Haze Demo review with screenshots

talkplaystation has played the demo that is currently on the Playstation Store and has posted a short initial review with some screenshots.

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resistance1003757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

They gave a demo a score?

Still its the Drop in/drop out Co-op and Story line which have this game sold for me, also it being a FRD game it will haev great multiplayer

tplarkin73757d ago

It's an initial review (aka- first impression) of a demo. That's pretty useless.

gaffyh3757d ago

I played a bit of the single player campaign, and it is good but not great. It reminds me of Turok, except much better, but in a way Turok was better because the leaves moved when you walk into them, that doesn't happen in this.

On the other hand, nice to see they kept R1 as the main fire button, the gameplay itself is pretty good and the guns etc feel effective unlike in Turok. I would expect the online to be much better than the single player hopefully.

Fishy Fingers3757d ago

Screen shots? Photo's of his TV.

PSWe603757d ago

they may not be screen shots, but the pictures look good.
Well looks like I'm going to enjoy the demo if it comes to the U.S. Store

Fishy Fingers3757d ago

Make a UK/EU account. Download it now.

Jamegohanssj53757d ago

This game sounds bad ass at it's best and I'm glad that I didn't doubt this game at all.

The genius has spoken.

LiquifiedArt3757d ago

All in all. i'd say a rough estimate of 8.8 overall score. Very promising and should be a great game.

DomUltra3757d ago

Really is a great game, I'm definitely picking it up, the graphics could use an over haul but beggers can't be choosers especially since the gameplay is great.