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The Character Progression Of Destiny

GI - "In the final installment of our month of Destiny updates, we chat with investment lead Tyson Green about how you'll upgrade items and abilities on your characters. Learn about specific focuses for all three classes and what makes Destiny's progression system different from Call of Duty's prestige structure." (Destiny, PC, PS3, PS4, Tyson Green, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

fenome  +   109d ago
I can't wait to dive into this universe! Sucks it's not coming out until November, but that gives 'em time to make it that much better. It's weird to me that there's not more hype around this game..
b163o1  +   109d ago
It's cool, everyone is overhyping that Titan fall game. Oh wow i can wall jump and climb into a Mech. I'll pass on that, Distiny on the other hand should have a deep story and RPG elements that'll keep the players engaged for some time...

Que the disagrees lol
People will kill you if you don't like what they're told to like
TitanFall looks weak IMO...
cleft5  +   109d ago
The whole mp only thing for Titanfall kills it for me. If I was good at online fps games than yeah I could see myself being really hyped for Titanfall, but am not. Which wouldn't be a problem if I wasn't competitive, but I am and I don't enjoy being killed a dozen times to only get in a few kills. That killed the online aspect of Gears of War for me as well, but thankfully they had horde mode.

I actually enjoy the playing through the sp campaign of games like CoD and BF. I play those games on the hardest difficulty, mess around with the mp some, and then be done with the game for a long time unless there is horde mode or something similar. I think there are more people out there that feels like that than people think.
JBSleek  +   109d ago
I think both games are clearly going after two different markets. I think some are over hyping it but you seem to be dismissing it.

IMO I think Destiny won't live up to the hype.I think Destiny is the more hyped game than Titanfall due to Titanfall only coming to Microsoft devices and software. My anticipated game for 2014 is The Division.
Gabenbrah  +   109d ago
Why even bring up Titanfall? The hype is real, 75+ Awards, Best of Show at every event, 3+ hour queues at every event. Every person I know that has played it says its incredible and in terms of MP FPS, it's more ambitious than any other MP FPS game I've seen. Destiny is targeting a different audience, completely different game and saying Mechs, Parkour, Campaign narrative MP, Cloud AI, etc are hardly ambitious, that's a very one minded opinion.
Irishguy95  +   109d ago
Yeah, everyone i've seen who has actually played Titanfall seems to be amazed by it. It's getting award after award too. It'll probably be overrated in the end too due because lets face it, no single player is somewhat of a downer on it. However don't be surprised when its the best arena multiplayer for years to come.

I do agree Destiny will probably be a better game though. But ****ing November? geez I thought it was sooner.

It's very simple though, if you like multiplayer arena games, you'll like Titanfall. For anyone who can't see whats so special about it -> Likely someone who can't play it even if they wanted too. It's very clear why this game is so special
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Septic  +   108d ago

WTf are you on ahout? Why bring Titanfall into this?

Have you even played it? If you had you would know it deserves its hype. Even with its rather average looking visuals it won those awards for a reason; its because its the next big thing in competitive MP shooters.

There is no need to draw a comparison with Destiny, which for the most part, is so different from what Titanfall is, a competitive arena based FPS.

Destiny, like you said, will "have a deep story and RPG elements".

So why on Earth did you draw that comparison with Titanfall? Are you insecure about something?

You don't know what you're chatting about.
b163o1  +   108d ago

I draw comparison mainly cause these are the most hyped FPS of this NewGen, I'll admit that the comparison is a bit stretched, but at the end of the day I really don't see the hype. I haven't played it, but you suggest that you have, so I should ask you, why so much hype? Is it cause it's a new game from the creators of COD? Is it the FirstPersonView s/? I really don't see how a genre that is watered down as the FPS can grab so much hype, I can care less about awards and honors, cause when the water boils down all that matters is what I want to play, I've got a good reputation of buying what I want and not what I'm told. 3DGameHero...
Mega24  +   109d ago
Comes out on September 9 not November... Still the Beta is like 5 months away, I'm very exited, I loved halo 2, I wish this brings the same experiences or even better then halo 2.
fenome  +   107d ago
Is it September? Been a long couple of weeks, couldn't remember. Well, at least That's better than November :p
showtimefolks  +   109d ago
I hope for 2 things:

Getting proper rewards without having to grind hours

Getting rewarding loot, this is one area of major concern. Borderlands 1 did it right, every few levels you would get a weapon or shield that was worth using but in borderlands all that way hidden behind the grind wall and having to beat these insane bosses 20 times just to get some good loot

here is hoping Bungie makes a great trilogy like Bioware did with Mass Effect series, only with the 3rd gaming being not the worst one. Don't over promise and under deliver
ajkula  +   109d ago
I just hope destiny is huge enough to keep us on it more than a year!

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