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First Screenshots and Information For Breath of Fire 6

Here's the very first screenshots and information on Capcom's Breath of Fire 6, which will be available for PC, smartphones and tablets. (Android, Breath of Fire VI, Capcom, iPad, iPhone, PC)

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DVAcme  +   518d ago
No console release, not even handhelds... sigh...
NancyLHarley   518d ago | Spam
3-4-5  +   518d ago
This game belongs on Vita or 3DS
CLOUD1983  +   518d ago
I want to kill some1 when I see what they did & how they treat the series I'm so pissed that if I have the one responsible in front of me I would probably beat him till it was unconscious & then some, disgraceful don't know what else to say Japanese game industry is responsible that so many legendary IPs fall into obscurity Breath of Fire, Suikoden & Grandia is some of them but there is many more that I can think off, those companies who create those legendary games don't give a d@mn or show any respect for their properties there is fans out there who beg literally for sequels & here what CRAPCOM's answer is a browser game...
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Alexious  +   517d ago
Hey man, chill out!
ElasticLove  +   518d ago
Looks more like Maple Story than Breath of Fire *smh*.
worldwidegaming  +   518d ago
That my friend is how you Troll. "Capcom style!"
Remy_S  +   518d ago
This company just needs to die so that their franchises can be sold to some actual competent Japanese devs.
Bhuahahaha  +   518d ago
knowing crapcom
this will be breath of fire only by name
and what makes it bof like any of their other titles are already dead (they already killed bof at #5)
Melankolis  +   518d ago
Watching the screenshots, it really IS a mobile game...i don't mind it but please don't title it Breath Of Fire 6...
OtakuDJK1NG  +   518d ago
too late lol u know capcom invested MH4 profit in a mobile studio it probably this one
TomahawkX  +   518d ago
Classic turn based jrpgs work quite well on touch screen devices, as long as the game is good it doesn't matter what platform its on.
TomahawkX  +   518d ago
Classic turn based jrpgs work quite well on touch screen devices, as long as the game is good it doesn't matter what platform its on. I'm just glad they are even making it because it at least gives us the possibility of a fully featured console port, maybe for vita or 3ds.
Hicken  +   518d ago
No, no, no.

It matters because while it might work "quite well," it'll never work as well as on dedicated gaming devices.

Besides, the JRPG market is MUCH stronger on handhelds, and even on home consoles, than it is on mobile devices. And I'm willing to bet I'm in the majority of franchise fans who would rather see this on ANY dedicated console than on mobile.

It's just a bad idea all around.
Alexious  +   517d ago
I agree. I'm not a fan at all of smartphone/tablet gaming but turn based games are perfect for it.
Ultraplayerxp  +   518d ago

my childhood...my childhood..
Ocsta  +   518d ago
Tomahawk? M'man? Please be quiet? Thanks bud.
nope111  +   518d ago
I got excited when i heard the name Breath of Fire 6, now i'm sad because it's on shitty tablets. This mobile move needs to die.
Alexious  +   517d ago
You can play it on PC if you want.
Geobros  +   518d ago
I love it!!!!!
-Gespenst-  +   517d ago
What? That looks like one of those generic jrpgs that show up in ads in browsers all the time. The art style is just generic anime too, wtf? And character portraits? gtfo. Is this for real? I guess that's the end of BoF.
Chrono  +   517d ago
Why call it BoF 6?
M_Adkins  +   517d ago
This makes me sad.
PaperClichePixel  +   517d ago
That shit-tastic anime big eyes on the characters. These characters designs have been what's killing games. The enemies look decent.
Spurg  +   517d ago
Anime character don't bother me...BOF was anime anyways its just the tech back then didn't let them realise them well enough.

You ungrateful people should be happy Capcom is bring back the series...maybe later on they will make it downloadable to consoles and handhelds. Plus its on pc...don't tell me your pc is so ancient you can't handle a game like.
It looks similar to BOF games


M*****ing combos are back. Now if they fuck up the story that a different issue.
Hicken  +   517d ago
Why should we be happy they've taken a beloved franchise and turned it into... this? I'd rather they left it alone than come out with something so blasphemous.

I'll pass.
Spurg  +   517d ago
'Why should we be happy they've taken a beloved franchise and turned it into... this? I'd rather they left it alone than come out with something so blasphemous.'

What so blasphemous about this???
Is gonna have the same battle system, artstyle hasn't really changed because it missed 1 gen...you people acting stupid.
PaperClichePixel  +   517d ago
The art style is nowhere in Capcom realm. Go look at the other games again. I do want to know more.

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