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You owe it to yourself to play this game because quite frankly, there is none other like it.

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DerekFlint0071542d ago

To put this game into perspective, my young cousin Ross came over on Christmas day.

He only has Xbox 360 and is a big fan of the Call Of Duty games, in his defence he is only 15.

I put on Last Of Us for him -- On the Pittsburgh level on easy.

An hour later all i could get out of him was ---- 'I'm buying a PS3 just to play this game.'

That is how good this game is.

This is only my humble wee opinion but this game is definitely in my top 5 games of this generation.

Irishguy951542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

I disagree, to many faults that I can't look by

When it's good its GOOD. But

*Puzzles are dreadful, ND are getting worse at them
*Enemy Ai can be dreadful wih regards to seeing you.
*Enemies don't react to companion Ai alot of the time.

It can be annoying when your ally Ai's are blocking your shots and the clicker you are trying to hit walks right by them and gets you. And it's just a massive immersion breaker when Ellie walks right in front of enemies and they enemies act like nothing happened.

For those reasons i'd give it 9/10. Along with Framerate drops and odd graphical glitches like the floor disappearing every now and again.

To be fair, the games is very good regardless of the above issues. Which is why i'd give it 9/10

If ND are going to make another one, they really have to find a new way to set the pace of the game. The puzzles like swimming out to grab pieces of wood for Ellie to stand on are just mundane. Not fun and really are there for the sake of having something between combat. Uncharted pulled off the pacing aspects much better because the puzzles are fun and the platforming parts are not too bad. Everything else they did right imo, story was good, the sound is extremely good especially when against infected and the noise of guns, the gameplay besides the puzzles was excellent too.

Also it was a bit silly comparing the final game to the first time ND showed the gameplay at E3. The enemies were almost never like that in the final game And they had infinite bullets which just conflicted with the gameplay they were going for. There are just some things that break the immersion too much. Like an enemy who was just using a shotgun and you can't pick up anything off him? Am I supposed to believe enemies use up every single bullet just as they die?

edit - one thing for sure though, I think ND pulled off Resident evil better than capcom ever did. The tension and survival aspects are better than Capcom ever managed, I really hope capcom are taking notes on how to bring the survival horror genre into an action route. I dont' care if Naughty dog don't call this game a horror as well, it is one.

Also, dat lighting system fap
And they had one of the best flashlights in a game. Some games have really **** flashlights

LOGICWINS1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

The only glaring issue I had with the game was that it crashed my console at certain sections of the game. Others have ranted about it on the PS forums.

Simply turning off your flashlight in-game stopped the crash from occurring, but its ridiculous that Sony/ND didn't respond to anyones complaints. They KNEW TLOU didn't play nice with older PS3s.

I got the game in October and I'm appalled that they couldn't come up with a patch in four months that rectified the issue.

I still give the game a 10/10, but thats bullshit.

TheFallenAngel1542d ago

AI can be quite frustrating. But sometimes it works really good. I remember parts where human enemies are about to kill me and elli throws a brick or bottle at them. Same with clickers. Enemy AI is a hit or miss in this game. but overall its an amazing game and my game of the year.

Wizard_King1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

(prepares for bubble rape)

I'm going out on a wing here to say that I didn't really like TLOU.

100/100 indicates that this game was perfect in every way but it is far from perfect. All the issues which Irishguy95 stated I found to be annoying and ruined the immersion.

Game play felt weak in most aspects, was it a 3rd person shooter? Was it a platformer or was it a puzzler game? or maybe a stealth horror title? Well I feel i tried to hard to be all of them at once and failing overall to be good at any of these aspects.

Great movie

Average hallway of a game

Simply put I got my copy of TLOU for $20 in the bargain bin of my local JB HiFi and what has it been 6 months? yeah that's 100/100 /s

scott1821542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

I loved TLoU, I don't share any complaints you have, when I played as Ellie I had a hard time not getting spotted, never saw a frame rate drop or graphical glitch of any kind. Fantastic gameplay and fantastic story. I love that it is getting recognized for it too. Great job ND. 10/10 from me all day long.
BTW, I didn't hit disagree on any comment that didn't share my opinion, I know not everyone loved it as much as me.

DigitalRaptor1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

@ irishguy

1) The universe of TLOU doesn't facilitate complex puzzles. You may see that as an excuse, but why should there naturally be complex puzzles just for the sake of it? This is a world that has gone to sh*t, so why would puzzles exist just to make the experience more puzzling?

Uncharted deals in it better because that is a more cryptic, mystery-filled adventure game with tombs and jungles and treasure hunting. TLOU couldn't be further from this kind of game.

2) Your last two bullet points - these were intentional designs/compromises that were made as outlined in this response from one of the programmers:

I do agree with a lot of what you are saying though, it's not perfect, but it's still an all-round phenomenal experience, and the multiplayer is awesome - nothing out there like it as far as i've seen.

shammgod1542d ago Show
Irishguy951542d ago

That sucks Logicwinz, didn't happen for me so I guess I got lucky

To first point, that's my point. Hard Puzzles don't suit the game. In fact puzzles don't suit it at all. Imo, they should either be done well or simply not in the game at all. I think ND should find a different way to pace the game than puzzles. There was nothing more annoying for me than seeing a plank of wood 20 meters across a flooded street. I was sitting there just like "Aw jesus, better get it over with". It was just tedious. There was also the ladder ones. There was no difficulty or fun associated with these. They really were there just to slow the pace down.

To second point, I know it was intentional as well, due to the annoying companion in RE4. But it doesn't change the fact that it looks silly and breaks the immersion. For me this is another aspect that either should have been done better, or shoulda been left out. Also, that was for stealth. But the Ai sometimes literally gets you killed. Which hurt it for me. I don't mind dying when it's my fault(Dark souls being one of my fav games). But not the allies fault.

Yet again though I do agree the game is awesome regardless of the issues. Just like I loved RE4 even with 'it' following you around.

Wizard king. The game was what it was regardless of genre.

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BoriboyShoGUN1542d ago

@DigitalRaptor, Well said Sir I couldnt agree more, while I am a big fan of complex puzzles and such you just cant force them into the game either.

SG1_dapunisherX1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

top 5 best ps3 game ever

insomnium21542d ago

for me TLOU is the best game ever. Playing it online as we speak.

TheDarpaChief1542d ago

I agree ignore the apologists saying the game has glitches. every damn game does

GodlyPanda1171542d ago

Easily one of my top games played this decade.

Stringerbell1542d ago

I really cant get over how much I love the multiplayer. The sensation of fear/angst you get when you're the last one on your team and you know they are coming for you.

sarcastoid1542d ago

A system seller to the max

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