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Should Next-gen Games Be Sequels Or New IPs?

Nerdacy: If we simply take a look at the primary line-up of next gen games, we’re looking at mostly sequels: Killzone: Shadow Fall, Forza Motorsport 5, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, Need For Speed: Rivals, Dead Rising 3, etc. So I’ve been pondering over whether sequels or new IPs will dominate the next generation of gaming. (Next-Gen)

PeaSFor  +   554d ago
Both, now deal with it.
DeletedAcc  +   554d ago
GT67  +   554d ago

i prefer NEW ip's how long should we play CALL OF DUTY and its clones?????
pyramidshead  +   554d ago
Wouldn't mind some reboots either just to see what they could do on the new consoles.
s45gr32  +   552d ago
In my personal opinion I rather see a new ip or sequel over a reboot. That game was a masterpiece and an amazing experience ;however, that game may have appealed to the audience of that time. This leads to simplifying, making it easier, etc to make it appealing to today's audience.
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Snookies12  +   554d ago
Depends on the series. Some need to go, others need to stay.
iamnsuperman  +   554d ago
AC needs a break, COD needs a break, Bf is starting to look like it needs a break despite its second big push on consoles
HaMM4R  +   554d ago
It think its time for battlefield to take a break and give way to battlefront for a while until they ruin that, then bring back battlefield. New IP's are always great but its nice to see returning characters. Imagine never having another mario game, or zelda, or halo, or uncharted. We would be facing a very bleak future :)
Irishguy95  +   554d ago
They could be replaced with other things though.
Angerfist  +   554d ago
True, i think in EA and DICEs hands Battlefront may be lost too in the puddle of rushed out games, hopefully Disney does good Quality Control for their Star Wars Products.
s45gr32  +   552d ago
Actually a great future. I mean do you miss shinobi, comix zone, time crisis, dino crisis, warriors of might and magic, Alex the kid, etc . Those were the games that were supposed to be irreplaceable but got replaced. Basically the franchises of today will get replaced by new franchises. Like Jack and Daxter got replaced by Uncharted.........
QSPR  +   554d ago
+1 they need to take a break with BF series and bring back Bad company!!
Gabenbrah  +   554d ago
A mixture of both, I want to see new IPs from all the publishers, but it doesn't mean I don't want sequels from established franchises. I'd love to see Nintendo EAD Tokyo and Miyamoto create a new IP, but I'd also love to see Zelda Wii U. I'd love to see Santa Monica and Naughty Dog create new IPs, but I also want Last of Us 2 and God of War 4. I'd love to see Lionhead and 343i create a new IP, but I also want Halo 5 and Fable Legends. Give us a balance of the two and you'll please the casuals and the hardcore.
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CrossingEden  +   554d ago
More new ips, less sequels. Honestly I can't see why some people are excited for yet another sequel to some franchises.
Kaiou  +   554d ago
Your profile picture says otherwise, Troll.
SegaGamer  +   554d ago
A lot of games i am sick of seeing but sequels are always needed in my opinion.

COD, Assassin's Creed, FIFA ( and any other sports game ) Forza, it's boring.
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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   554d ago
boring? if it was boring it wouldn't sell obvi this is just you.. i been buying fifa since Fifa 2001... lol

idk about you guys but I'm brazilian even tho i was raised in NJ. played soccer my whole life. also watch it.. Soccer fans are different then other sports fans i feel. Were actually Passionate about the sport. therefor i can play it all the time not getting bored of it.. so for me FIFa even if its the smallest of update it makes me happy as long as it plays closer to real life and thats exactly what EA has Done to FIFA since 2001. so idk why ppl say its always the same i mean yeah its always the same but the tweaks is what changes the game play. its a sports game for ppl who love the sport. I'm sure this goes for other sports fans as well.

and there are other reasons i buy fifa as well. Especially popping in fifa after a soccer game on tv with your boys.

you need sports games. theres nothing you can do about it being the same. its not gonna be revolutionary like COD3 to COD4

also remember you can't make new Ips without them cashing in on Sequals, Sequals make them money so down the line they make New IPs its a chain idk why ppl bitch. if you don't like it just don't buy it
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aiBreeze  +   554d ago
I'd say I'm as equally passionate as anyone on the planet for football/soccer however I'm starting to get sick of how Fifa is being released. Fifa 13 started a downwards trend where Fifa started to get worse instead of better. I'm more than happy to buy it every year and not bothered about that but EA stopped tweaking fifa for the better.. just look how ridiculous heading is on Fifa 14. EA needs to start looking at doing more each year because really, I'm starting to question whether or not these yearly updates are value for money. It won't stop me buying them sadly however I can't help but feel similar to an addict buying it each year to get my fix as opposed to someone buying with confidence out of passion for the series.
SegaGamer  +   553d ago
I like FIFA, but it has become boring. They should make 1 game every 2 years. They could just update the teams until then. FIFA 14 is the worst FIFA game i have ever played, and i have been playing FIFA since the 90's.
admiralvic  +   554d ago
At launch and shortly into the generation, sequels. While I love new IP's as much as the next guy, sequels are guaranteed to get buzz. This is because people know what to expect, so there isn't as much risk, especially when there aren't many titles to play and the high cost of entry.

After the console establishes itself, we should see more new IP's, which ideally will become a franchise. New IP's need a user base to be worth the risk and gamers are going to want more than another this or that.
johny5  +   554d ago
I would have rather a sequel to...
GOD of War, Kingdom Hearts, BF:Bad Company, Fight Night, or any Respectable RPG then whatever launch titles have been offered so far!

This has got to be one of the worst game launches I have ever seen in terms of playing it safe! Have we ever had this many sequels in a console launch?

None of the games have been amazing so far but I do hope something good comes out of it in the six months ahead.
admiralvic  +   554d ago
"This has got to be one of the worst game launches I have ever seen in terms of playing it safe! Have we ever had this many sequels in a console launch? "

The 3DS, Wii U, Vita, really most launches play it fairly safe.
Angerfist  +   554d ago
The Problem is, people are ok with a Game being shoved down their throats now, see FIFA or COD which are essentially rehashes or Assassins Creed which gets new environments and gameplay features but it just gets dragged out, Watch Dogs will probably take the same path with sequels without there actually being a reason for it.

What i would like is remakes of older Games with great Ideas, that just didnt have the right hardware back then, there are tons of games that could get a remake and with modern controls could be a blast.
s45gr32  +   552d ago
Instead of dwelling in the past how about new ips. Like a dinosaur game were you ride say dinosaurs in the modern age
christocolus  +   554d ago
Definitly a mixture of both. I want to play the next halo,gears of war, gta and uncharted so badly but at same time i cant wait to try out quantum break, titanfall and any other new ip from rare...

New and quality ips always keep the industry fresh..... i.e the last of us,red dead redemption and tell tales:the walking dead.

With that said i wouldnt mind a remake of the legacy of kain: soul reaver or a proper sequel both made from ground up for the new consoles.
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chrissx  +   554d ago
It should be a very good combination of both. Would also love to see some old franchises come back e.g syphon filter and a good Crash bandicoot on Ps4
linkenski  +   554d ago
New IPs. This gen has some of the most forgettable IPs in hindsight like Uncharted (story-wise), InFamous (forgettable since 2), Gears of War had its run, Mass Effect died with 3 etc.

Of course we can have both but if this was an ultimatum with no middle-way there's no way in hell I'd want to endure another 5 years of the same sequel-y franchises just because they're "mainstream" now.
GT67  +   554d ago
AGREE, linkwnski. i said the same identical thing "no way in hell" i'd want to endure another 7 years of the same games-franchise becuz they mainstream now.
im down to 3 bubbles now. c'mon people how long are we willing to play CALL OF DUTY,GEARS OF WAR,UNCHARTED,MASS EFFECT,BATTLEFIELD 4,INFAMOUS SECOND SON, ASSASSIN CREED ETC...

and gamers wondering why RETRO games making a BIG come back. last night sales of SNES-Retron 4 is on a incline according to Amazon and Retro-lite.com
manufacturer cant keep up with the demand. people are tired of same ol same ol open world games.
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s45gr32  +   552d ago
I don't agree nor disagree but the problem with many mainstream games like the ones you mentioned is the realism of it all. Meaning, games are supposed to be about escaping the reality we live in, instead today's games are grounded in reality whether is physics or animations. I am still waiting for a dinosaur game in the modern age, a game with being the alien killing humans, a survival game about truly surviving in the woods from otherworldly creatures like a tiger with a snake as a tail. That's what today's games lack imagination and creativity
KakashiHotake  +   554d ago
Once again people and the media are overreacting about launch games. Strong new IP's take time to develop. It's much quicker and safer to bring an existing series to a new platform to meet the launch deadline. Even Drive Club and Watch Dogs, two new IP's that were slated for launch had to be delayed. People are just so impatient.
Zancruz  +   554d ago
No Game Should Have More Than Two Sequels! The Beginning, Middle and End... A perfect trilogy. Games like Call of Duty, Halo, Gears of War, Battlefield, Zelda, Sonic Mario, God of War, Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid, Assassin's Creed, Need for Speed and ETC should all go on a very long hiatus.... Let us miss the damn game before shoving another one down our throats, developers can focus for some years and come back bring into something fresh and new.

IF sequels is needed, developer should bring back some classic or Cult games to the new hardware, War of Monsters, Psi Ops, Jade Cocoon, R.A.D, Project Gotham Racing, Contra, Def Jam Vendetta, GunGrave, Einhader, Bust A Groove, Rival Schools, Bloody Roar, Star Gadiator, Road Rash, Cruisin USA and So many others...

I'd rather see developers focus on new IPs then it be throwing up rehash for the next 7 years of more of the same calling it new... Fish a.i! Smh
GT67  +   554d ago

dont you mean ENHANDER the side scrolling space shooter instead of einhader.

other than that your list of games would be krazy cool on ps4 even wii-U
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Zancruz  +   554d ago
Lol, I find it funny you're trying to correct me and you still spelt it wrong... It's Einhander! I forgot the "N"...

Yes, Those games would be... Remember how Capcom remade the 1st Resident Evil on the Gamecube? That's what I would love to see happen to those games, Remake it with today's graphics and physics while reintroducing the old games to the world making the old fans happy while sparking an interest in new players, then make two new sequels and quit while they're ahead.
wolfsaviorzx  +   554d ago
Zelda is different, it's not about a "Story" it's about the adventure. And really Mario/Sonic? These games hardly have a story (except till dreamcast/gamecube era but that didn't turn out so well). Call of Duty is fine having a lot of sequels. problem is they don't give the developers the time they need to make quality products.
s45gr32  +   552d ago
I concur
mhunterjr  +   554d ago
As has been the case forever, we need a healthy mix of new IPs and sequels.
As much as some hate to admit it, sequels help minimize the risk associated with developing a new IP. Both need to happen in order to have a healthy market.
ballsohard2013  +   554d ago
why does it matter? As long as its a kickass game and the developers put the best effort forward... let'em rock IMO
Zancruz  +   554d ago
Two simple reasons..

2. Developers get lazy when pumping out sequels... Look a Call of Duty for example. They used the same graphic engine for like what now twentysomething games and each iteration is worse than the last. Activision use multiple developers, Just so they can pump out a so called "new" game every November adding little to no new innovation to the game.

1. Sequels that shouldn't even get all the recognition that it does overshadows those new inspiring IP games that should be getting all the attention! That really should be getting all of our attention and our time...
Tzuno  +   554d ago
I want more jrpg's style games i am sick of 3d shooters and i want to see platforming and adventure games like Zelda and Mario on other systems i mean games alike not those games.
wolfsaviorzx  +   554d ago
Maybe when Sony let's Jak 4 (or even a new Naughty Dog Platformer) come out. Plus M$ need to tell/make Rare to create a Real New Banjo game.
nigelp520  +   553d ago

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