First Screenshots and Information For Breath of Fire 6

Here's the very first screenshots and information on Capcom's Breath of Fire 6, which will be available for PC, smartphones and tablets.

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DVAcme1639d ago

No console release, not even handhelds... sigh...

1639d ago
3-4-51639d ago

This game belongs on Vita or 3DS

CLOUD19831639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

I want to kill some1 when I see what they did & how they treat the series I'm so pissed that if I have the one responsible in front of me I would probably beat him till it was unconscious & then some, disgraceful don't know what else to say Japanese game industry is responsible that so many legendary IPs fall into obscurity Breath of Fire, Suikoden & Grandia is some of them but there is many more that I can think off, those companies who create those legendary games don't give a [email protected] or show any respect for their properties there is fans out there who beg literally for sequels & here what CRAPCOM's answer is a browser game...

ElasticLove1639d ago

Looks more like Maple Story than Breath of Fire *smh*.

worldwidegaming1639d ago

That my friend is how you Troll. "Capcom style!"

Remy_S1639d ago

This company just needs to die so that their franchises can be sold to some actual competent Japanese devs.

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The story is too old to be commented.