Videogamer: "08 Promises to be a very special year for PS3 owners"

Videogamer writes: "Sony's PlayStation Day conference brought us new release dates for key titles, but also delays and a lack of new game announcements. Sony rolled out the big guns, with SCE President Kaz Hirai and SCEE President David Reeves headlining the conference.

Sony Computer Entertainment President Kaz Hirai took to the stage to let the gathered press know that Sony is fully aware of the PlayStation 3's slow start.

"The first year of PS3 was a difficult one. Our customers were a little under-whelmed. This is something that we were aware of," stated Kirai. 'Things have improved. 2008 has gotten off to a fantastic start. The rest is still to come. 2008 Promises to be a very special year for PS3 owners.'"

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niall773878d ago

I live in europe so that means.

no Dualshock3 for mgs4

well played sony europe. :(

(and before you ask I CANT INPORT)

theKiller3878d ago

well there must be a reason but they should give it with MGS4!! they might hurt the sales of MGS4 because people will wait till DS3 come out so they can feel the ultimate MGS game so far!

i think they can easily make a price drop this summer, but not in USA because of the low USD!

am still waiting for them to drop the price with 100EU, but i dont have HDTV but i have monitor and LCD monitor and a messed up TV so any ideas how can i enjoy my ps3 when i buy it?