SCEE PlayStation Day: Kaz Hirai interview

VG247: Kaz is a nice chap. He only flew in to the UK this morning for the SCEE PlayStation Day in London, but he was still the consummate, media-trained super-exec we know and love when we tracked him down on the O2 showfloor. Hit the link for the SCE president's thoughts on Europe, "changes" to E3, Grand Theft Auto and selling PS3 as a games machine.

We also asked him what keeps him awake at night. See if you can guess the answer.

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Kaz Hirai3875d ago

Ah, London is a wonderful place- I should visit more often!
What else keeps King Kaz awake at night? Laughing at you Xbot SWINE!
You DELUDED PIGS honestly think your "console" has a chance? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

37 days until Judgment Day, Nazisoft!


Cwalat3874d ago

Kaz Hirai, i sincerally hope you stay with Sony for ever.