The Last of Us Disaster

Vault of the Gameverse has had an unfortunate time trying to enjoy The Last of Us. With terrible A.I., sound bug issues, forced PlayStation 3 console resets, and a bland story, how exactly has this game received perfect scores? Have you experienced the same issues?

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Riderz13371576d ago

The only bug I ever experienced was on the first day when there was a save glitch. Lost about 3 hours of gameplay, but I didn't care because the game is so awesome, I was willing to play it from the start.

Terrible A.I? Try playing the game on Survivor lmfao. Then come talk to me about terrible A.I. Bland Story? Just get out.

ThatEnglishDude1576d ago

Well to be fair, the AI is pretty terrible, even on survivor - but the story is exceptional.

SonyStyled1576d ago

you do know the clickers are blind right? they cant see you to even respond

Salooh1576d ago


You played the last of us on that tv?.. O.O . It's only been 2 years since i bought my HD tv but i feel like these tv's extinct already XP. IF yes then you have to believe me that HD tv is a must have. It's a different experience in ps3 let a lone the ps4.

dafegamer1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

âre you kidding me? On survivor its almost impossible to get past rooms with all those intelligent encounters from the hunters

plaZeHD1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )


Read the comments. Got picture problems on my previous HDTV, but thankfully I bought a new one and it works well with my PS3.

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Thatguy-3101576d ago

The only A.I that was "bad" was the friendly one. Even then the developer already stated why they were invisible to the enemy most of the times. I didn't mind because it would have been annoying having to deal with being spotted when it wasn't even my fault.However, the enemy A.I was nothing short of amazing. The slightest noise you will make altered them.

Germaximus1576d ago

I had actually watched a soldier get stuck and run back and forth in place like twenty times. It was both entertaining and horrible.

Lilrizky1576d ago

Yeah I think the AI is well done. Humans behave so differently compared to the infected. I've never seen human AI's react to certain actions in other games. For example, holding up a gun causes them to scatter, while firing an empty gun makes them realise you have no ammo and then they start to flank you.

The friendly AI thing is not bad AI... it was done on purpose. I'm sure they could of easily made them noticeable. However, if that was the case the awesome AI of the villains and their searching skills would've given players a tough and frustrating time getting to the next checkpoint.

Story is fantastic. one of the only games that had an emotional effect on me.

sobekflakmonkey1576d ago

the only bug I've ever had was in my first play through, when it's all snowy and you're playing as Ellie, this one guy kept shouting "I'm gonna get you!" among other things and just ran around in circles...and would not stop, like...I walked right up to him and he just kept running in circles, like perfect circles out in the open, I gotta admit I laughed pretty hard about it, but then killed him and then went on my way, wouldn't say the AI sucked though, the AI was fine.

Joey_Leone1576d ago

Ignore that guy, he's a goldfish.

ABizzel11576d ago

The only legetiment complaint about AI is the fact that your companion A.I. sometimes gets wonky and runs in the open but never spotted, and sometimes when you kill an Infected that's literally side by side the other one doesn't attack all the time (specially in the part where you're running through the houses, I think with Ellie and Bill).

The first complaint I get, but I don't understand. Would you rather the AI walked out, and startled hordes every time that happened? No, you'd be complaining about how stealthy you try to be only to have the AI ruin the experience. I fell the AI should stay back in cover at least a few meters behind you, so these problems don't happen nearly as ofter, but I'd rather the AI walk out and not get me caught, than to be punished because the AI couldn't squeeze out of my way while hiding.

The Infected AI only happened to me 2 times, during the house run will Ellie and Bill, during the Grassy Graveyard with Ellie and Bill (a bunch of clickers here), and in the tunnel with Ellie. Each time it was with runners, so that's probably exclusive to them. Hunters either attack or hide, when they see me kill someone (attack if I'm strangling, or hide if I have a gun and they don't).

Other than that the AI is great, especially the Hunters and Fireflies.

Feel sorry for you, you're having a bad experience. Contact support, find out what's wrong, get it fixed, go play two or three other games, and come back fresh for another play through.

Your bad experience doesn't represent the millions of great experience and the GOTY's it's earning.

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yanikins1111576d ago

Zombie AI? How smart should it be? There are numerous articles on why the AI ignores NPCs.

Oh and i wonder if this buffoon tried uninstalling the game?

I guess it's just easier to complain.

Germaximus1576d ago

Actually I hadn't tried that. Only because I had seen so many people say that uninstalling it didn't fix it for them. Thank you for the suggestion though.

Aceman181576d ago

It's cool u didn't like the game but I absolutely loved it and didn't experience any glitches during my 3 playthroughs. I have to play on survivor mode now.

MestreRothN4G1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

So you are not intelligent enough to make A CONSOLE work properly (that requires only a really small portion of brain juice) and call the game a disaster?

What would you call yourself then?


No wonder your site has this level of "quality".

RIP_Cell1576d ago

can one person play this game and not like it? why be so sensitive geez. people that don't like Bioshock Infinite or GTA 5 are never accused of never playing the game or trolling.

heisenberguk1576d ago

To not like it is one thing, to call it a 'disaster' is another!!

Germaximus1576d ago

I wasn't calling the game a disaster. I was calling my experience a disaster.

Dee_911576d ago

The title says its an disaster.

Lilrizky1576d ago

I have a friend who says FIFA is a s**t game. I tell him it's not that it's a s**t game, you just don't like it. There are ways of expressing opinion properly.