Greg Miller's Top 10 Games of 2013

Greg Miller is best known for being a loudmouth and a chicken wing lover. You probably know him from his nearly seven years at IGN--where he hosts Up at Noon every Monday--but he also has a personal YouTube channel packed with shows and podcasts he’ll beg you to subscribe to if you give him the time of day. After you read his list, tell him your Top 10 on Twitter.

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-Foxtrot1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

So my opinion of his opinion..and I say that since someone is bound to say "It's his opinion man" that I can't agree with him on the Walking Dead and also Batman Arkham Origins

"I know we’re supposed to hate this instalment. It’s missing Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill, it crashes for a lot of people, and original Arkham developer Rocksteady didn't make it. All that might be true -- I only fell through the world once -- but it’s also true that this game is fun. The combat’s engaging, the game is beautiful, and the acting is top notch. I mean, the story is one of the best the Dark Knight/Joker tales I've seen though my TV. Basically, it’s more Batman, and I’m always going to take a day off for that"

I honestly can't agree with any of that and I'm a huge Batman fan.

Callediceman1447d ago

my opinion of your opinion on his opinion is, that i agree with you.

360ICE1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

My opinion of your opinion on his opinion about his opinion, is that I haven't played the game and can't really agree or disagree.

unjust751447d ago

Why is everyone loving on black flag? This game is boring and pointless just like the rest of the series. Civil war sucked even movies suck when they make them. Pirates suck too but people are boring so I guess that's why we are getting another pirates movie. There's just nothing exciting about these games period.

Knushwood Butt1447d ago

I beat II, but haven't picked up another one since. I thought it was well done, and had some good points, but zero challenge and no real stealth gameplay, when it's sold as a stealth assassination game, are big drawbacks.

Dunno about the others, did they fix the issues?

-Foxtrot1447d ago

I like it don't get me wrong but the only thing most people say when they say they love it is "Oh it's got Pirates"....yeah but it doesn't feel like an AC game at all and as a huge fan of the first one and the second it's a tad sad it's been exploited like this instead of just making a new Pirate IP

Ravenor1447d ago

So Gods & Generals/Glory were bad movies? I'm confused, I don't even know what you're saying. But I'm glad your level of excitement is indicative of a games quality or how much others may enjoy it. We should probably hook you up to some kind of machine.

izumo_lee1447d ago

Well after the travesty that was AC 3 this game is worlds better than that one. In my opinion AC 1 & 2 are the pinnacle of the series & i don't think Ubisoft will ever reach that mark with the series again but AC 4 is as close to those 2 games and that is saying something.

Gremdude1446d ago

AC1 was terrible! I agree with you on AC2.

AusRogo1447d ago

I havent played through any assasins creed after the first 2, but i picked this up and holy shit where is all the hate coming from? I hope Ubi actually make a fully fledged pirate game , a new franchise. Because Black Flag done an awesome job. I spend most my time exploring and boarding ships!

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I've always had mixed feelings about miller but I like this lost it feels genuine .

beatled1447d ago

I found tomb raider (reboot) to be better than ANY game on that list hands down

same with metro last light, bioshock infinite, BF4, AC4

all far better games than anything on that list

last of us is very over-rated, its a good game, almost great, but over-rated none the less

Highlife1447d ago

To each his own. I think the last of us was the best game this year. I think bioshock games are very overrated only was able to finish the first one. All down hill from there.

Gremdude1446d ago

Last of Us was perfectly rated. There was no game this year that gave me the feelings I got from this game.

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