EA dumps the BIG franchise

Looks like EA is trying to re-invent their sports arcade franchises and dropping their previous brand of EA BIG and making EA SPORTS Freestyle instead. NBA Street, SSX Tricky and NFL Street were staples in the EA BIG stables, but it looks as though EA wants to change up their image and go with a different name.

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taz80803873d ago

Nomore DJ Atomica would be nice, I could have continued to listen to the Big intro, liked the voice.

Montrealien3873d ago

And here I always thought it was EA

drunkpandas3873d ago

Because Freestyle sounds much cooler than Big

Rob4Vendetta3873d ago

EA still sucks no matter what they call their's just the same effortless crap

Montrealien3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

I don`t agree with you Rob, and neither do millions of people that have no clue what a forum, or N4G are.

LevDog3873d ago

Thank GOD.. Now if they will give up the Rights to NFL.. SO real Devs can make a good football game.. Then If they could just all commit mad suicide.. Than ill be happy

niall773873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Because we all know "ea sports" is a brand known for high quallity games right?..... right?

just please dont mess up the new SSX game. we only got a SSX every 2 - 3 years last gen and it made it better then the normal EA rubbish so please dont change that

(ok maybe change DJ Atomica)

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