Battlefield 4 Banned in China over National Security

Angie Santiago reports from SpawnFirst: "Battlefield 4 is banned in China due to the latest China Rising DLC. The Chinese government feels that it’s a “new form of cultural invasion,” and that the DLC “smears China’s image” – therefore, the game in its entirety was banned from being released. The Chinese translation of the title (ZhanDi4) is censored on the country’s biggest social media site,"

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KrisButtar1480d ago

I clicked as I thought it was banned for all the bugs

karamsoul1480d ago

Made me laugh. Bubble-up :D

1480d ago
hazardman1480d ago

They banned it so they can bootleg that shit...

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memots1480d ago

They should have made it North Korea... Isn't it the agenda anyway ?

Necro_5591480d ago

Nothing about the DLC smears China. Its not even story related. Its literally just a couple Chinese themed maps.

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The story is too old to be commented.