USA Weekly Chart Week Ending 12/14/2013

Gen 8 Liftime Hardware Totals:
XOne 199,156 (+22%) 1,331,873
PS4 144,167 (+75%) 1,447,442
WiiU 114,307 (+68%) 1,900,343

Gen 8 Lifetime Software Totals:
WiiU 652,648 (+78%) 7,385,084
XOne 417,714 (+47%) 2,802,593
PS4 325,531 (+45%) 3,082,767

1. Call of Duty: Ghosts (X360) Activision, Shooter 348,509
2. Grand Theft Auto V (X360) Take-Two Interactive, Action 269,909
3. Just Dance 2014 (Wii) Ubisoft, Misc 217,849
4. Grand Theft Auto V (PS3) Take-Two Interactive, Action 201,521
5. Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS3) Activision, Shooter 194,540

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Eonjay883d ago

Results are from 12/8/2013 to 12/14/2013

Lalanana883d ago

Yup. Strong sales for xbox one.

PeaSFor883d ago (Edited 883d ago )

better be, the ps4 was out of stock everywhere while the xbox one had stock piles of consoles everywhere.

availabe products tend to sell A LOT more than something out of stock...DUH!

next weeks will be interesting.

thorstein883d ago

GLOBAL tells a different story:

"PS4 269,505 (-72%) 2,380,031
XOne 266,986 (-38%) 1,830,046"

According to the website.

Rimeskeem882d ago

You should stop wasting your comment

Bigpappy882d ago

What VGcharz show in Hardware sales is reflected in what they show in the software sales too. Most next gen titles also are selling higher on the X1 over PS4 per this chart.

mikeslemonade882d ago (Edited 882d ago )

Worldwide sales on

2.7 million PS4s vs 2.1 million X1s. Owned..

Sony has already said they are allocating the PS4s around the world differently while X1 is focusing in America first.

Can't wait to see your faces for next week because on the 20th the PS4 in the U.S. was sold out at #1 on Amazon for 4 straight days with 3 other skus that were sold out. That was when Sony finally decided to supply the U.S. with lots of systems before Christmas.

bleedsoe9mm882d ago (Edited 882d ago )

strong for xb1 considering the $100 extra cost , and add 200 000 or so for the week head start and its dead even

scott182882d ago

You also have to take into account the wide availability of X1 and extremely limited stock of the ps4 that gets gobbled up hours after it is re stocked.

JokesOnYou882d ago (Edited 882d ago )

lol, Ouch I know a certain group wont like this, yeah, yeah vgchartz as I've said on past vgchartz threads that favor both xbox and ps is that vgchartz is only an estimate of sales, but for the most part they are in the ballpark, still if they are close its going to hurt a lot feelings of those so, so goddamm desperate to downplay X1 sales, and praying for ps4 domination since this site has been filled with ps4 outselling X1 news posts, eerrr according to ebay, the n4g elite and blogs written by n4g professionals who author news for hits all have been trying to tell us ps4 is crushing X1 in sales. [note the lack of verified info, always assumptions, and "we all know..."] lol, yet vgchartz shows X1 leading in the US and it turns to all these excuses, I mean really theres no way in hell "you can't find a ps4 anywhere" if sony has sold ALMOST as much as the console that's "sitting on store shelves" all over the place collecting dust. Also its early and the implication that micro should NOT be happy with any lead in the US is ludicrous considering all the bad press they've been through and the higher price point.....wonder what Pachter will predict next?, maybe cinemablend and spawnfirst have some reliable info he could use.

Now with that said its great to see the videogame/consoles/industry doing so well. I do think however theres some trends we need to change, legit dlc that actually adds significant content to a game that was made months after release in my book is fine but money grab pointless dlc or stuff that could have been in the game at launch is BS, microtranactions is BS, lazy ports/last gen remake cash-ins is BS, and buggy, glitchy games that needs constant patches like we've seen from BF4 is BS, I understand todays games are complicated to ship day one without a few glitches or issues but these half finished games with poor QC and testing are getting worst and worst. We need to speak with our wallets.

JodyCones882d ago

Yup. Strong sales for the PS4.

Army_of_Darkness882d ago

I find it ridiculous that some people going for a ps4 decides to settle for an xbone simply because the ps4 wasn't available?? Like seriously.. . I refuse to go that route. .. Just gotta have patents.

ALLWRONG882d ago

LOL @ the PS4 being out of stock excuse. No it isn't so stop with the BS. Amazing the lies Sony guys tell themselves.

mikeslemonade882d ago

What are all these X1 fans trying to say? 600,000 unit gap last week and 600,000 unit gap this week. PS4 still selling out at a faster rate.

Like Jokes said weeks ago when he referred to Amazon X1 is in stock and is ranked higher. However PS4 is ranked higher is out of stock currently at 1 and has been number 1 more than half of the days in the past week. Just gave you a taste of your own medicine, Jokes :p.

Okay so now Jokes flip flops to vgchartz claiming that they're "kinda right" and gives ballpark. But when it comes to PS3 outselling 360 he doesn't believe it. Least stay consistent.

At the end of the day PlayStation is beating Xbox. You can spin and zombie up your numbers all you want.

Death882d ago

At the end of the day they are both selling very well.

Skip_Bayless882d ago

That was also the thought of how the Titanic was going by the captain.

Of course a month in the sales of the X1 should be well. But it's apparent to the people that actually can critically think that X1 is going the way of a failure soon just like the WiiU.

Death882d ago

"Of course a month in the sales of the X1 should be well. But it's apparent to the people that actually can critically think that X1 is going the way of a failure soon just like the WiiU"

Show us some of this "critical thinking" on how you arrived to this conclusion. I would love to hear how someone as evolved as yourself processes information that the rest of us apparently can't see.

Magicite882d ago

Nice one, Lala, claiming that You dont care about fanboys, yet acting like one of them. Tsk-tsk.

Skip_Bayless881d ago


It's all about trends. I'm not gonna bother explaining because I've already done that in older posts and my other account.

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saber00005883d ago

*Face palm* I also don't agree with these charts since they aren't specific nor reliable.

saber00005883d ago

@Mister_Dawg, A chart with missing, lose, tweaked, information is as useless as your reply.

Bigpappy883d ago

They were so many 4:1 and 2:1 article and PS4 demand so high, no one wants the X1.

Now here come VGcharz causing trouble by saying X1 is actually outselling PS4 in North America. The pundits have quickly moved on to global numbers.

I wonder what the global ratio is now? I am sure some PS4 zealous with a website will soon provide that needed info. And VGcharz will once again be relegated to the unreliable rumor site it was known to be until it showed PS4 with a sizable lead over X1.

Prophet-Gamer883d ago (Edited 883d ago )

The Global ratio would still be in the Ps4's favor. You have to realize, the 4:1, 3:1 ratios were mostly in European countries, places where the X1's main features didn't even work.

MS is free to focus almost completely on NA, and the UK to a lesser extent. They don't have to worry about the rest of the world because it'd be pretty much futile (the PS4 is steamrolling it). Sony has to divide their stock between 40+ countries.

What this means is, obviously, the X1 has more stock available in NA (a lot more), and it's the region where the X360 completely DOMINATED.

In fact, this is pretty telling, the PS4 with significant supply issues, is still keeping up with the X1 which has plenty of it, and which is the successor to the best selling NA console of last gen.

The real test will be in the coming months, once Sony actually has PS4's on store shelve (since right now it seems they don't even get there) and once the Xbox faithful (the people who were always going to buy an X1) have gotten their fix.

Interesting times lay ahead.

frostypants882d ago (Edited 882d ago )

Look at the numbers when both systems are in stock, e.g. when Amazon had both available recently. The PS4 took off like a rocket. That's where the 2:1 and 3:1 numbers come from. They are also consistent with pre-orders leading up to release. All signs are that demand for the PS4 is much higher. The One only seems to outsell the PS4 when the PS4 supply is dried up.

It's not good or bad. It's just reality.

Edit: Disagree? It's not open to opinion. I stated facts. Don't be a wuss...throw out a counterpoint.

Bigpappy882d ago (Edited 882d ago )

@Prophet-Gamer: that unfortunately is not what I am referring to. The article I am referring to are fro sites like eBay and a few2 less known web sites. And people quoting Bestbuy manages and working for Gamestop, where the PS4's are selling as soon as they come in and the Xbox ones are just sitting there piling up.

So no clarification is needed. I know exactly what I am referring to, and I if you have been visiting this site for the pass month or so you should too.

@frostypants: You are getting disagrees because you are making excuses. what you are saying is not fact, buy your personal take . The only facts you can counter with would be better numbers than what are given here. Until you have those, X1 one is outselling PS4 in N.A. nothing you say about Sony's inability to supply demand and all that sympathetic stuff does nothing to change what the numbers themselves say.

Eonjay882d ago (Edited 882d ago )

I don't see what wrong with these numbers. We know that the PS4 is severely supply constrained so it makes sense to me that the Xbox One is slightly outselling it. There are still more PS4 out in the US than Xbox Ones. Thats a bigger deal to me.

Edit: Also, Ebay sales and grey market sales aren't tracked. They are basically resales. People are going to Ebay because thats the only place to get them. Until Sony can make adequate stock I don't expect it to pull away from the Xbox.

insomnium2882d ago (Edited 882d ago )

Who the eff cares about VGChartz? They've been proven to be the least accurate with their numbers YEARS ago.

My god you people must be bored out of your mind to actually argue or prove ANYTHING with VGC.

NeloAnjelo882d ago

Wasn't the PS4 out of stock everywhere? Take that into consideration first before trying to make these nods to "pundits" as you put it

shadyiswin882d ago


you couldnt of hit the nail on the head more,i work in retail,hell i run the electronics division and all this non sense of "the xbox one sits on shelves" "its in stock everywhere" is simple b/s. The reason it may appear that is easily in stock is because microsoft has been sending us on average 20-25 a week while sony has been sending 3-5 a week,yes 3...a box fits 4 consoles, i was shocked to open a box and see only 3,that tells me there is huge shortage problems.

People are not understanding the xbox 360's footprint,i'd say 90% of parents bought an xbox one from me just based on the simple fact its the new xbox,they are just sticking to what they kids have had and liked. I do get the few parents who very clear they do not want an xbox one only a ps4. For the most part the xbox name is just synonymous with gaming the same way nintendo was in the 90's,playstation in the mid 90's and now xbox in 2010 and so on.

This site would have you believe the xbox one will stop being made in a few months from now lol and article after article they approve it gets to a point where people here actually think it's true,but once some good ol solid numbers drop that site loses credit or microsoft payed them off....when sony had a boring reveal it was "oh its ok wait for e3" then had a horrible e3 which showed nothing but indies and multiplats ,only saved by the ability to lend games? if thats youre best feature you must go back to the drawing board,im a grown man,i buy my games. Never the less sony is on this major postitive press momentum and for what? cause they say we are for the gamers and only give you killzone and knack at launch? oh its ok cause one of the worst shooters in franchise history plays in 1080p on our console making the ps4 truly next gen despite it actually being the lazy developers that rushed the game fault,now its a big reality check.

Lastly and my only reason i made this post....can we really blame anyone but sony for the supply issue? i mean people made fun of microsoft when they cut back there launch to 13 countries. Is it still funny? Cause it's looking like thats why microsoft team is rich and will stay rich, Sony let the xbox one outsell the ps3 and ps4 combined on the biggest shopping day of year ( i saw it first hand we had 50 xbox ones and 5 ps4's for black friday) All the sony fans who thinks this will pick up once its in stock is wrong,sony blew it,they missed black friday and xmas. January wont be these magical numbers,you will never see number like that till a holiday or a price drop. No one is speaking on this cause sony can do no wrong,all they had to do was make the ps4 available in the biggest market in the world,if it meant delaying the UK to dec 1-10 then do it,countries that dont celebrate xmas should have been delayed, but anyways microsoft will get the right to brag as there console can and will be named the best selling console of december/holiday will be a huge blow to sony's marketing (not to mention all the buzz on the ps4 and how its boring and you should wait on more games -.-) 15 disagrees means im right.

insomnium2882d ago


Let's wait 2-3 years and see the financial statements from these companies.

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FITgamer882d ago

Funny how you got disagrees stating a fact. I'd like to see the numbers at the end of the month. Considering the US got a huge shipment of PS4s after this data was taken.

Evilsnuggle882d ago (Edited 882d ago )

Two things xboiz missing North America PS4 sold more than xBone PS4 1447442 xbone 1331873 worldwide PS4 sold 500,000 more than xBone. PS4 2380031 xBone 1830046. PS4 is out selling the xBone in the USA . For the xBone to stay close to PS4 sell they need to out sell the PS4 by 60% like 360 vs PS3 60% -40% . PS4 is out selling the xbone 2 to 1 in the United Kingdom 360 out sold PS3 in the U.K last gen.

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AceBlazer13883d ago

Well i'll be damned the xbone is putting up a fight in the us. The 'official console of the nfl' had to show something in usa i guess(the one country american football matters)

SlavisH2883d ago (Edited 883d ago )

U mad bro? All the systems are selling so that's good for gaming. The u.s. is the largest gaming market. Thats why m$ and sony released there 1st. So you market to the consumer. Its targeted marketing. American football is big there. Its different per region. Their is a reason x1 came with FIFA in parts of E.U. and not u.s. All companies market. Its the how that makes the biggest difference.

Eonjay883d ago

I live in the US and I feel like the Xbox One advertising is over-saturated. Its the opposite of the Wii U.

The US is the biggest market but you need to win the international market in order to come out on top. Right now PS4 is winning both, but its still early.

ChillPill882d ago

360 did well mostly because of US and UK right? No Japan and so so everywhere else. I think X1 could do the same because last gen they both sold about 80mil and 360 did that with everybody saying it only sells in the US while ps3 sells everywhere.

thekhurg883d ago

More surprising - those totals do not account for the gigantic Amazon numbers put up the week prior to Christmas which catapulted the console ahead of the Xbone for "best sellers 2013 video games" on Amazon's charts.

Eonjay883d ago

Nor does is account for when the PS4 went "back in stock" on 12/15/2013 at Walmart. Expect next weeks numbers to be much larger.

Ju883d ago

But still. I agree that XBo bounced back quite a bit - even though those are VG numbers.

MS is not giving up on their home turf...but at the same time, focusing on the US alone actually makes them loose big times in other territories (dropped 50% in UK...the second largest gaming market where MS was ahead in the last/current gen) - and 50% in EMEA (or even less).

None the less, I still think Sony won the Christmas race in the US, even though MS caught up. Usually, off season sales are stonger in Sony's favor, like post-holiday sales. Still being ahead will keep them ahead for the whole next year.

Whatever MS gains in the US, doesn't offset the loss in the rest of the world, though. Not sure if this is so smart, but well, being a top player in the US counts, sure. It would be devastating would they loose there.

Concertoine883d ago

Yeah considering ps4 had a week headstart too. I thought sony had NA in the bag but it might be 50/50 this time. Which might as well be a loss for MS.

Eonjay883d ago

After going over the numbers, it turns out that the Xbox 360 almost outsold the PS3 by a margin of 2 to 1 in the US. Sony still sold more units by capturing the international market. Basically, the only way for Microsoft to come out on top would be for the Xbox One to outsell the PS4 by a huge margin in the States. Even if Xbox sell equal units in the US, Microsoft will still be massively outsold. Again its still early.

Ju883d ago

Yeah, going by the hype I'd have expect PS4 doing much better, tbh. But at the same time, I agree, that Sony even being where they are in the US can't be that great for MS.

frostypants882d ago (Edited 882d ago )

Right..."the official console of the NFL...but we still can't give you Sunday Ticket". Yeah, awesome...

starscream420882d ago

Direct tv contract is nearing its end......just sayin...

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Sm00thNinja883d ago

It's too early to even mention but of course the Xbone is kicking ass at home! The PS4 is dominating everywhere else but at $500 the Xbone is keeping pace

Hicken883d ago

How do you figure it's kicking ass? It did better by 55k when there wasn't much PS4 stock to sell. In the almost two weeks since then, the PS4 has been restocked and quickly sold out quite a few times. Didn't the numbers on Amazon alone pretty much demolish that difference?

Sm00thNinja883d ago

Its $100 extra and it's staying competitive much like the PS3 did. As much as you and others want the ONE to fail there's a giant market for Microsoft. It's not putting up PS4 numbers but I'm sure Microsoft is happy so far. Jeez let up both consoles doing well is good for the industry that we thought was stagnant

NYC_Gamer883d ago

We should all be happy that demand for the new consoles is huge

demonddel883d ago

The Ps4 is tearing the charts up its over