying one was during early preorder stage and DRM hadn't been 180'd yet
sdozzo  +   393d ago
Good read. So, what does standby mode do right now? I use it rather than full shutdown.
Mr_Writer85  +   393d ago
Carries on downloads

Looks for patches and downloads and installs when there is.

Uploads saves to the cloud.
MarioAna  +   393d ago
Also keeps the USB ports powered for controller charging.
Ju  +   393d ago
I am not sure what he's on with the standby mode. It works just fine. There won't be any faster "standby".

What's missing is "freeze" a game. If you go into standby it actually terminates the games. Sony mentioned you could come back from standby and continue where you left of - like the Vita. Not so on the PS4.

My PS4 downloads and installs just fine in standby. Not sure if I don't get it. Takes a couple of secs to boot...beaten by my Linux box (cold boot) - but that runs off a SSD. I get <10 secs each.
FamilyGuy  +   393d ago
The article confuses Standby mode for Sleep mode. The PS4 doesn't have Sleep mode yet and that's what would allow instant boot up. Standby mode does exactly what it's supposed to: It lets you charge your controller, download and upload in a low power state, automatically get and start downloading updates in that low power state and it allows you to turn on the system for remote play via PS Vita when you're away from home (internet) or in another room (wifi).

One of the likes this article is missing is streaming games and watching streams.

One dislike is not being able to upload a video directly to youtube.
RedDevils  +   392d ago
lol I always put my on standby over night to charge my ds4 and update/upload all what it need to be done before I need to used the PS4 again
KakashiHotake  +   393d ago
The gripes with PS4 are very minor and basic functions but the two big ones for me are like the author said, controller battery life and external media playback. With the controller they need to make some kind of function to turn the light bar off when it's not being used. It's only wasting power most of the time. With external media playback, this is a very simple yet crucial feature. I have a portable 2 TB HDD full of classic movies and there is no reason why I can't use it with my PS4 that is hooked up to my TV. I expect this will be updated sometime down the line.
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KontryBoy706  +   393d ago
the fact that I ALWAYS appear ONLINE and can't change my status to incognito or away pisses me off royally
Cobberwebb  +   393d ago
Pretty good article, but good god man, you didn't make it easy to read with that colour scheme.
Plus: The ability to turn off that damn light on the controller needs adding. I've covered mine with black PVC tape so I can't see it reflecting on the TV.
UnHoly_One  +   393d ago
Yeah that light on the controller is a big annoyance.

I sit slightly off center of my TV so I can't see it reflecting, but it does still light up my lap as thought I am trying to help somebody find their way to my crotch.

Come to think of it, maybe it's not so bad after all. lol
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Phene  +   393d ago
This might be small but I miss being able to turn off my controller say during Netflix, if u try now it pauses NFlx unlike the ps3 which kept playing.
Galletto3  +   393d ago
Thats a bummer (from someone who watches netflix everyday). Do you think its a prob with the ps4 or on the netflix app?
daboosa  +   393d ago
You can while you watch a DVD you sure your looking in the right place? Hold ps button, devices and it should be there!
Phene  +   392d ago
What Ju said.

The problem is if u want to turn ur controller off before the 10 minute auto-shutoff it pauses Netflix unlike before with the ps3 where Netflix kept playing in the background. It's minor, but I'm constantly trying to save battery power since this thing gets drained quick.
Apocalypso  +   393d ago
In power save settings you can set the controller to turn off after 10 mins without use. Not quite there but close.
Ju  +   393d ago
Yeah, but if you turn it back on, it drops back into the login screen - pausing Netflix. It's even more annoying if you are at the end of a movie/show, Netflix then skips the credits...(not that important, but still annoying).
AKS  +   393d ago
Other than having a bundled DS4 with an R1 button that sticks badly (on a lengthy hold on the phone as we speak trying to return this thing), my biggest gripe is that the audio options are currently a dog's breakfast compared to the PS3, which was fantastic in this regard. The "auto" settings default to the wrong setting (I tested it, and it defaulted to 7.1 when I had only 5 speakers and a sub plugged in), and there's no easy way to just pick what you want they way you could in the PS3. Hopefully this will be improved in future updates.

If only the audio settings of the PS4 worked as well as they did in Naughty Dog's PS3 games, which always defaulted to the correct setting for me but even then gave you every available option through the in-game settings.
Angrymorgan  +   393d ago
Where's the controller take-over feature too?
Hope it hasn't been forgotten about
CuddlyREDRUM  +   393d ago
At what point did you decide to pretend there was a survey done?
xDHAV0K24x  +   393d ago
Impossible. There are no flaws on the ps4. Never will have flaws. Xbox and wiiU are doomed....
Relientk77  +   393d ago
I agree the downloads need to be fixed
jacksjus  +   393d ago
How do you delete screen shots and game DVR files?
sckipt  +   393d ago

hopefully this will help
jacksjus  +   392d ago
jacksjus  +   393d ago
A hidden gem on the PS4 is "Live from PSN". There are a lot of morons that make for some good entertainment say around 11pm. Some of the live cast are pretty good.
iistuii  +   393d ago
Gotta be the pathetic headset or earphone whatever it's called...it's cr@p.
liquidhalos  +   392d ago
LOL i totally agree
sckipt  +   393d ago
If they just made the controller battery life last like 5 hours longer i would consider it to be the best controller ever made.

on a side note the Xbox one Controllers vibrating triggers are very nice too.
thaiboy  +   393d ago
Having two controllers helps with the battery issue, I'm really looking forward to the standby mode tweak where it freezes the game like the vita.
D-riders  +   393d ago
not worried about he missing os features they will come. buy two controllers for battery life problems ( my biggest complaint)also i have fast internest so not a problem there. my favorite feature is that you can switch from party chat to game chat and stay in the party that is awesome
ATi_Elite  +   392d ago
Sony needs to go take a peek at Steam!

Downloads should have a Pause feature and you should be able to pick the order in which you download your games and the ability to change that order like Steam does.
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robtion  +   392d ago
Not only Steam, you can do that on the ps3. Ps4 has taken a step back there, along with lack of mp3 and CD support, and no longer being able to share games between non primary profiles on the one system (again can do this on ps3).
STEWIE_PLAY_PS4  +   392d ago
Xbox one r dislike it
tommygunzII  +   392d ago
I'm seeing colors after reading that @.@

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