GTA IV: Having Trouble Buying the Hype

She's read the reviews, she's listened to her clan mates rave about it, her friends list is filled with friends playing it, so why can't she buy into the GTAIV hype? While she loves gaming, an editor for explains why she is just having difficulty bringing herself to get GTAIV.

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Montrealien3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

Here`s a guess. To be different. To go against the grain? TO garner hits and be in an article... Or is it because she is above these kinds of games? Bingo! we have a winner

I’m an RPGer at heart, and I loved and played the bejeesus out of the Elder Scrolls series. After playing something like that, GTA looks... small, and undetailed. People make a big thing about characters running for cover once it rains. I’m like... yeah, AND? It’s been done. I remember getting so mad that if I beat up on some unsuspecting bystander, I could only take their cash, and not their shoes or jewelry. Range of weapons, meh. `

just my too cents, I`m not buying her hype.

Blasphemy3871d ago

Well I have to say after spending about 11 or so hours in this game I don't like it at all and think it's rubbish. I am upset I wasted $60 on this game.

Montrealien3871d ago

11 hours of play for 60$ not good enough for you eh? Trying buying Dig-Dug for your Atari 2600 for 60$ In 1986! And you think 11 hours on GTA 4 is not worth it? gamers are way to spoiled these days :S I guess it is all about perspective :S