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Broken Patch? Crashes And Match Making Issues With Battlefield 4 On Xbox One

Angie Santiago of SpawnFirst writes: "A patch was released to help fix the issues in Battlefield 4. The patch was meant to stop the crashes and match making issues, but it seems that these issues have resurfaced. A number of people have stated that they were having problems with the game crashing and being thrown into Team Deathmatch instead of Conquest – the game mode they were searching for when using the quick-match search functions." (Battlefield 4, Xbox One)

venom06  +   654d ago
this is more than likely a VERY VERY isolated issue (if it's even true at all).... many people are playing the game with no mention of any issues since this latest fixes... since no crashes, this one has truly been awesome
MWong  +   654d ago
I agree, after the last patch (knock on wood) I haveen't crashed or been thrown into TDM instead of Conquest. Still rubber banding though and frame rate drops during certain points in CQ Large (but that's the same across all platforms).
SITH  +   654d ago
I have been tossed into the home screen twice since the recent patch. Also I noticed major graphical issues on caspian border at flag A I believe while looking towards the border wall across the stream. Also I am experiencing rubber banding for the first time since I got the game, but only on the china rising DLC maps.

Beyond that it is running fine.
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showtimefolks  +   654d ago
the other day i was thinking something, since COD became this big each game has been fun to play and works generally well

EA tried to copy activision and failed with Medal of Honor games and now it seems they even rushed their biggest IP and will have some court settlements to deal with

thank you UBI and sony for delayed watch dogs and Drive club, also thank you Activision/bungie for delaying destiny from 2013 to 2014 so it could be a better game

i know delays always don't mean better games but sometimes for big enough games extra time never hurts


BF4 on all platforms is a broken game, and the single player story sucks so damn much. Atleats other FPS just make it like a summer blockbuster and fun while BF4's single player was boring/dull
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NancyLHarley   654d ago | Spam
brich233  +   654d ago
I played for 3 hrs with no issues, except one time it crashed at the in between loading matches, witch wasnt a big deal.
Mister_Dawg  +   654d ago
Flame bait title. All versions are f*cked up.
Nice to see mods are allowing such crap!
My PC version has problems too. Such as completely screwed up ambient sound effects.
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   654d ago
i only had problems with the PS4 version at launch.. been fine for me since then. speak for yourself
BabyObama   654d ago | Spam
Its Maria and Spawnfirst, that is all!
BX81  +   654d ago
I told my boy they would fix it just for a week then on x mas it would be messed up again and sure enough. It was fun when it worked. Hopefully the next patch will be enough.
Gabenbrah  +   654d ago
Wow, getting real sick of these titles on N4G...
Chuk5  +   654d ago
Idk, am I just extrememly lucky? I haven't had any severe problems on ps4 since ive played. I've put 40 hours into the multiplayer alone, and I've had less than 4 hard crashes.
memots  +   654d ago
its running great on pc for me.
lolCHILLbro  +   654d ago
Nope nope and nope, BF4 is running smooth as fine wine on the One for me
KillerByte23  +   654d ago
I have just came off Battlefield 4 on the Xbox One and had no issues whatsoever with the game's mulitplayer
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   654d ago
I'm so sick of Maria posting anti MS threads everyday. How is this obvious troll still allowed to post? And for the record from and actual X1 and BF4 owner I haven't had a single issue with BF since the patch on the 19th.
Jawanaka  +   654d ago
I've actually been having this very problem the last few hours. So no, the author is not just a biased MS troll...
shorty74a  +   654d ago
Jawanka, you are obviously new here so let me educate you about Maria. She loathes, despises everything Xbox. Probably Microsoft the company itself. She is more Anti-MS than Pro-Sony. Yes she is biased. Just click on her name and see what she/he post to this website. I have not had any issues with this game since the patch other than getting kicked out of the entire game a few times, which seems to be a cross game problem XBone is having. All other issues like rubber banding still occur.
sgtGanGreen  +   654d ago
Rob Hornecker  +   654d ago
I have had more freeze up issues with the XB360 edition than the XB 1's. I will say that the XB1 edition is like playing a whole different game over the 360's. The graphics are stunning,game play is much better,and love the 1's controller.
DivineAssault  +   654d ago
Its part of the pricetag when buying a console at launch.. There will be minor hiccups until its patches work & everything is stable.. I got a PS4 & the game crashed a few times on mine so it happens.. I still love the game
dsswoosh  +   654d ago

This title is a flame baiting fanboy lie.

Multiplayer on the XB1 works fine.
Hartsy  +   654d ago
Is anyone having the issue after the patch where if you go into the server browser every match has no one in it?
SonyKong64  +   654d ago
still no 32 player normal conquest, still nobody mentions it or cares.. fml
famoussasjohn  +   654d ago
I did see a few 32 player servers for Conquest on my phone, though there were no players. Might be due to it being 6am lol. Try either on your phone if possible or on your computer through battlelog. Both are better than the server browser on the actual game.

I'm still waiting on custom servers so I can actually enjoy a TDM or Domination match that doesn't last 5 minutes lol.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   654d ago
ps4 has almost as many players as the 360.

ps3 has more players than PC.


EA- way to throw money/numbers away. M$ exclusives. Ha.
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xDynamiickz  +   652d ago
It would be nice if I could play the game. Ever since I got it for Xbox One on christmas, every time I try to load up the game it crashes within a second. I installed it 3 times already. Honestly DICE has done a poor job handling the issues.
Chris_2686323  +   652d ago
Help!!! I'm on an xbox one and it's like I never got the patches. I still crash and lag but the most annoying part is that every time I go into a conquest match I can't can't hear some sounds for the first 5 minutes. Ex. Vehicle engine sounds.
DaveT469  +   651d ago
Venom06, I appreciate your Optimism (VERY, VERY Isolated), however, I can tell you that I got put into TDM about 5 times last night when searching on Conquest - and have found it nigh impossible to find a server at all today in the whole world that is hosting Conquest. Please excuse me if my language is inappropriate as I have never responded on a forum before (NewB) but was forced here by virtue of my complete and utter frustration!!! Having said all of the above, this may also having something to do with MS as this X1 is riddled with so many problems, I can't believe. I work in IT (have so for near 20 years), and we would've been sacked many times over for releasing such poor performing products (BF4 & X1).
USMCLAMBERT  +   646d ago
My game keeps sending me to the home screen in the middle of a match. I've only been able to complete a couple of games so far. I've also had the problem of being put in TDM instead of Rush or Conquest when using the quick match option.

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