Why Do People Hate Call of Duty?

Pixelgate writes:

''Call of Duty is the franchise everyone loves to hate. But while there are plenty of valid criticisms and reasons for people to dislike the franchise, do people take too much enjoyment in their hatred of the series?

As a franchise, Call of Duty is a prime example of the modern first-person shooter. It’s big, it’s loud, it’s full of set pieces, and it plays it extremely safe. It’s the Michael Bay of videogames, if you like; it’s nothing but style with no substance. Unfortunately, creativity–or quality–isn’t always a recipe for success in videogames or any other form of entertainment. We live in a world where the likes of One Direction, Rihanna, and Nickleback are successful. We live in a world where Avatar made nearly $3 billion and Resident Evil films manage make a profit. Quality and creativity are rarely rewarded and that bleeds through into the videogame industry.''

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DxTrixterz1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Because it's been same for the last 6 years.

TomShoe1580d ago

You can slap the titles WaW, MW3, or Ghosts on a CoD game, but it's still the same old formula year after year. This has been thrown into sharp relief with Ghosts, who re-used cut scenes in SP and WHOLE MAPS in MP. It's just a rehash that they make you pay $60 ($110 if you want DLC) for the same old thing.

I think they should just go the way of Battlefield and give development to one studio, preferably Treyarch, since leauge play was a blast and the guns don't feel overpowered like they do now. You could take 2 shots to the leg without dying. They took skill to use.

TLDR; Same Shite, Different Name.

Irishguy951579d ago

Fish Ai
Dog takes out helicopter.

NarooN1579d ago

HD, high-resolution dynamic doggie fur rendering

Mutant-Spud1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

I don't hate COD, after the first Blops I just chose to take my custom elsewhere, in fact the only FPS I've bought this year was Bioshock Infinite.
To hate COD I'd have to have actually played more than the three games I've bought out of that series,MW,MW2 and Blops.

Bodge1579d ago

Exactly, it's like at what? Call of Duty 4.7?

SolidStoner1579d ago

not only same engine... gameplay gets worse too...

Iltapalanyymi1579d ago

Totally agree with you. I will say the same thing as i have said before:

All cod games after WAW are shit, and rehashed. it does not help that the COD community is filled with children and casuals. i do not know why do they gobble this shit year after year. Here is a changelog to every COD game that is out there past WAW, and the future COD games:
-"New" improved AI
-Slightly better graffix
-new soundtrack
-a few new weapons and maps.
-rehash up the ass (remember those mocaps not too long ago?)
-i could continue this list all day, you know.

And dat wolf DLC oh god why. At least now i think at least some COD players notice with their activision brainwashed brains finally figure out their "Game" is shit.

Don't even get me started wit their MW3 xXLeGiTqUiCkSCOPEzzXx [[MLG]] ~360 NOSCOPEZZ~ .:1337:. -gamertags.

I can even sum COD kids in two pictures:

Z_-_D_-_31579d ago

Even the games that have been the same are way worse than the atrocious CoD Ghosts. The games feels nothing like a CoD game. It's terrible.

Bobby Kotex1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

The most annoying thing about ghosts is that it was marketed as a fully next gen revamped game, but it's literally the same crap. People buy these games because they don't know any better.

willie321579d ago

COD has become the next Guitar Hero. Who made Guitar Hero?

NarooN1579d ago

Harmonix created Guitar Hero, and they developed GH1, GH2, and GH: Rocks the 80's, then they left to go do Rock Band. Every GH that came out after GH2/Rt80's was done by Neversoft (who themselves started working on Call of Dootie after that version of Guitar Hero died.)

SilentNegotiator1579d ago

That doesn't justify the downright seething animosity the internet has for it, though. It's "hate", not "dislike"

Smartypants1579d ago

Most people play video games to have fun. Cod is fun for millions of people. The end.

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Outside_ofthe_Box1580d ago

Because it's the same game every year, yet it still sells millions, which causes other first-person shooter devs to try and mimic their formula in order to get a piece of that Call of Duty pie and in return us gamers are left with a slew of uninspiring FPS games that dominate a generation as a genre.

Infamous2981579d ago

Couldn't say it any better.

Snookies121580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

It sells millions for minimal effort and zero creativity, when amazingly creatives titles that have real passion behind their development sell next to nothing.

M-M1579d ago

Pretty much this. If COD never became popular, I wonder how many platformers there would be compared to earlier eras. So many games ruined because they tried to copy COD, or COD overshadowed it with its non-innovative formula.

RIP_Cell1580d ago

people say they hate it and then buy it every year

pompombrum1579d ago

I'm usually guilty of this however I rented Ghosts and glad I did because I couldn't stomach more than three maps of the MP. The bubble is starting to burst, people are starting to get bored. Hopefully Titanfall delivers on expectations and provides the evolution of the cod formula while mixing it up enough to make it feel fresh.

wolfsaviorzx1579d ago

don't touch it. I havn't brought a call of duty game ever (although pirated COD4 on 360 but Gears/Halo is so much better). I got Black Ops 2 for free with my Wii U and sold it for like a dollar and was happy to get a free dollar for giving gamestop a rotting turd.

_FantasmA_1579d ago

So your saying that you hope Call of Duty with mechs on the old ass Source engine beats Call of Duty with dogs and fish? Am I missing something here. I want Titanfail to fail so that we start to see some progress in multiplayer shooters.

Chrisgamerguy1579d ago

People don't hate it. It sells tons.

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