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Submitted by Linko64 770d ago | opinion piece

Why Do People Hate Call of Duty?

Pixelgate writes:

''Call of Duty is the franchise everyone loves to hate. But while there are plenty of valid criticisms and reasons for people to dislike the franchise, do people take too much enjoyment in their hatred of the series?

As a franchise, Call of Duty is a prime example of the modern first-person shooter. It’s big, it’s loud, it’s full of set pieces, and it plays it extremely safe. It’s the Michael Bay of videogames, if you like; it’s nothing but style with no substance. Unfortunately, creativity–or quality–isn’t always a recipe for success in videogames or any other form of entertainment. We live in a world where the likes of One Direction, Rihanna, and Nickleback are successful. We live in a world where Avatar made nearly $3 billion and Resident Evil films manage make a profit. Quality and creativity are rarely rewarded and that bleeds through into the videogame industry.'' (Call of Duty, Culture)

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DxTrixterz  +   770d ago
Because it's been same for the last 6 years.
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TomShoe  +   770d ago
You can slap the titles WaW, MW3, or Ghosts on a CoD game, but it's still the same old formula year after year. This has been thrown into sharp relief with Ghosts, who re-used cut scenes in SP and WHOLE MAPS in MP. It's just a rehash that they make you pay $60 ($110 if you want DLC) for the same old thing.

I think they should just go the way of Battlefield and give development to one studio, preferably Treyarch, since leauge play was a blast and the guns don't feel overpowered like they do now. You could take 2 shots to the leg without dying. They took skill to use.

TLDR; Same Shite, Different Name.
Irishguy95  +   770d ago
Fish Ai
Dog takes out helicopter.
NarooN  +   770d ago
HD, high-resolution dynamic doggie fur rendering
Mutant-Spud  +   770d ago
I don't hate COD, after the first Blops I just chose to take my custom elsewhere, in fact the only FPS I've bought this year was Bioshock Infinite.
To hate COD I'd have to have actually played more than the three games I've bought out of that series,MW,MW2 and Blops.
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azshorty2003  +   770d ago
This image says it all.
Bodge  +   770d ago
Exactly, it's like at what? Call of Duty 4.7?
SolidStoner  +   770d ago
not only same engine... gameplay gets worse too...
Iltapalanyymi  +   770d ago
Totally agree with you. I will say the same thing as i have said before:

All cod games after WAW are shit, and rehashed. it does not help that the COD community is filled with children and casuals. i do not know why do they gobble this shit year after year. Here is a changelog to every COD game that is out there past WAW, and the future COD games:
-"New" improved AI
-Slightly better graffix
-new soundtrack
-a few new weapons and maps.
-rehash up the ass (remember those mocaps not too long ago?)
-i could continue this list all day, you know.

And dat wolf DLC oh god why. At least now i think at least some COD players notice with their activision brainwashed brains finally figure out their "Game" is shit.

Don't even get me started wit their MW3 xXLeGiTqUiCkSCOPEzzXx [[MLG]] ~360 NOSCOPEZZ~ .:1337:. -gamertags.

I can even sum COD kids in two pictures:
Z_-_D_-_3  +   770d ago
Even the games that have been the same are way worse than the atrocious CoD Ghosts. The games feels nothing like a CoD game. It's terrible.
Bobby Kotex  +   769d ago
The most annoying thing about ghosts is that it was marketed as a fully next gen revamped game, but it's literally the same crap. People buy these games because they don't know any better.
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willie32  +   769d ago
COD has become the next Guitar Hero. Who made Guitar Hero?
azshorty2003  +   769d ago
NarooN  +   769d ago
Harmonix created Guitar Hero, and they developed GH1, GH2, and GH: Rocks the 80's, then they left to go do Rock Band. Every GH that came out after GH2/Rt80's was done by Neversoft (who themselves started working on Call of Dootie after that version of Guitar Hero died.)
SilentNegotiator  +   769d ago
That doesn't justify the downright seething animosity the internet has for it, though. It's "hate", not "dislike"
Smartypants  +   769d ago
Most people play video games to have fun. Cod is fun for millions of people. The end.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   770d ago
Because it's the same game every year, yet it still sells millions, which causes other first-person shooter devs to try and mimic their formula in order to get a piece of that Call of Duty pie and in return us gamers are left with a slew of uninspiring FPS games that dominate a generation as a genre.
Infamous298  +   770d ago
Couldn't say it any better.
Snookies12  +   770d ago
It sells millions for minimal effort and zero creativity, when amazingly creatives titles that have real passion behind their development sell next to nothing.
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M-M  +   770d ago
Pretty much this. If COD never became popular, I wonder how many platformers there would be compared to earlier eras. So many games ruined because they tried to copy COD, or COD overshadowed it with its non-innovative formula.
RIP_Cell  +   770d ago
people say they hate it and then buy it every year
aiBreeze  +   770d ago
I'm usually guilty of this however I rented Ghosts and glad I did because I couldn't stomach more than three maps of the MP. The bubble is starting to burst, people are starting to get bored. Hopefully Titanfall delivers on expectations and provides the evolution of the cod formula while mixing it up enough to make it feel fresh.
wolfsaviorzx  +   770d ago
don't touch it. I havn't brought a call of duty game ever (although pirated COD4 on 360 but Gears/Halo is so much better). I got Black Ops 2 for free with my Wii U and sold it for like a dollar and was happy to get a free dollar for giving gamestop a rotting turd.
_FantasmA_  +   770d ago
So your saying that you hope Call of Duty with mechs on the old ass Source engine beats Call of Duty with dogs and fish? Am I missing something here. I want Titanfail to fail so that we start to see some progress in multiplayer shooters.
Chrisgamerguy  +   770d ago
People don't hate it. It sells tons.
chrissx  +   770d ago
It has become increasingly stale and just a copy and paste of each other
badvlad  +   770d ago
ive played all the cod but i must say ghosts is the worst so far. I traded it to black ops 2.
ninjahunter  +   770d ago
The main reason is that the fast kill times introduce a design flaw. The first rule of gaming is "If a player fails(dies) they should know why they died, and be able to avoid that circumstance in the future".

In call of duty, Half the time it takes to kill someone is your ping, you could be the greatest player in the world and get someone in the middle of the ocean who will rush around the corner, shoot you 10 times, and on your screen it looks like you got 1 shot instantly.

The skill ceiling in call of duty is frankly too low to allow for self improvement or moderate skill in the game.
_FantasmA_  +   770d ago
Yeah I've noticed that too. When you get shot, you only feel like you're getting shot once or twice, but on the killcam, you see that the enemy has been aiming at your for 2 months and has unloaded 30 bullets into you, no sprayed 30 bullets at you, but theres not recoil so it doesn't matter and now you're dead.
Stoppokingme  +   770d ago
People don't hate CoD, they hate what it's become.

What started as a promising franchise ended up representing what all gamers hate: No innovation, no imagination, And the fact that CoD is a business model first and a game second, which is not what making games is all about.
cabbitwithscissors  +   770d ago
This franchise has become a way to start milking gamers and is becoming tiresome. The business model is turning in to a nightmare for all gamers with its subscription and paying for items which should already be in the game and the nickel and diming the gamers for every single additional new weapon or map etc.
BlakHavoc  +   770d ago
You hit it right on the head!
GentlemenRUs  +   770d ago
1/ Rehashed
2/ Same engine
3/ Recycled textures and sounds
4/ No originality

All of this after 4/WaW...
il-JumperMT  +   770d ago
Because its a generic FPS which has been released for 6 years and Activision sells EXPANSION PACKS for full price.
MasterCornholio  +   770d ago
I just dont like the fact that there are some truly amazing games that fail to sell the same amount as COD.

But thats the way the business is. There are many people who are hooked on COD and they buy every single one without questioning the quality of the franchise.
SynestheticRoar  +   770d ago
Because it's starting to look like old dog shit someone forgot to clean up.
LogicStomper  +   770d ago
Starting may not be the best word to use here.
HeroPsychoDreamer  +   770d ago
Quality and sales numbers rarely go hand in hand.
Hartsy  +   770d ago
They can't admit they've run out of ideas. Even there DLC sucked! Ohh instead of a dog you can have a wolf online !..... But you have to pay for it? Brilliant!
ichdich  +   770d ago
Titanfall will destroy COD permanently
cabbitwithscissors  +   770d ago
Currently. I'm hoping for anything to bring down Activision and its horrible business strategy just to save us gamers and the future of gaming.
Bobby Kotex  +   769d ago
So far I don't see anything remotely innovative about Titanfall, or Destiny for that matter. Hopefully I'll be proven wrong.
madjedi  +   768d ago
Problem is innovative is a useless term really, both titanfall and destiny are at least trying something different. The only thing destiny has in common with cod is it's a fps and is online that's it.
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stuff  +   769d ago
Titanfall couldn't hope to achieve dominance over COD as long as there is an exclusivity deal.
KakashiHotake  +   770d ago
I wish Call Of Duty would go back to the world War 2 settings. World at War is still my favorite in the franchise.
Gamer-40  +   770d ago
I like N4g site.
But this page most of the users, hate CoD, hate XboxOne, hate WiiU 80%. Like BF, like only PlayStation games.

Million people don't hate CoD.
CoD cool military FPS game. Game.

This is a objective review.

Haters cry irrelevant, and funny. Haters <<<<<<< CoD fan. End.
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Bobby Kotex  +   769d ago
The game series is washed up. No amount of damage control, or the promotion of your site will change that.
getmad  +   770d ago
Modern Warfare 2, the greatest cod ever. I still play it.
BlakHavoc  +   770d ago
I think the main reason you have people that hate cod is because they honestly don't think the games that good and that it deserves the attention and praise that it gets, especially over games they believe are better. But also because games that are often very successful, have an annual entry, and lack true competition normally stay the same or make minor improvements. And yet still sell very well, so people who hate the game and continue to see annual releases of the same yet new entry in the series do very well in terms of sales, it drives some gamers crazy. I personally like cod games just not ghost.
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_LarZen_  +   770d ago
People hate it because it is selling and getting so much more attention then other fps games that in their opinion deserves more attention and higher sales numbers.

COD is a franchise that is most likely here to stay and I think that if there comes a fps game that is really good people will change or buy both in a much higher quantity then as of today.

But as I see it, and as the sales numbers show. There is no fps game as popular as COD. Titanfall is the only game that could have a chance to shift the balance a little in my eyes..
CLOUD1983  +   769d ago
My personal reason of why I hate it is because the idiots from CRAPCOM & the retards at SE try to mimic it & have turn some of my favorite game franchises like RE & FF to pitch black huge turds that make u vomit just from playing them for a few minutes, every other genre suffer because brainless devs try to steal CoD crowd by altering their games to match this shoot-shoot-bam-bam generic piece of sh1t that doesn't offer anything new for the past many years & sell millions w/o even trying.
franko  +   769d ago
People don't hate cod. People hate same crap for 6 years.
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The_KELRaTH  +   769d ago
It maybe a prime example of a modern shooter to the OP but to me it's a prime example of cutting corners and creating maps that can look great but most objects are unusable with invisible walls.
There have been a few maps where objects can be used - can't think of the map but you can get on the crane etc but this is the exception rather than the norm.

One of my favourite things about playing UT99, Doom, RTCW, BF Special Forces etc etc etc was finding hidden routes, finding sneaky positions and shortcuts using map objects that even the mapper didn't realise could be done.

Whereas in CoD you can get blocked by a pebble on the ground!

"Quality and creativity are rarely rewarded" such a load of bullshit! iD, Epic, Dice etc were all highly praised when they created great games. It's the industry that's changed putting out unfinished untested crap and blocking users from expanding the content.
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gedden7  +   769d ago
People hate it because the can't fix the games problems... The game could be be slightly the same but different alterations if the problems didn't exist... These are the biggest problems in a respective order.

1. Lag/Lag Comp or how the game(s) deals with it..

2. Gaming Engine. This should be number one but its a complicated issue and guess what it makes the lag even worse that what it actually is...

3. Weapon imbalancing. Yes the snipers are beyond over powered. From drag scoping to quick scoping to no scoping. The sniping community is a plague to the cod community.

4. Gameplay design/ Map design that induces camping. Yes lame gamers will camp no matter what but when you have "behind the scene" deals with head phone manufacturers so that you design your game around hearing your opponent could result in non movement. Also when you design gameplay mechanics to help not move and succeed also induces major camping style players. Examples ims eid claymores shock charges sound wh0ring amplify and ghost perks. And when you think it can get any worse the maps are horrible and help you camp. If the could change these elements people won't hate cod as much even if it is the same game year to year...
Big-Bruizzer  +   769d ago
I'm not a CoD fan because the game is linear and you move at its pace. It's more like watching a movie than playing a game. That's me though, to each their own.
SpecialK  +   769d ago
Because its cool to hate the top dog.

Until other developers realize the elephant in the room that is yes, we still want a decent offering for split screen play, COD will continue to flourish.

How many games give you so many local play options? And split screen online play and a ton of different game modes?

Fact is apart from Battlefield, no one is stepping up to the challenge of taking on cod. Most other shooters see mp as an after thought with the same team death match, death match and flag modes, YAWN.

Id love for there to be another game to choose from, Id buy it, but with cod you have all the standard game modes plus a ton more, hardcore and casual game modes, and infection which is just like the one on timesplitters, and the wager matches like sticks and stones.

Who else actually does stuff like that?

The gameplay will NOT CHANGE, because it WORKS. its fluid, fast, its a twitch shooter and if you dont like that, buy something else.

Or would you rather cod plits off into COD "socom style", COD "battlefield style" and COD "TPS style" and monopolise the entire shooter genre.

Let them stick to what they do well for christs sake and if you dont like it, stop buying it!
weirdo  +   769d ago
if you enjoy cod, play it. if you enjoy bf, play it. i prefer bf but it doesn't annoy me if you don't.
RevXM  +   769d ago
Because its a stale cut and paste annual rehash molded in lies and capital letters, like DOG, FISH AI, PERFECTLY ROUND SCOPES, AND 3D AI TRAVERSAL (Or whatever so the aliens can navigate on walls lol.) oh yeah and the NEW ENGINE... NOT.

Still that 17 year old engine that have went through a couple tweaks.

The game ships and people line up to buy a half broken, rushed moneygrab product and get ignored on the community reporting to the developer whatever problems they have and they reply with something along the lines of " Look a lot of you guys wanted to know so here is how to customise your character and our perk system."

Yeah good job, hey NFS players! Press trigger to accelerate!
Yeah Im so pro dealing with all the games problems EA should hire me, yeah where is my medal!/S
cocadaking  +   769d ago
I hate fps in general, wish they had stayed on pc.
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