God of War Entertainment Pack Available For Pre-Order

PSP Fanboy Writes
"You know you want it. The limited edition God of War Entertainment Pack is finally available for pre-order. The package includes an awesome red PSP, a copy of God of War: Chains of Olympus, and a number of other goodies, like Syphon Filter: Combat Ops and Superbad UMD. Entertainment Pack, indeed. The pack releases on June 3rd for $199.99."

Hit the Amazon Link To Pre-Order

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supaman900s3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )


I have been holding off on buying a PSP for some time now patiently waiting to learn when this GOW pack would reach the states. Cant wait to get my hands on it and play GOW:CoO. The PSP & Game alone are worth the $199, but you also get superbad and a free voucer to download Syphon Filter, not to mention the sexy looking red color scheem.

Will-UK3871d ago

shame its not in the uk right now

DomUltra3871d ago

Gonna have to buy this.

Will-UK3871d ago

They need to bring it to the uk,i want one lol