The First Rockstar Verified GTA Online Jobs

Today Rockstar posted a new blog talking about the first Rockstar-verified GTA Online jobs. Thanks to the GTAV community and the GTA Online Creator, there are now over one million player-created jobs that have been published for players.

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detroitmademe1694d ago

thats great but fix the money exploits

odderz1694d ago

GTA Online still has a long way to go to become truly enjoyable.

Giul_Xainx1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

I have a problem with their game mode selection. I'm tired of having to quit a match after playing tdm or a mission because all of the choices are races or sky diving. It is really annoying when you don't have friends on your psn list, and the ones you do have don't want to play with you in certain modes.

HammadTheBeast1694d ago

Yeah it's killed the game for me. When some guy can get the same stuff i put in weeks of effort for in 2 minutes, it's pretty disheartening.

Also, people with rank 500-600 are glitching their way there.

pompombrum1694d ago

This, who cares what they add when people using exploits/glitches are running rampant. It's completely killed off all interest I have for the game.

BattleTorn1694d ago

Online has pretty much been ruined, there are billions of GTA$ being given out left and right.

Also, R* should've extended the Xmas snow until Jan. 5th!

Hellsvacancy1694d ago

I didn't even know about the snow until today when my buddy came over and told me about it

BattleTorn1694d ago

It was actually really cool. I was kinda over GTAO, but it brought me back to check it out, but I never got the opportunity to pimp out a good 4x4 and go around the snowy mountains.

Hellsvacancy1694d ago

Yeah I would of played abit of golf had I of known about the snow

InsaneGam3r1694d ago

I have billions! I do not know where they came from... anyone else?

HomerJDog1694d ago

played for 10 min and received over 1 billion dollars. I no longer have interest in playing since they just took the fun of it. also a bunch of people are starting to use a glitch were you become invincible. i used to love doing jobs for money and going around killing the people that were killing others but I'm a billionaire so what's the point of doing jobs now . Rock* should do a master reset.

BlackCarrot1694d ago

Big problem as well is that I've heard people getting banned for having illegitimately obtained money given to them. It's silly, and I'm affected myself.

thricetold1694d ago

As long as R* is selling shark cards for $50 bucks I have NO problem with the money glitches or players spreading billions around.

You still have to rank up to buy the good stuff in any regard. All I see are a bunch of entitled tweebs mad that other players have more fake money than them.

In other words you thought because you have no life and like to grind for fake rewards you would have an advantage over everyone else.

What about the people who pick up gta5 6 months from now? should everyone be reset to zero so they won't feel left behind as well?

What about the people who have spent more than $100 bucks for shark cards so they don't have to grind, should they be reset to because they didn't grind for 10 hours like some you have.

if you're playing gta to out do other players then stop playing right now and get rid of all your games, you have more important things to be concerned with.

RE_L_MAYER1694d ago

like sitting on a gaming website right

thricetold1694d ago

lol, says the guy with over 500 comments on a gaming website

Zancruz1694d ago

Nan, The same glitches can give rank too. Besides as long as someone have the money they can buy anything, which breaks the game more than anything Rockstar has or hasn't done...

KillerPwned1694d ago

Sad thing is all this cheating in the game could probably be fixed by R* easily but why haven't they done it yet?

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