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The Last of Us Disaster

Vault of the Gameverse has had an unfortunate time trying to enjoy The Last of Us. With terrible A.I., sound bug issues, forced PlayStation 3 console resets, and a bland story, how exactly has this game received perfect scores? Have you experienced the same issues? (PS3, The Last Of Us)

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The_Infected  +   356d ago | Well said
I played it from start to finish and had no problems at all. The game played great and it was the best game I've ever played.
iamnsuperman  +   356d ago | Well said
I agree. I can't see how he thinks the story is bland unless he has the attention span of a goldfish (it appears he hasn't finished it yet). With so many problems he has listed it sounds like he has just gone down a list on the forums or his playstation is on the fritz. I didnt have any of these issues. Edit: So he uninstalled and reinstalled it (standard thing to do when a game goes haywire) and it seems to have fixed the issue so why does this article exist. I can understand complaining about AI issues though
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scott182  +   356d ago | Well said
Saying it is basically a broken game with bland gameplay and story sounds like a damage control article because of the game of the years it has been getting from everyone.
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Dee_91  +   356d ago | Well said
played and beat the game twice.No issues here.
Too bad for the author of the article...

Thats me being generous.Now the reality with the dribble I just read...
"terrible A.I., sound bug issues, forced PlayStation 3 console resets, and a bland story, how exactly has this game received perfect scores?"
If he just stopped at console resets I would have thought he might have a legitimate complaint, how ever saying that your opinion should have an effect on the majorities opinion is pure ignorance, so everything you said afterwards was pointless,because I cant take the experiences and opinion of someone who would think that seriously..So Story quality :WTF, like site" NO
Xsilver  +   356d ago
How long has last of US been out :/ so stories like this make no sense because clearly allot of people didn't have these issues that he went through and then he says the story sucks smh whatever you say buddy boy.
ShinMaster  +   356d ago | Well said
""and a bland story, how exactly has this game received perfect scores? Have you experienced the same issues?""

I'm sorry, what?
No, I have not experienced the issue of bland story, nor sound bugs or terrible A.I. In fact, I thought The last of Us had some of the BEST ENEMY A.I. in recent memory.

This is obvious flamebait / click-bait / fanboy gargabe.
Why o why  +   356d ago
He's entitled to his opinion as I am to mine and my opinion on his opinion is that his opinion is fanbotic at worst and way off the mark at best.
VforVideogames  +   356d ago
By any means this is an ok game no more than that not an average.
CryofSilence  +   355d ago
The so-called journalist's incompetent composition skills make me question why such a site exists; it doesn't deserve the hits we are giving it. Downvoting the site.

I found The Last of Us to be an exceptional game, easily one of the best of the generation (playing through again over the break). Also, I never experienced any glitches or bad AI at all.
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Giul_Xainx  +   355d ago
Sounds like the author has a bad sector in his hard drive somewhere. Usually glitches like the videos have been showing are happening in different areas. Usually when you have a bad sector in your hard drive a quick re-install or even an entire HDD format should fix the issue. Also PlayStation Home should not be installed on your hard drive at all. (Which means no PS Home at all.)

PS Home causes a plethora of bugs to happen in games. I stopped using PS Home after Phill Harrison went to Xbox. There are a lot of problems with the code that PS Home runs. And it affects your games as well.
MestreRothN4G  +   355d ago
Do you really think he cares about the horrible state of his console?

Damn, this is just a stupid article saying something very stupid about something truly amazing. N4G has dozens of this every week.

Open your eyes just a little bit, people.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   355d ago
This is one of the few games I can say I never had to reset the console even once to proceed because of some freeze or lock bug or whatever. Not in singleplayer nor multiplayer.

And quite frankly, I don't see AI issues there either. It's not the best AI (are zombie-like enemies even meant to have the best AI?), it have it's limitations common to other games that are exploitable (like doing something that should make you spottable, but they don't spot you, while they spot you when they shouldn't sometimes), but I had not faced AI "bugs" (like completelly clueless or stuck enemies) as far as I remember.

And for bland story... LOLWUT?
Kryptix  +   355d ago
They way I see it is that he got glitches and couldn't properly play it because of his PS3, so he got mad and then hated the game overall from frustration. Couldn't specifically say why the story was bland, most of what he wrote is about the glitches he encountered which became invalid once he fixed the problem. The game isn't perfect, no game is...but it definitely isn't a "horrible experience" like he's saying even after the fix.
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Treezy504  +   355d ago
I stopped reading at "bland story".
Reverent  +   355d ago
The ONLY issue I ever had with this game, was a tiny glitch where Ellie's hair spazzed out a little bit during one of the cutscenes (and it lasted less than a second; the only reason it was even noteworthy was because it stretched passed the screen briefly), and while that did momentarily take me out of the immersion of the game, it didn't ruin anything for me, nor did it make me think any less of the game.

This article is clearly stealth trolling damage control.

Story Quality? WTF.
Like this website? No.
MVGeneral  +   355d ago
I refuse to visit pages like this. Only because I believe that they created the article just for hits. So I won't give in. Neither should you all.
Gardenia  +   356d ago

Best game you've ever played? You missed out on some great classics then
listenkids  +   356d ago
I'm sure his tastes vary from yours. I hate Skyrim, does that mean my opinion should take away from anyone considering that a stellar experience?
thekhurg  +   356d ago
Just so everyone can make fun of your pick - what's the best game you've ever played?

After all, it's clear your opinion is the only one in the world that's worth mentioning, so I absolutely have to read it so I know if my favorite game is actually my favorite game or not.
Dee_91  +   356d ago
Picking a favorite video game would be like picking a favorite song or movie.Its really impossible.But with that said TLOU is definitely top 3 for me.And thats highly praised considering my other 2 have had multiple iterations through ps1-ps3
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kenshiro100  +   355d ago
Maybe he has something called an opinion? Oh...wait...
Doink  +   355d ago
It is a playstation 3 exclusive so of course people that only have ps3 gonna say is the best game ever and this site is full of ps3 owners like 75% but still is one of the best games of the generations, just no the best game ever, that game doesn't exist
Gardenia  +   355d ago
Chill out guys. I'm just saying there are so much more games better than The Last of Us. I have played the game and it was good. But what about

Metal Gear Solid
Metal Gear Solid 3
Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII, IX
Vagrant Story
Syphon Filter
Chrono Trigger
Fear Effect
Soul Reaver
Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2
Silent Hill 1, 2, 3
Devil May Cry
Prince of Persia (the 3 from PS2)
Resident Evil 4
Shadow of the Colossus

Of course it's a matter of opinion. It's just that there are so many good classics out there it is too bad if you missed out on them
Crazay  +   356d ago
\i don't think I can agree to you as far as the best game I've ever played statement but I can see why you would assess the game in such high regard. It was one helluva title. Without a doubt one of the best games I've played in at least the last 5yrs.

Also, I would agree that the game is very polished, and I can't honestly think of any watery AI or bugs. This reviewer might be smoking some bad Juju.
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seanpitt23  +   356d ago
It's a once in a lifetime experience!
erathaol  +   356d ago
Whenever anyone says something bad about 'Last of Us', I think about the ending and smile politely.

God damn that ending was the best.
showtimefolks  +   355d ago
yeh maybe it was too mature for you, because to most others it was a perfect experience

stop complaining and go back to playing cod or madden
Philoctetes  +   355d ago
Troll site is trolling.
kenshiro100  +   355d ago
Obvious troll review is obvious.
ajax17  +   355d ago
Remember to rate the website and story quality, everyone ;)
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FITgamer  +   355d ago
The best part of the whole article is he wrote it before he even finished the game. Look at the comment section.
Mosiac77  +   355d ago
Reset the system to factory reset or get a new PS3. This game is the reason I haven't sold my ps3.
rainslacker  +   355d ago
Only had one sound issue in one movie on a 2nd play through. AI wasn't horrible for the enemies, just the random NPC's that would run around in front of them. Never had the system reset my console, although I did have to clean the laser to get it to boot, but that's probably more due to my smoking habit.

And bland story? HAHAHAHA. That's a good one.
Riderz1337  +   356d ago
The only bug I ever experienced was on the first day when there was a save glitch. Lost about 3 hours of gameplay, but I didn't care because the game is so awesome, I was willing to play it from the start.

Terrible A.I? Try playing the game on Survivor lmfao. Then come talk to me about terrible A.I. Bland Story? Just get out.
ThatEnglishDude  +   356d ago
Well to be fair, the AI is pretty terrible, even on survivor - but the story is exceptional.
SonyStyled  +   356d ago
you do know the clickers are blind right? they cant see you to even respond
plaZeHD  +   356d ago
You're shitting me right?
Salooh  +   356d ago

You played the last of us on that tv?.. O.O . It's only been 2 years since i bought my HD tv but i feel like these tv's extinct already XP. IF yes then you have to believe me that HD tv is a must have. It's a different experience in ps3 let a lone the ps4.
dafegamer  +   356d ago
âre you kidding me? On survivor its almost impossible to get past rooms with all those intelligent encounters from the hunters
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plaZeHD  +   355d ago

Read the comments. Got picture problems on my previous HDTV, but thankfully I bought a new one and it works well with my PS3.
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dboyc310  +   356d ago
The only A.I that was "bad" was the friendly one. Even then the developer already stated why they were invisible to the enemy most of the times. I didn't mind because it would have been annoying having to deal with being spotted when it wasn't even my fault.However, the enemy A.I was nothing short of amazing. The slightest noise you will make altered them.
Germaximus  +   356d ago
I had actually watched a soldier get stuck and run back and forth in place like twenty times. It was both entertaining and horrible.
Lilrizky  +   356d ago
Yeah I think the AI is well done. Humans behave so differently compared to the infected. I've never seen human AI's react to certain actions in other games. For example, holding up a gun causes them to scatter, while firing an empty gun makes them realise you have no ammo and then they start to flank you.

The friendly AI thing is not bad AI... it was done on purpose. I'm sure they could of easily made them noticeable. However, if that was the case the awesome AI of the villains and their searching skills would've given players a tough and frustrating time getting to the next checkpoint.

Story is fantastic. one of the only games that had an emotional effect on me.
sobekflakmonkey  +   356d ago
the only bug I've ever had was in my first play through, when it's all snowy and you're playing as Ellie, this one guy kept shouting "I'm gonna get you!" among other things and just ran around in circles...and would not stop, like...I walked right up to him and he just kept running in circles, like perfect circles out in the open, I gotta admit I laughed pretty hard about it, but then killed him and then went on my way, wouldn't say the AI sucked though, the AI was fine.
Joey_Leone  +   356d ago
Ignore that guy, he's a goldfish.
ABizzel1  +   356d ago
The only legetiment complaint about AI is the fact that your companion A.I. sometimes gets wonky and runs in the open but never spotted, and sometimes when you kill an Infected that's literally side by side the other one doesn't attack all the time (specially in the part where you're running through the houses, I think with Ellie and Bill).

The first complaint I get, but I don't understand. Would you rather the AI walked out, and startled hordes every time that happened? No, you'd be complaining about how stealthy you try to be only to have the AI ruin the experience. I fell the AI should stay back in cover at least a few meters behind you, so these problems don't happen nearly as ofter, but I'd rather the AI walk out and not get me caught, than to be punished because the AI couldn't squeeze out of my way while hiding.

The Infected AI only happened to me 2 times, during the house run will Ellie and Bill, during the Grassy Graveyard with Ellie and Bill (a bunch of clickers here), and in the tunnel with Ellie. Each time it was with runners, so that's probably exclusive to them. Hunters either attack or hide, when they see me kill someone (attack if I'm strangling, or hide if I have a gun and they don't).

Other than that the AI is great, especially the Hunters and Fireflies.

Feel sorry for you, you're having a bad experience. Contact support, find out what's wrong, get it fixed, go play two or three other games, and come back fresh for another play through.

Your bad experience doesn't represent the millions of great experience and the GOTY's it's earning.
yanikins111  +   356d ago
Zombie AI? How smart should it be? There are numerous articles on why the AI ignores NPCs.

Oh and i wonder if this buffoon tried uninstalling the game?

I guess it's just easier to complain.
Germaximus  +   356d ago
Actually I hadn't tried that. Only because I had seen so many people say that uninstalling it didn't fix it for them. Thank you for the suggestion though.
Aceman18  +   356d ago
It's cool u didn't like the game but I absolutely loved it and didn't experience any glitches during my 3 playthroughs. I have to play on survivor mode now.
MestreRothN4G  +   355d ago
So you are not intelligent enough to make A CONSOLE work properly (that requires only a really small portion of brain juice) and call the game a disaster?

What would you call yourself then?


No wonder your site has this level of "quality".
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RIP_Cell  +   356d ago
can one person play this game and not like it? why be so sensitive geez. people that don't like Bioshock Infinite or GTA 5 are never accused of never playing the game or trolling.
heisenberguk  +   356d ago
To not like it is one thing, to call it a 'disaster' is another!!
Germaximus  +   356d ago
I wasn't calling the game a disaster. I was calling my experience a disaster.
Dee_91  +   355d ago
The title says its an disaster.
Lilrizky  +   356d ago
I have a friend who says FIFA is a s**t game. I tell him it's not that it's a s**t game, you just don't like it. There are ways of expressing opinion properly.
Insomnia_84  +   356d ago
mrpsychoticstalker  +   356d ago
LOL, chill dude
Pozzle  +   356d ago
If The Last of Us is what the author calls a bad experience, I'd love to know what he thinks of games like AMY or Ride to Hell: Retribution. :O
fattyuk  +   356d ago
Opinion noted,

Now on your bike
mt  +   356d ago
I had only one glitch and it is calling for attention and hits for our website. Have you experienced the same issues?
tolis1981  +   356d ago
Another xbox fanboy....hahaha
Venemox  +   356d ago
fanboy logic: someone doesn't like the game that I like therefore they must be a fanboy of the other platform.
TheGreatXavi  +   356d ago
yeah like any nintendo fanboys calling anyone who dont like MArio 3d world a Sony fanboy right? Its just an okay game, not revolutionary compared to TLOU
Hicken  +   356d ago
Maybe, Venemox, but when a universally praised game like The Last of Us gets such a "review," there aren't too many reasons for it. The author being a fanboy is definitely within the realm of possibility.

At some point, you just gotta call it what it is: in this case, ridiculous. And, potentially, fanboying, hit-grabbing garbage.
Imalwaysright  +   355d ago
As if TloU was a revolutionary game.
Max-Zorin  +   356d ago
Another judgmental member. Probably one of those members that lost to the trolls seven years ago.
Venemox  +   356d ago

Did I say Sony fanboy logic? no, it's true to all fanboys. All fanboys are equally retarded that needs to find something better to do with their lives.

TLOU revolutionary? There are no original gameplay mechanics in TLOU, they're all based of things we've seen in games for the past 10 years.

"B-but the story"
Read/Watch children of men.

"hurr durr you're such an xbot/nintendrone".

had my ps3 since launch and still playing it.
Lilrizky  +   356d ago
Don't you have something better to do with YOUR life than call out fanboys?
Imalwaysright  +   355d ago
@ Venemox Well said.

@ Lilrizky someone in this fanboy heaven needs to speak the truth and not act like sheep once in a while to break the routine. I know you fanboys don't like when someone tells you the truth but you fanboys just have to deal with it.
LogicStomper  +   355d ago

Fail logic: because one loses an argument, the winner is automatically declared to have no life.
Venemox  +   356d ago
Since when was calling out fanboys a bad thing.. oh wait i'm on News4Sony where comments like "Microshit lost xD" gets hundreds of likes whilst the slightest bit of criticism towards Sony, regardless of how good the reasoning behind it is, gets bombarded with dislikes by people who gets emotional over plastic.
trouble_bubble  +   356d ago
Speaking of getting over emotional...
Hicken  +   355d ago
First you say it's about ALL fanboys, then you show your true colors by calling it "News4Sony." And pretending like the same thing you say Sony fans do isn't also perpetrated by Nintendo, Microsoft, and PC fans? Genius.

Good job with the hypocrisy, there.
Imalwaysright  +   355d ago
"Good job with the hypocrisy" Says the hypocrite PS fanboy. What Venemox said is a fairly accurate summary of this website. I've been coming here since 2007 so I should know.
kenshiro100  +   355d ago
Oh cry me a freaking river...
Some of you take this way too seriously.
#9.4.4 (Edited 355d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
heisenberguk  +   356d ago
Each to their own, I loved it!!
spike  +   356d ago
Over Rated in my opinion.
xJumpManx  +   356d ago
I thought it was a great game but not worthy of all the hype. Good enough to warrant a play thru but I did not have that sad feeling it was over and will miss it. I was more happy it was over and time to move on to next game.
awesomeperson  +   356d ago
I felt the complete opposite. It was the first game that really made me ponder it, up to a couple of weeks after finishing it.

I suppose it depends on the player really, because the emotional impact of the game is it's biggest plus. If that is lost, I can understand why people don't get the hype.
Venemox  +   356d ago

what I felt about the game.
Max-Zorin  +   356d ago
Last of Us was good. It's just not as scary as some people claim it is.
Riderz1337  +   356d ago
Play some of the levels with a headset in the dark...That shit is scary. First time I played the game my heart was pumping so fast. Something about hearing the clickers really freaks me out.
mt  +   356d ago
it wasn't meant to be scary and horror game. but it was meant to be survival with freaky creature, that was creepy in freakish area. the game succeed to do that.
Max-Zorin  +   356d ago
I know that. I was just saying that some people exaggerated.
crusf  +   356d ago
Obvious click bait for $$$$$
frostypants  +   355d ago
YEP! I refuse to click it. Amature hour BS blogger.
GundalfDeGrej  +   355d ago
Yeah, because everyone with a negative opinion about a popular game (esecially a sony exclusives) are lying for money.

In case you didn't read it, the "disaster" he's talking about is a lot of technical issues (NOT the game itself) which has now been fixed after reinstalling the game. The rest is just opinions, opinions, opinions.
frostypants  +   355d ago
It's how he said it. You know what he did and so does he. Stop playing stupid.
iamnsuperman  +   355d ago
I don't think you read it properly. The entire article is amateur at best. He calls the story bland yet hasn't completed it (which buffels me because it isn't a bland story but also he isn't very far into the story) and the heading isn't exactly true to his experience. The writer clearly wrote this out of frustration or was going into the game with some pre existing bias because he made no effort to solve the problem. If you post a forum post on any gaming website the top suggestion will be to uninstall and reinstall the game because this is a standard fix to bugs in games that require some form of download to work. It is amateurish to write an article in this way
YodaCracker  +   356d ago
I never had any of these problems. The only issue I ran into was a single freeze on my second playthrough. Aside from that, I found the story gripping and the A.I. reasonably challenging. Very satisfying stealth gameplay with just the right amount of feedback from audio and visual clues. And very engaging combat as well, so I never felt like restarting the checkpoint every time I was spotted, like I would in a Splinter Cell game.
#14 (Edited 356d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Wolfgang187  +   356d ago
I like how they just tossed in "and a bland story" as if it were fact and not a clear minority opinion.
GundalfDeGrej  +   355d ago
Of course it's just his opinion? But I guess you're right. He should write "IMO" after every statement he makes.
iamnsuperman  +   355d ago
What makes that part worse is their is no explanation to why it is bland. He just throws it in expecting that is okay. If he thinks something is bland there should be reasons coherent reasons behind it. I know this isn't a review but if your going to put something in at least expand with why. Bad writting otherwise. Also he hadn't even completed the game. It would be idiotic for me to watch part of the film and say the story is bland because your only seeing a snipet of the whole story.
ziggurcat  +   356d ago
WTF? No.
GenericNameHere  +   356d ago
"With terrible A.I., sound bug issues, forced PlayStation 3 console resets, and a bland story, how exactly has this game received perfect scores?"

Almost the same experience with GTAV, but you don't see me calling the game a disaster.

Is the site not optimized for mobile? Because all I see are pictures, and not a single letter.
InTheLab  +   356d ago
Can't see how anyone can play through the opening or the Winter months or the ending and come to the conclusion that TLoU has a bland story??

Maybe the author likes stories about ex operatives gone rogue or aliens fighting for lands that were theirs to begin with or corrupt companies that experiment with drugs that reanimate corpses or lowly street thugs that rise to power or oops, that's basically all the clichéd plots in video games today.
listenkids  +   356d ago
"What can I do for hits? I'm desperate. I know, I'll trash a popular game" - This and every other low time article ever written.
OverPaperSkies   356d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
Frodosmugins  +   356d ago
another guy that dislikes anything popular!
level 360  +   356d ago
Maybe he should replace the disc at the store he bought it, if uninstalling the game still didn't work..
aNDROiD17_  +   356d ago
well finding a multiplayer matche is super slow now! its so annoying, it never used to be ?
#23 (Edited 356d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
GentlemenRUs  +   356d ago
All things coming from this article are a load of bull...

The only bug which I found at launch was the save virus, Never did I have to reset the console once...
IaussieGamer  +   356d ago
Yawn what a pathetic Blog.
snookiegamer  +   356d ago
Very doubtful, TLOU is amazing from start to finish. I never encountered a single issue with the game. Sorry I just don't believe a word of this. ND never made a bad game....ever!!

GOTY and deservedly so :)
#26 (Edited 356d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
OMNlPOTENT  +   356d ago
There were so many good games this year and TLOU is one of them. Not a disaster, and hardly a bad game. Overrated? A bit. ND are damn good devs but TLOU is not their greatest game.
MadMax  +   356d ago
Well to be honest I did not enjoy TLOU as much as I thought I would. I was kinda bored with the game. The gameplay felt slow and repetitive to me. I was looking more forward to a game like the last guardian and it gets cancelled! Go figure. Maybe I'm just tired of every game feeling all too similiar. Sony used to really make some of the best exclusives around. Need more games like shadow of the colossus and less uncharted games!
#28 (Edited 356d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
chronoforce  +   356d ago
To call the game a disaster is really laying it on thick however to call it a masterpiece is equally laying it on thick in my opinion.
GundalfDeGrej  +   355d ago
He says "This is just me sharing my experience. I am not calling the game a disaster." He experienced a lot of bugs but apparantly it works now after reinstalling the game.
Hakoom  +   356d ago
the last of us <3
best game in 2013
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