The Last of Us Was Robbed: Or The Problem With Gamers

Phil Stortzum writes, "Let's rewind time just a little bit. It was a few weeks ago that GameSpot named The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds as their game of 2013. This meant Zelda beat out games like BioShock Infinite, Grand Theft Auto V, and yes, The Last of Us, a game created by Naughty Dog, or as many of the studio's most ardent supporters affectionately call them, "Naughty Gods." (Just don't review one of the studio's games an 8.0 like Eurogamer did with Uncharted 3...)

Instantly, the YouTube video comment section of GameSpot's video was hammered with negativity and copious amounts of insults towards GameSpot and other gamers who didn't agree with their obviously objective facts that The Last of Us should be the game of the year everywhere, and if you don't agree, you're obviously didn't play through the entire game or something. It definitely had nothing to do with people having different tastes in gaming and what they view as most important in their gaming experiences."

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Thatguy-3101606d ago

Agree with the article. At the end of the day everyone prefers one thing over the other. Since its base off an opinion no one is wrong. Everyone has different standards on what should be game of the year. Let it be gameplay, story or even visuals. It all comes down to simply preference which leads to no one being wrong. I for one prefer The Last of Us over anything this year simply because I love the narrative and the characters.

joab7771606d ago

Greg Miller did a top ten list and Gone Home was number 1 but he mentions that as a critic at IGN he voted for TLoU. I think it is possible to hav a personal favorite but choose another game to represent the industry as GotY. Personally I loved quite a few games but only a handful, imo deserve the goty nod...and we know what they are. I do believe that we should have an Indie goty and also categories.

I guess I just want a triple A title to get the recognition b/c to me, they are actually lagging behind mobile and indie in the imginitive, new and fresh category. The LoU, GTA 5, and Bioshock were great news this yr for big budget games. Yes, Gone Home and the Stanley Parable deserve all the praise they get and Zelda was a wonderful new addition that freshened up some old tropes, but goty? Not for me.

webeblazing1606d ago

Y you think indies shouldn't get goty if big budgets ain't stepping up you shouldn't give them a medal because of it. People are so stuck on these so call triple A titles and get made that they play like the next game. Its a shame indie devas bring more to the table and people praise big devs n pub when they use they idea and win goty. Gaming is going down the hole
thanks new age gamers

Sethry1011606d ago


My friend even if you don't speak English, please refrain from butchering the language. Thank you!

joab7771606d ago

You missed my point. I DO think that TLoU, GTA 5 and Bioshock deserve goty mentions/awards and I feel that they r pushing in the right direction for triple A. Its just my opinion but I feel like they would deserve goty over gone home for example, if only b/c big budgets need to see what it takes to b successful.

H0RSE1605d ago

It's kind of like the difference between choosing your favorite of something, and choosing what you think is the best. An example I use are albums.

My favorite Metallica album "And Justice For All." I like the sound (which is a bit more proggy) and it features my favorite song. However, I think their best album is "Master of Puppets." Virtually every song on the album was a hit, and is regarded as one of the most influential thrash albums of all time.

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miyamoto1606d ago

The sad reality of these corporate Top Tens is, like reviews, they are made to make money for their websites.
That is as 'objective journalism' these top tens can get.
Its all there to make money.

People need to know how to read between the lines, watch actual game play footage, consult your friends, review track records of the developer involved, etc.

creatchee1606d ago


Totally agree with you. 2013 was a marquee year for great titles, both exclusive and multiplatform. TLOU was one of my favorite games of the generation, but with so many other quality releases, I can't yell at someone who picked something else.

-Foxtrot1606d ago

I wouldn't really say Gamespots GOTY was the problem...I think the VGX one was in my opinion. The whole thing just seemed off with me especially when Rockstar was doing the live music show which they also won Best Soundtrack for (yeah taking songs off other artists now gets you GOTY instead of an actual score) and they were the only studio there to collect the awards in person.

As for Gamespot it's their opinion at the end of the day but out of all the games out this year I don't think Zelda touches some of them, and I said some. If it was a empty year for games and the only big games were things like Battlefield, Arkham Origins, Assassins Creed 4, COD Ghosts etc then obviously then Zelda would be the shining star of the crowd.


My biggest problem with vgx was the voice acting reward going to steve ogg and trevor. I mean he did a good job as the character but all he did was yell all his lines. Despite disliking TLOU it's obvious baker did a much superior job as joel

Also @ your second paragraph. Stop being butthurt and stop acting like Zelda could only possibly win due to lack of competition

-Foxtrot1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

How is that being butthurt...jesus, if you don't share an opinion to someone else your either butthurt, trolling or a fanboy. Why is that the only come back on this site.

I'm just saying when theres a ton of games like The Last of Us, GTA V, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider etc that Zelda would be probably be the "least" likely to be your top choice unless you were a Zelda/Nintendo fanatic. I mean I'm NOT saying handheld games can't win GOTY, remember that BUT I'd rather see it go to a console game which deserved it. Handheld games can only do so much compared to console games which is why I'm saying if it didn't have much competition with AAA games then it would be a clear and obvious choice. Don't take that the wrong way which you'll most likely do since you don't like the Last of Us

Phil321606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )


BX811606d ago

I agree bro. Sometimes people forget that their opinion isn't fact!

CrossingEden1606d ago

The composer of AC3 did the music for the VGAs last year and AC3 didn't win game of the year or any award for that matter. -_- So your conspiracy logic is null and void.

-Foxtrot1606d ago logic is null and void

AC3 wasn't even NOMINATED for best Soundtrack

"Best Original Score

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
Halo 4
Max Payne 3"

Next time think before you comment

HighResHero1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

A friend of mine told me there were 3 people from polygon on the board. Not sure if there is any legitimacy or a connection but I wouldn't be surprised if there was.

-Foxtrot1606d ago

Then I guess the Last of Us was doomed from the start. Least NaughtyDog won best Studio but I don't understand how a developer can win best studio but not best game.

Polygon came out of nowhere the hell did they get on the VGA council so fast. I thought you would have to be established for years before you get a place on there. I mean one person fair enough...BUT THREE especialy after that horrible 7.5 review which made no sense "Oh it has horrible weapon sway" despite it being a feature you have to upgrade yourself in the game

Chaostar1606d ago

Having an opinion that differs is fine and even expressing that opinion in opposition of another is also fine. However, being a jerk about it doesn't help your cause.

Always remember Wheatons law :)


Nice write up. I agree completely.

_QQ_1606d ago

Great article, people need to chill out, just because a game doesn't have story doesn't mean its any less impressive than a high budget game with the best mocap and the best presentation.
Thats why DOTA2 is my GOTY, i value its high replay value, Deep combat/gameplay, high skill cap, charming characters, challenge, and How great it is to play with friends over Mocap/voice acting, great Story and high budget. at least in this case...but some people just can't accept that. I respect every great game that comes out and people's choice of GOTY.

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